WPFactory Helper

WPFactory Helper Plugin is a tool designed to streamline the license activation process and ensure seamless updates for your WooCommerce & WordPress plugins purchased through WPFactory. Follow this step-by-step guide to efficiently set up and utilize the WPFactory Helper Plugin.

Your Guide to Easy License Activation and Updates

Step 1: Download and Install WPFactory Helper

To get started, you will need to download and install the WPFactory Helper Plugin. This free tool acts as a bridge between your website and WPFactory, making it effortless to manage your licenses.

WPFactory Helper

Step 2: Enter your Site URL

After successfully installing the plugin, head over to your account on the WPFactory website. Here, you will need to input your site URL. This can be found at:

Dashboard > Settings > WPFactory Helper

In this section, register your site URL to link your website to the WPFactory database.

Step 3: Retrieve your Purchased Items

Upon registering your site URL on your account, the WPFactory Helper (on your website) plugin will automatically retrieve all the items you have purchased from WPFactory. This is a crucial step, as it creates a bridge allowing your website to communicate effectively with our platform, thereby enabling seamless updates and management of plugins.

Step 4: Enjoy Seamless Updates and Support

With the licenses activated, you can now enjoy uninterrupted updates and premium support for your plugins. The WPFactory Helper ensures that you always have the latest and most secure versions of your plugins running on your website.

Do you still need any help? Reach out to our dedicated Support Team for assistance.