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Simplified Wishlist Management for WooCommerce Admins


Empowering Efficient Oversight and Data Handling

For WooCommerce store administrators, managing and understanding customer preferences through the Wishlist feature is crucial for inventory planning and marketing strategies. The ‘Admin’ tab in your WooCommerce Wishlist settings is designed to facilitate this, offering valuable insights and management options.

Optimizing Wishlist Administration

Step 1: Integrating Wishlist Data on User and Product Pages  

Enhancing User and Product Insights 

Activate columns on the user’s list and product pages to display the Wishlist count, providing immediate insights into customer interests and product popularity.

Step 2: Configuring Wishlist Data Retrieval Methods  

Tailoring Data Collection 

Choose the method for retrieving Wishlist data from registered users, ensuring compatibility and efficiency with your store’s database management system.

 Step 3: Implementing Product Exporting Features  

 Facilitating Product Analysis 

Enable Wishlist columns in the WooCommerce product exporter for a comprehensive view of how often products are wishlisted, aiding in stock and sales analysis.

Step 4: Setting Up Wishlist Import Functionality  

Simplifying Data Migration 

Create a Wishlist import page and define CSV file parameters to efficiently import Wishlist data, streamlining the migration process for user Wishlist items.

Step 5: Saving Your Administrative Configurations  

Applying Your Management Settings 

After setting up your administrative preferences, click ‘Save changes’ to update your system, ensuring that your backend Wishlist management is as user-friendly and informative as the customer-facing interface.


Wishlist for WooCommerce