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Upgrade Your Wishlist Experience

This article is for users of the Pro version of the Wish List for WooCommerce plugin. It explores the additional shortcode functionalities that enhance your wishlist experience.

Pro Shortcode Enhancements (Not Included in Free Version)

While the free version offers a solid foundation, the Pro version unlocks additional shortcodes for even greater control over your wishlists.

Advanced Wishlist Management

    • [alg_wc_wl_search] – Integrates a search bar specifically for your wishlist, allowing users to quickly find desired items.
    • [alg_wc_wl_single id=”ID”] – Showcases a single wishlist using its unique ID. This is useful for creating public wishlists or sharing specific lists with others.
    • [alg_wc_wl_archive] – Generates an archive page displaying all your wishlists.

Wishlist Button Customization

    • [alg_wc_wl_button product_id=”ID”] – This advanced button shortcode allows you to add a wishlist button directly to product pages. You can customize it using the product_id parameter to target specific products.

Using Pro Shortcodes

Similar to the free version’s shortcodes, these Pro features utilize the standard WordPress shortcode syntax for integration into your pages or posts.

Here’s an example of using the wishlist button with a product ID

[alg_wc_wl_button product_id=”123″]

Pro Tip: Combine Shortcodes for Powerful Results

By combining these Pro shortcodes, you can create dynamic wishlist experiences. For instance, you could use the wishlist archive shortcode alongside the single wishlist shortcode to display a list of all your wishlists with the option to click and view each one individually.

1NVAiFdgbl3IS6WOvVVkqNoSNyIprrLl2TgZE30Yf Dg8eZS UTHZI8ixtGZwgB3fgwYuRwMGLLXTj0FpSVD8Xz1xyMg1c2f7cd6TydlO7LNi0BoJqMI8CKDHljn5ct


Shortcode Overview

  • [alg_wc_wl] – This shortcode displays the actual wishlist page itself.
  • [alg_wc_wl_counter] – This shortcode shows the number of items currently in your wishlist. You can optionally use the ignore_excluded_items parameter with a value of “true” to exclude any items that have been marked as excluded. This can be useful if the displayed count doesn’t seem to match the number of items you expect in your wishlist.
  • [alg_wc_wl_remove_all_btn] – This shortcode displays a button that, when clicked, will remove all the items from your wishlist.

Using the Shortcodes

These shortcodes can be inserted anywhere on your pages or posts using the standard WordPress shortcode syntax.

For example, to display the wishlist button you would use


I hope this explanation clarifies how to use the shortcodes provided by the Wish List for WooCommerce plugin.


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