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Product Notes for WooCommerce

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Add private or public notes to WooCommerce products.

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Product Notes for WooCommerce plugin lets you add private or public notes to WooCommerce products.

  • Add multiple notes per product.
  • Make notes public or private.
  • Notes will be visible on product edit page.
  • Display the notes in new product tab on frontend (“private” notes will be visible to admin and shop manager only).
  • Display the notes in admin products list column.
  • Make the notes searchable by admin (in backend).
  • Export and import the notes.
  • Add the notes to admin orders.
  • Add the notes to admin emails.
  • Edit the notes via bulk and quick edit.
  • And more…

Product Notes Options

Plugin settings are located in “WooCommerce > Settings > Product Notes”.

There are two very similar option pages: one for the private notes (in “WooCommerce > Settings > Product Notes > Private notes”):

Product Notes for WooCommerce - Private Notes Options

and another for the public notes (in “WooCommerce > Settings > Product Notes > Public notes”):

Product Notes for WooCommerce - Public Notes Options

Private/Public notes
Enables/disables private/public product notes.
Default: yes

Frontend Options

Private notes on frontend will be visible to admin and shop manager only. Public product notes will be visible to everyone.

Product Notes for WooCommerce - Frontend Options

Product tab
Show product notes in tab on frontend.
Default: yes
Product tab: Tab title
Sets product tab title.
Default: Private notes (private) or Notes (public)
Product tab: Tab title per product
If enabled, you will be able to set tab title for each product separately.
Default: no
Product tab: Tab priority (i.e. position)
Sets tab position. For example, to display it between the standard WooCommerce “Description” and “Reviews” tabs, set the priority to 15.
Default: 100 (private) or 101 (public)
Product meta
Show product notes in product meta on frontend.
Default: no
Product Notes for WooCommerce - Product Frontend Tab
Example: Product note in frontend product tab.

Backend Options

Product Notes for WooCommerce - Backend Options

Textarea style
Styling for the textarea input on product’s admin edit page.
Default: width:100%;height:150px;
Admin products list column
Show product notes in admin products list column.
Default: no
Admin orders
Show product notes in admin orders.
Default: no
Product Notes for WooCommerce - Admin order
Example: Product note in admin order.
Admin emails
Show product notes in admin emails.
Default: no
Admin search
Make product notes searchable by admin.
Default: no
JSON Search
This will also make products notes searchable in admin JSON, e.g. when searching for “Linked Products”. “Admin search” option above must be enabled.
Default: no
Make product notes exportable in “Products > Export”.
Default: no
Make product notes importable in “Products > Import”.
Default: no
Quick edit
Make product notes editable in “Quick Edit”.
Default: no
Bulk edit
Make product notes editable in “Bulk Actions > Edit”.
Default: no

Advanced Options

Product Notes for WooCommerce - Advanced Options

Delete notes
Deletes all notes for all products. Check the box and save changes to delete notes. Please note that there is no undo for this action.
Default: no

Adding/Editing Notes

To add or edit a note, open product edit page:

Internal Product Notes for WooCommerce - Product Meta Box

4 reviews for Product Notes for WooCommerce

  1. blank

    Micah Touchet (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic plugin, and the developer is SUPER FAST AND RESPONSIVE!!!!

  2. blank

    Jill (verified owner)

    Love this plugin. I was working with a freelancer to add some notes, but they were showing up in the page source, and he couldn’t figure out how to keep that from happening. This plugin does it perfectly! Plus great & responsive support!!

  3. blank

    wesley tuijnman (verified owner)

    Good product and good support. Thank you

  4. blank

    Andrew Vick (verified owner)

    Worked with Tom on this as it’s a relatively new plugin. Client needed a way to keep notes (when purchased, amount, etc.) on the backend of his site. Internal Product Notes for WooCommerce worked perfectly and I highly recommend it.

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15 thoughts on "Product Notes for WooCommerce"

  1. I also bought this plugin so that on the invoice, the PRIVATE note is listed and it does not work at all. Not even in email as indicated.

    1. So ????

    2. That’s OK !!!!! YEAH

  2. I purchased the plugin, and was going to ask for a refund, because I really need the product note to show up with the product on the order summary page for the admin/shopadmin (not customer). For example, it needs to show up where the metadata or attributes or add-ons show up, but there is nothing. Is there something I can add to functions.php or something else? If we can get this, then no refund required. Thank you!

    1. If anyone else has a similar question, this option was added in plugin v2.0.0. It’s the “Admin orders” checkbox in the plugin’s “Backend Options” section.

  3. Hi Tom, I do have a new idea!

    It would be great if you could add the notes, and make them editable, under “quick edit”.

    Like when you click on Products in the admin, and each product has Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, View, and Duplicate.

    Is that something you can add?

    1. Hi Jill,

      Thank you for the idea. “Bulk” and “quick” edit options added to the plugin in v1.3.1.

    2. Wow! You are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for adding my request.

    3. Sure, happy to help 🙂

  4. HI, I am wondering if you can search your notes in the product admin? Also, just to be sure, they won’t show up in the page source, will they? AND…if I export my products, will the notes export with them?


    1. Hi Jill,

      No, the notes won’t show up in the page source.

      As for exporting and admin searching – we’ve just released new plugin v1.3.0, where I’ve added both options.

      Hope that clears it up. Please let me know if you have any more questions and/or ideas.

    2. Wow thanks Tom! I bought and it looks great.

    3. Hi Jill,

      Happy to hear you like it, and thank you for the purchase!

  5. Nice product. Many thanks!

    Just as a feature suggestion it would be great if these notes could be included on the admin version of the woocommerce emails.

    If you add that please let me know as it would be very useful.

    1. Hi Gary,

      Thank you.

      We’ve just released new plugin v1.2.0. After the update, you will find new “Admin emails” option in plugin’s settings (in “WooCommerce > Settings > Internal Product Notes”).

      Please let me know if something is not working correctly or if you have any other ideas for the plugin. And if you like the plugin, please consider leaving me a rating.

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2.1.0 - 08/08/2020

  • Dev - Export - Bug fixed.
  • Dev - Backend Options - "Quick edit" and "Bulk edit" options added (both default to no).
  • Dev - Backend Options - "Export" and "Import" options added (both default to no).
  • Dev - Admin settings - Typo fixed.
  • Dev - Code refactoring.

2.0.0 - 08/08/2020

  • Dev - "Multiple notes per product" functionality added.
  • Dev - "Public notes" section added.
  • Dev - Frontend - "Product meta" options added.
  • Dev - Frontend - Product tab - "Tab title" (including "Tab title per product") and "Tab priority" options added.
  • Dev - Backend - "Admin orders" option added.
  • Dev - Shortcode renamed to [alg_wc_product_notes].
  • Dev - Function renamed to alg_wc_pn_get_product_notes().
  • Dev - "Enable plugin" option removed.
  • Dev - Major code refactoring.
  • Dev - Admin settings descriptions updated.
  • Dev - Plugin renamed to "Product Notes for WooCommerce".
  • Dev - Text domain changed to product-notes-for-woocommerce.
  • Tested up to: 5.4.
  • WC tested up to: 4.3.

1.3.1 - 09/03/2020

  • Dev - Bulk and Quick edit added.
  • Dev - Products column - Using filter param to get product ID now (i.e. instead of get_the_ID()).

1.3.0 - 23/02/2020

  • Dev - "Admin search" options added.
  • Dev - "Products column" option added.
  • Dev - "Internal Product Notes" column added to the WooCommerce products exporter.

1.2.1 - 20/01/2020

  • Dev - Admin emails - Setting $plain_text to false by default now (caused an issue with some themes).
  • Dev - Admin emails - Code refactoring.
  • WC tested up to: 3.9.

1.2.0 - 20/01/2020

  • Dev - General Options - "Admin emails" option added.
  • Dev - Code refactoring.
  • WC tested up to: 3.8.
  • Tested up to: 5.3.

1.1.3 - 25/10/2019

  • Dev - [alg_wc_internal_product_note] shortcode added.
  • Dev - alg_wc_get_internal_product_note() function added.
  • WC tested up to: 3.7.

1.1.2 - 23/07/2019

  • Fix - "Note added" time fixed for some notes (addslashes() added).
  • Dev - "Delete all internal notes for all products" option added.

1.1.1 - 10/06/2019

  • Dev - "Product note" option added to "WooCommerce products (CSV)" importer.
  • Dev - Code refactoring.
  • Tested up to: 5.2.

1.1.0 - 02/05/2019

  • Fix - "Note added" time now updated only if note content was changed.
  • Fix - Reset Settings - "Reset section settings" option fixed.
  • Dev - "Note added" time now shown only if note content is not empty.
  • Dev - Product tab - Changing double line-breaks in the text into HTML paragraphs (i.e. applying wpautop()).
  • Dev - Style Options - "Textarea style" option added.
  • Dev - Admin settings restyled and descriptions updated.
  • Dev - "WC tested up to" updated.
  • Dev - POT file added.

1.0.0 - 14/03/2019

  • Initial Release.

Free version

This plugin is a premium version of free "Product Notes for WooCommerce" plugin.

Installation and Updates

  • Buy the plugin 🙂
  • Download plugin's zip to your computer (you will receive an email with download link, or you can always download the plugin from your account).
  • Go to "Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin" and browse for downloaded zip file.
  • If plugin is successfully installed - you should see it added to the Plugins list.
  • To keep WPFactory items up to date, please install WPFactory Helper plugin and enter your site key.


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