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How to Troubleshoot Wishlist with Cache Plugins


When running an ECommerce website with Woo-Commerce, cache plugins such as WP Rocket are commonly used to improve site performance. However, these plugins can sometimes interfere with the functionality of other plugins, including Wishlist for Woo-Commerce. This article provides a solution for customers facing issues with Wishlist for Woo-Commerce when using caching plugins

Understanding the Cache Issue

Cache plugins create static copies of your web pages to decrease load times. While this is beneficial for performance, it can lead to dynamic features like wish lists not updating or displaying correctly, as these require real-time data.

 Activation Guide for Cache Bypass in Wishlist

 Steps to Bypass Cache for Wishlist

         1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
         2. Go to Woo-Commerce > Settings.
         3. Click on the ‘Wishlist’ tab.
         4. Scroll down to the ‘Cache’ section.
         5. Check the option ‘Ignore cache by loading the wish list elements via javascript’.
         6. Save your changes.



Important Note

After enabling this option, it is crucial to clear your site’s cache. This ensures that the changes take effect immediately, allowing the wish list to function correctly.

Post-Activation Checks

  • Test Wishlist Functionality: After clearing the cache, perform a test by adding items to the wishlist to ensure that the wish list updates in real-time.
  • Monitor Site Performance: Keep an eye on your website’s performance, as bypassing the cache for certain elements can impact load times.


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