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Adding Wishlist Tab to My Account Page

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Elevate your customers’ shopping journey by creating a dedicated Wishlist tab on their My Account page. With our WooCommerce Wishlist plugin, you can seamlessly integrate this feature to enhance user engagement. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add a Wishlist tab to the My Account” page:

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 Step 1: Navigate to WooCommerce Wishlist Settings

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  2.  Find and click on WooCommerce in the left-hand menu.
  3.  Locate the Wishlist tab and click on it.

 Step 2: Access Wishlist Page Settings

  1.  Under the Wishlist tab, look for the option related to Wishlist Page or a similar setting.

 Step 3: Enable Wishlist at My Account Page

  1.  Within the Wishlist Page settings, find the option to “Create a Wishlist Tab on ‘My Account’ Page or a similar setting.
  2.  Enable this option to activate the Wishlist tab on the My Account page.

 Step 4: Troubleshooting Tip

  1.  If the Wishlist tab doesn’t appear on the first attempt, go to Permalink Settings and save changes. This can help resolve any permalink-related issues.

 Step 5: Save Changes

  1. Don’t forget to save your changes to apply the Wishlist tab to the My Account page.

Now, your customers will have a dedicated Wishlist tab in their accounts, offering easy access to their saved items.


Wishlist for WooCommerce