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Hello again,
you are right for the multiple rates in every tax class. In Greece we have mainly 2 tax classes and 1 tax rate in every class, so highest priority tax rate in every tax class will do the job, as you said. It’s critical to substract taxes because every calculation is wrong as shipping taxes are add up to the profit, if you use method Get price including tax…

Regarding the profit margin, my orders have cost calculated right and the profit/profit percent also right, but profit margin remain 100%

order – cost – profit – profit percent- profit margin
39,60 € – 31,87 € – 7,73 € – 24.24% – 100.00%

i have checked this option:
“Adds order taxes like VAT to the order profit.
Will probably make more sense if Products > Get price method option is including tax.”

and this

Get price method

Get price including tax

because after importing from atum the prices have tax included.

Maybe this causing the profit margin issue?