Documentation for the Bulk Price Editor for WooCommerce plugin.

Documentation for Bulk Price Editor for WooCommerce Plugin

Author: WPFactory PluginsVersion: 1.9.7Updated: 6 months ago
Requires WordPress version: 4.4Tested up to WordPress version: 6.4


Product prices change frequently, due to a lot of factors like raw material increase, competition, season, and a lot more.

In such cases, it would be a nightmare to go over ALL products one by one to update prices, and here comes this handy plugin that will help you with this.

Sometimes, product costs increase by a fixed price, or a percentage, in both cases, you should have the ability to update this in a matter of clicks, instead of going over them one by one, or even export & import products using CSV, which still requires a decent amount of work.

With this plugin, you will be able to modify product prices in your WooCommerce store within a minute or less.

Plugin Features

The plugin is very straight forward, from the plugin settings (WooCommerce >> Settings >> Bulk Price Converter), you have the option to control block size and time limit (useful in case you’re bulk editing to hundreds or thousands of products at once).

Calculation Changes for Bulk Edits

From the tool page, you will get access to these options:

1. Direct price: Change product prices to a standard/fixed price at once

2. Multiply price: Use this to increase product prices by a fixed percentage to original prices

3. Divide price: Want to decrease prices due to competition or lower costs? Use this option to decrease product prices, in most cases you will use decimal points here (to decrease from $10 to $8, divide by 1.25 for example)

4. Add to price: As simple as the name implies, add a fixed amount to all products

5. Subtract from price: Deduct fixed amount from products in bulks

You also have an option to select the price type to be changed, whether it was sale price, regular price, or both.

When modifying sale or regular prices only, there is an additional check performed – i.e. if you are increasing sale prices, it is checked if the sale price is not higher than the regular price, if so – sale price is set equal to regular price. By analogy, if you are decreasing regular prices only, it is checked if the regular price is not lower than the sale price, if so – regular price is set equal to the sale price.

Bulk Selecting Products to Change

You can simply apply the calculation change to all products, but that’s not what’s needed usually, since you want to apply changes on specific products rather than whole.

The plugin offers you these different options to bulk apply price changes to:

1. Category: Select this option if you want to change prices for a particular category, leave it to “Any” to apply at scale.

2. Tags: You can use this option to apply product price changes to a specific tag instead of all products/tags.

3. Attributes: Price changed for a specific shirt color only? This option allows you to quickly change the price based on attribute values.

More Options

The plugin offers you more options to make price conversion smoother and more customized, you can get:

1. Rounding function: On some price edits, you might end up with prices like $6.32, you can use this option to change the price to $6.30 or $6.35 to make it more appealing

2. Rounding coefficient: On #1 here, showing $6.30 or $6.35 need to be selected in this option to reflect that, you can also make coefficients higher (like $6.4 & $6.3 only).

Formula for rounding:

rounding_function( price / rounding_coefficient ) * rounding_coefficient

For example if you select “Floor” as rounding function, 0.05 as rounding coefficient and price before final correction is 35.96:

floor( 35.96 / 0.05 ) * 0.05 = 35.95

3. “Pretty prices” threshold: Want to show $7.99 instead of $8? You can use this option to select what prices fall into this “pretty prices” style.


“Pretty prices” functionality lets you make prices with nines. The option sets the threshold to modify either cents or whole parts, for example, if the threshold is set to 100, then cents will be modified in all prices below 100, and the whole part will be modified in all prices equal or above 100, i.e.:

  • 49.49 converts to 48.99 and 49.50 to 49.99
  • 114.00 to 109.00 and 115.00 to 119.00
  • 100.00 will be converted to 99.00

Real men DON’T test on production

Before applying price changes in bulk, make sure you review the price changes you’ve made, as minor mistakes can cause you big loss in money and time.

Once you set your options, click the “Preview prices” button, and it will list you all changes to be applied, before & after, review them, make sure these values are what you want, and when ready, hit the “Change prices” button.