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Wishlist for WooCommerce: Multi Wishlists per Customer

Upgrade your WooCommerce store's user experience by adding a Wishlist, where customers can save & share their favorite products with ease. Ideal for fostering customer loyalty and boosting sales.

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Simple & Intuitive Wishlist Creation

Enhance your customers' shopping experience with our effortless Wishlist addition feature.

With a single click, whether on the product listings (category/shop) or the detailed product pages, lets customers curate their Wishlist.

Encourage your users to save their favorites, enhancing the likelihood of future purchases. Perfect for store browsers turning into buyers, this feature adds a layer of convenience and personalization to your WooCommerce store.

Create Multi Wishlists for Each Customer

Revolutionize your shopping experience with our latest Multi Wishlist Management feature, with the ability to create multiple wishlists, customers can organize their desires effortlessly.

Customers can effortlessly create and manage multiple wishlists tailored to their preferences. Imagine crafting a wishlist for 'Workout Gear,' another for 'Tech Must-Haves,' and a 'Wish List for Special Occasions.'

Tailoring wishlists enhances organization, simplifies gift planning, and streamlines shopping for different needs.

Shareable Wishlist to Social Media Platforms

Allow your customers to utilize the social aspect of their social media accounts and enhance the social shopping experience with our socially-shareable Wishlist.

Customers can broadcast their curated Wishlist to friends and family via social media, email, or a unique URL.

This feature is not only ideal for sharing gift ideas but also serves as a tool for collaborative decision-making, extending the reach of your products beyond your website.

Personalized Wishlist Notifications and Styling

Enhance user engagement with customizable Wishlist notifications.

Personalize the look and feel of these alerts, ensuring they align with your store's branding.

This feature not only keeps users informed about their Wishlist activities but also adds an aesthetic appeal, making the shopping experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Wishlist Analysis and Reporting Tools

Equip your store with powerful reporting tools to analyze Wishlist trends.

Add special columns in the admin panel to track the popularity of products and the frequency of Wishlist additions.

This data is invaluable for understanding customer behavior and preferences, providing a roadmap for future product offerings and marketing strategies.

More incredible features

Take advantage of all the features of this plugin to boost your store in numerous ways.

  • Load FontAwesome and make use of any icons you like to be used in plugin interactions (add, remove, share, and so on).
  • Full control on what messages to show on all events when adding & removing items to Wishlist, customize buttons messages & notes to appear.
  • With unlimited styling options, you can adjust colors, fonts, and layouts to create a Wishlist experience that's both visually appealing and consistent with your store's design.
  • Create columns on users & product pages to highlight Wishlist analysis, import & export for further insights to target customers with marketing campaigns.
  • Allow customers to add variations of a variable product to the Wishlist.
  • Allow even non-logged in users to create and manage their Wishlist, increase engagement and encourage users to return to your site.

Plugin reviews and statistics

4.8 from 32 reviews
Great plugin and support

Great plugin and the support is very responsive when you need information or for help, I am really happy with my purchase. This is the second plugin that I have taken from them and still very happy with it. THANKS

Philippe Elwers
6 months ago

I can't say enough about the support that comes with this plugin! They truly went above and beyond to make the edits I requested and fix other little bugs. They were kind and knowledgable about the changes that were made. This plugin is perfect and the developer is a true professional to work with!

2 years ago
Replied by Pablo Pacheco
2 years ago

Thanks ;)

Pablo, this plugin was just what my client was looking for minus one feature. When I wrote, you went the extra mile to add the requested feature and then sent my a version to beta test. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and the plugin (Pro version).

Megan F
2 years ago
Replied by Pablo Pacheco
2 years ago

Thanks Megan :)

Plugin is simple and easy to use with great UI/UX. There's great customer service-Pablo is very quick to respond to my questions and is super helpful. Highly recommended!

Eda Le
3 years ago

After a long search I came across this plugin and I love it.
The author was super helpful and supported me with my specific problem.

Florian Stein
3 years ago
Replied by Pablo Pacheco
3 years ago


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This plugin is a premium version of free Wishlist for WooCommerce: Multi Wishlists per Customer plugin.

Features Free Pro
Customize Wishlist Location & Columns
Multi Wishlist for each Customer
Show Total Costs of the Wishlist
Auto Remove Items when Purchased Or Added to Cart
Enable/Disable Stock Alert Notifications
Unlimited Product Additions to Wishlist
Shop & Archive "Add to Wishlist" Button
Customize Wishlist Icons & Button Style & “Remove from Wishlist” Icon
Utilize Icons from FontAwesome & customize hover effects
Share Wishlist to social media, direct links, and email
Customizable Notifications text, style, and behavior
Wishlist analytics (per user & per product)
Supports guest (non logged-in) users
Admin priviliges to see users wishlists
Proper cache handling
AJAX support (no page reload)
Export & Import plugin data
Show/hide Add to Wishlist button based on product tag
Use a Custom Hook for Wishlist Button
Drag & Drop Reorder Option
Navigational Up/Down Arrow Reorder Option
Advanced reporting for admin
Allow Wishlist Page Import Using CSV
Premium & expedite support
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