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Boosting Engagement: Custom Wishlist in WooCommerce


Harnessing the Power of Wishlists in E-Commerce

In the competitive realm of online retail, a Wishlist is more than just a convenient feature—it’s a strategic tool. It bridges the gap between casual browsing and purchasing, cultivating customer loyalty and driving sales.

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Setting Up Your Wishlist Page

Step 1: Laying the Foundation for Your Wishlist

Creating a Wishlist Haven

Transform a chosen page into your store’s Wishlist command centre by embedding the [alg_wc_wl] shortcode. This simple step infuses the page with robust Wishlist capabilities.

Step 2: Curating the Wishlist Experience

Showcasing the Treasures

Tailor your Wishlist display to showcase the essentials, from availability to pricing, enriching the customer’s visual journey with images and seamless ‘Add to Cart‘ options.

Step 3: Organizing Wishlist Wonders

Crafting the Wishlist Journey

Sort and present Wishlist items in a manner that resonates with your customers, from newly added desires to personalized arrangements.

Step 4: Financial Foresight with Wishlist Subtotals

Snapshot of Aspirations

Activate subtotal displays, giving customers a transparent view of their Wishlist’s potential financial impact.

Step 5: Wishlist Interactions

Crafting a Responsive Wishlist

Adjust settings to create a Wishlist that reacts intelligently to purchase actions, enhancing user satisfaction by automating Wishlist updates.

Step 6: Supercharging Your Wishlist with Pro Features

Unleashing Full Potential

Dive into advanced functionalities like intuitive drag-and-drop and personalized notes to elevate the Wishlist experience for both you and your customers.

Step 7: Solidifying Your Wishlist Settings

Sealing the Wishlist Deal

Finalize your settings with confidence, knowing each click ‘Save changes’ locks in an optimized Wishlist that engages and converts.


Wishlist for WooCommerce