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Sorry for the delay. I’ve just released new plugin version 1.4.5 (both free and Pro). Now you can translate labels by using [alg_wc_cfu_translate] shortcode, e.g.:

[alg_wc_cfu_translate lang="EN,DE" lang_text="Translation for EN and DE" not_lang_text="Translation for other languages"]

or alternatively in more complex form:

[alg_wc_cfu_translate lang="EN,DE"]Translation for EN and DE[/alg_wc_cfu_translate][alg_wc_cfu_translate not_lang="EN,DE"]Translation for other languages[/alg_wc_cfu_translate]

This should be added directly to your “Labels” section in “WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout Files Upload > File #X”.

As for using custom hook to display the fields, please try this:

add_action( 'your_custom_hook', 'my_display_checkout_files_upload' );
function my_display_checkout_files_upload() {
	alg_wc_checkout_files_upload()->core->add_files_upload_form_to_checkout_frontend_all( true );

Please note that as fields are wrapped in its own <form> tag, you can’t put them inside another <form> tag.

Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any questions, or it’s not working as expected.

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