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How to Simplify Wishlist Sharing with WooCommerce



 Enabling the “Copy Wishlist Link” Feature in Woo-Commerce for Easy Sharing


Social sharing is a vital aspect of modern e-commerce, and Woo-Commerce offers a feature that allows customers to easily share their wishlists. The “Copy Wishlist Link to Clipboard” option simplifies the process of sharing a wishlist, enabling customers to quickly share their curated selections with friends and family or on social media. This article will explain how to activate this feature within your Woo-Commerce settings.

  •  Activating the “Copy Wishlist Link” Feature
  •  Accessing Wishlist Settings:
  • Enabling the Feature:

1. Scroll to the Share Section

  •    Within the Wishlist settings, find the section titled ‘Share buttons’.

2. Activate the Copy Link Option

  •    Locate the ‘Copy Wishlist link to clipboard’ checkbox.
  •    Click to enable this feature, allowing a button to appear on the wishlist page for customers to copy the URL.

3. Save Your Changes

  •    Confirm your changes by clicking the ‘Save changes’ button at the bottom of the page.

 How Customers Can Use the “Copy Wishlist Link” Feature

Once enabled, the “Copy Wishlist Link to Clipboard” feature provides a clickable icon or button on the wishlist page.

Customers can

  • Copy the Wishlist URL: By simply clicking the button, the wishlist’s URL is copied to their clipboard.
  • Share Anywhere: They can paste and share this link through any medium—be it email, social media platforms, messaging apps, or elsewhere.
  • Increase Engagement: Sharing wishlists can drive friends and family to visit your store, potentially leading to more traffic and sales.

Tips for Encouraging Wishlist Sharing

  • Visibility: Make sure the copy link button is easily visible and accessible on the wishlist page.
  • Instructions: Provide a short instruction or tooltip on how to use the button for a more intuitive user experience.
  • Follow-Up: Consider sending a thank you message or notification when a customer shares their wishlist, encouraging further engagement.


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