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Paul Johnson
3 weeks ago

I have this enabled for different cart amounts based upon postcode entered and it works brilliantly. I have now enabled the messaging part which is really cool and I must call out the 1st class support form Pablo getting this to work on my site.

Replied by pablo-pacheco
3 weeks ago

Thanks Paul :)

Daniele Besana
3 months ago

A must-have for shop owners.
I’ve been using this plugin for over a year and really happy with it. It has all the features needed, and the support goes above & beyond to help!

5 months ago

Very useful and multifunctional plugin min/max order sum, and very friendly support! I am very happy to have this plugin!

Replied by pablo-pacheco
5 months ago

Thanks ;)

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  • Define minimum/maximum product & order quantities
  • Calculate cost of goods COGS for products
  • Control maximum products per user for any period
  • Stay VAT compliant effortlessly with the EU/UK VAT Validator
wpfactory-Product & Inventory

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  • Add Wishlist to your WooCommerce store
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  • Export (download) plugins & themes from your WP
wpfactory-Checkout & Cart Control

Conversion Boosters Plugins

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  • Increase sales with tailored discounts based on quantity and pricing tiers
  • Get higher AOV by showing how much remaining to qualify for free shipping
  • Boost credibility by clearly displaying the manufacturer’s suggested retail price
  • Empower customers to negotiate prices and make their own price offers

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