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Min Max Default Quantity for WooCommerce

(87 customer reviews)

From: $49.99 / year

Define a min max, step and default quantity for products, show a dropdown, quantities on archive/categories pages, use decimal quantities, and much more on WooCommerce stores.

$49.99 Single site1 year of updates and support30-day money-back guaranteeBuy
$99.99 Unlimited sites1 year of updates and support30-day money-back guaranteeBuy

Control your product quantities like you never did before!

Have you ever felt the need to expand the functionality of your digital store by supervising the quantities of products? Customers can pick and choose any quantity of goods on your WordPress website as soon as you install WooCommerce and that is where you need a plugin to put a constraint on quantities as per your business preferences.

It’s time to level up because WPWhale brings you the most convenient plugin enabling you to oversee product quantities on your WooCommerce store. Use this user-friendly, expedient, and all-in-one plugin so you can control minimum and maximum quantities, adjust quantity steps, enable decimal quantities, define units, and the list goes on!

Quantity control plugin is one of the most functional and practical plugins as it allows you to specify the product quantities you want to sell on your online store. Hence, you will be effectively examining and aligning production, shipping costs, and income to appraise the profits and calculate expenditures. It’s a one-stop solution to all your worries!

Generate more revenue by modulating product quantities

Min Max Quantity Plugin will allow you to adjust the minimum and maximum quantities your customers can select. Furthermore, you can fully control the quantity steps and set a default quantity as well.

  • Define your products Minimum, Maximum, Intevnal (Step), and even Fixed Quantities

The plugin will give you full control over everything related to the plugin, whether defining a min-max quantity, step, or even random numbers (like 1, 3, 5, 10). You name it, we have it.

  • Assign Decimal values and use Dropdown Options

With this plugin, you will be having all advanced quantity rules at one location. In case your store is selling stuff like spices, fruits, and vegetables, then you will be needing decimal quantities so your customers can navigate easily. Similarly, you can use this plugin for showing all the allowed quantities in drop-down form instead of the quantity input field.

  • Customize your website fields to make them look more appealing

Use this plugin to display pricing units with products to reflect the unit you are selling your goods for. Moreover, illustrate a total price based on selected product quantity and let customers get an idea by choosing instead/after/before the original price fields. Pretty cool, right?

  • Validate product quantities before they add them to their carts

Customers often place products in their carts in the wrong quantities. This plugin will validate quantities before they reach the cart and generate customized notifications for these messages as well. In this way, the wrong quantities won’t be reaching the carts!

What this plugin can do for your store?

  1. Minimum/Maximum Quantity Control:

Does your store sell products that need to be in the specified minimum amount? This can be useful for wholesale stores, where you need to force your customers to buy a minimum quantity other than the default 1.

Or maybe you sell bottles (water, juice) that need to be sold in minimum & step quantities of 6 (so it fits packaging).

The same goes for maximum quantity, some stores want to limit the quantity a customer can buy so they better manage their inventory.

This is where our min-max quantities features come useful as they allow you to set a minimum and maximum quantity of the products. 

Defining these values can happen on multiple levels, listed by order of priority (which will be applied):

  1. Product level (works on simple & variable products)
  2. Category / attribute level
  3. Global (applies to all products at once)
  4. Cart level

Setting up minimum and maximum quantities of online goods proves to be cost-effective and profitable as store owners can have a rough idea of the income they will be making. This helps you in estimating the minimum and maximum revenue you will be generating from the online store.

  1. Step/Increment Quantity Control

Do you also want your customers to select only some specific quantities of products and not any quantity they prefer? Having a full charge over the quantities your customers can choose will be more feasible for you as it will make your orders more manageable.

Some call it step, others say increment, and many use the term interval, regardless of what you name it, our plugin offers this!

For instance, you need to sell your goods in multiples of 4 so that it is easier to ship them. Based on your delivery or warehouse setup, you can use this plugin to define quantity steps in which your customers can purchase products.

This feature is a treasure for stores specializing in printing services, like cards, brochures, flyers, you don’t want your customers to buy 152 cards for instance! Based on your printing machines, you can define a minimum of 100, and an interval of 100 for example, so orders won’t come in random quantities.

These steps or interval quantities can be defined based on order level for the sake of shipping packages. 

Similar to minimum & maximum quantities, increment quantities can also be defined on the basis of product, category, and cart levels. 

Choose quantity steps for each kind of product and relax. In this way, this plugin gets you covered even if you have different types of products in your store.

  1. Default Quantity Control

Would you like to show a different quantity (other than 1) on the product page load?

Often, there are times when the default behavior for the purchase is not to get only 1. For instance, bananas will be sold in 1 dozen or 12. Similarly, it is very unlikely for customers to buy 1 apple.

This is where you will need a default quantity feature allowing customers to choose a specific default quantity like 4, 6, or 12. Although customers can choose lower than that, even if that’s  not the default.

Hence, this plugin will allow you to create a default quantity that appears on the product page when your customers are browsing the store. You will be able to define the default quantities for all products at once, per product, or category. It’s a pretty simple and convenient feature!

  1. Fixed Quantity Control

Depending on the situation of your business or the number of goods in stock, you will sometimes want to sell only fixed or allowed quantities of products to customers.

For instance, your store is offering free shipping but that is only viable when they choose a certain quantity of products and that is where this feature comes in handy.

Think of textile products, sometimes you want to sell in 1, 3, 5, 10 meters, this can’t be forced with the mix of minimum & step features, this feature will allow you to exactly specify what quantities your customers can buy (or actually can’t, since it also offers disallowed quantities section).

Should we remind you that this works on product level (simple & variable), category level, or cart level? We believe you already guessed so.

  1. Quantity Dropdown

You’re not a big fan of quantity input fields? The +/- buttons are annoying on mobile screens? Replace the field with a nice & neat dropdown menu.

Also when you force quantities, maybe it would be easier for customers to see what quantities they are allowed to buy (instead of doing calculations based on min & step quantities defined), a dropdown menu here comes handy!

Min Max Default Quantity Plugin offers a quantity drop-down feature that turns your regular input field into a dropdown showing the quantities customers can purchase. It show values based on different conditions:

  1. Min to maximum quantities defined (along with step of course)
  2. Allowed quantities will appear in dropdown as well
  3. If you haven’t define maximum, you can define a “fallback value” so it stops there when no max is defined

This will make it easier for the customers to navigate through and view all the available options, a pretty neat feature right?

  1. Quantity Field on Archive/Shop/Category Pages

As an online store owner, your priority must be the ease and convenience of your customers. The more user-friendly the interface is, the more motivated they will be to buy your products!

Therefore, you certainly need a feature on your plugin that allows your customers to change quantity & add to the cart right from your archive pages, shop pages, or category pages. This plugin will permit you to add a quantity field or dropdown on categories/shop pages so customers can select their desired quantities from there.

Consequently, the customers will face less of a hassle as they will be able to add products from any page to their cart resulting in more purchases and bigger revenue. All thanks to this cool feature!

  1. Total Price by Quantity

Your online store illustrates the price per product but what about the total price after the customers have chosen a certain quantity?

For instance, your store is selling 1 jacket for $126 but when the customer has chosen 7 jackets, they cannot view the total price of the selected quantity of jackets before getting to the cart.

The ‘Total Price by Quantity’ feature is all what you need, you can select to show the total price based on the quantity selected by the customer on the product page. You can also display the field ‘instead/after/before the original price’ so that the customers can get an idea in a better way and the purchasing process becomes easier for them.

  1. Pricing Unit

We believe that instead of just showing the price and letting the customers solve the rest of the puzzle is an unpleasant experience. It is better to demonstrate the pricing unit with the price as well. For instance, $10 for 1 KG or $10 for a water bottle.

The Price Unit feature will let you exhibit customized text next to the price to reflect the unit you’re selling the product for.

You can define the value globally (all products at once), per category, or for every product to make sure all the products are showing the correct units.

Other features that will make the purchase of this plugin even more worth it:

We have presented some of the finest and essential features offered by the Min Max Default Quantity plugin but that is not everything. Several other features are proving that this plugin is the most rewarding, valuable, and productive. Some of those features are:

  • The plugin can validate quantities enabled before adding them to the cart, so your customers cannot reach the cart with the wrong quantities, you can also customize messages for these notifications.
  • Show all your product quantity info (min/max/step) on product pages so your customers are aware of the different quantity options they have.
  • Rounding options, you can round up/down quantities to nearest correct quantities
  • Disable/exclude plugin for specific products or categories
  • Allow/disallow quantity based on user role

And much more!


$49.99 Single site1 year of updates and support30-day money-back guaranteeBuy
$99.99 Unlimited sites1 year of updates and support30-day money-back guaranteeBuy



Q: Is this plugin WPML/Polylang compatible?

A: Yes, our plugin is compatible with multi-language sites, it provides strings to be used in translation

Q: Will this plugin work with variable products?

A: Definitely, every single setting in the plugin works on variable products exactly as it works on simple products

Q: Can I apply different values (min max step etc…) for different variations of the same variable product?

A: Indeed, you will have a field for each corresponding feature per variations, allowing you to control everything on variation level

Q: I have a free product (like a gift card) that I don’t want to be counted in allowed quantities, can I exclude it?

A: Yes, the plugin allows excluding all features by product or a whole category if needed

Q: What level of support comes with this plugin?

A: Check the reviews section and see what’s the one common thing between them all, the outstanding support that we provide to our users

Q: I have a suggestion to improve the plugin, will you be able to develop that?

A: Sure, a lot of features in the plugin were developed by requests from customers, send us at [email protected] and let’s discuss

Q: Is there a demo site where I can see how the plugin works?

A: Sure, we have a demo site that contains the free version of the plugin, you can try it here:

User: demo
Password: [email protected]

Q. I can't find the plugin form on product edit page. Where do I put my minimum quantity for a product?

A. First you need to enable "Per item quantity - Per product" checkbox in plugin's settings (in "WooCommerce > Settings > Product Quantity > Minimum Quantity"). After that, you should see this meta box on each product's edit page.

Q. I want to limit the quantity someone can select at a product by product basis. For one product they can purchase from 1 to 20, but no more than 20. Will your plugin do that?

A. Yes, the plugin can do that. In the free version, you will be able to set the maximum quantity to 20 for all products at once. To set maximum quantity for some products only, you will need the Pro version:

In the free version you would need to:
1. Enable section for "Maximum Quantity Options" in "WooCommerce > Settings > Product Quantity".
2. Set Per item quantity - All products option to "20".

In Pro version you would need to:
1. Enable section for "Maximum Quantity Options" in "WooCommerce > Settings > Product Quantity".
2. Enable Per item quantity - Per product option there.
3. Go to some product's admin edit page and set "Maximum quantity" to "20" in "Product Quantity" meta box.

Q. Do you have a demo website for the plugin?

A. Unfortunately we don't have a demo site yet, however, generally, you can see how it works by installing the free version - Also - as there is 30 days "no questions asked" refund policy on WPFactory, we'll be happy to issue a refund if something in plugin isn't working as expected, or, if you wish, we could try to fix it.

87 reviews for Min Max Default Quantity for WooCommerce

  1. Fredrik (verified owner)

    Really good product and fantastic support.

  2. David Jonathan Büchi (verified owner)

    If you search for a quantity manager plugin there is NO alternative….

    Sounds bold? … but let me explain:

    For half the price of other plugins out there you get 10x more control and settings.

    Especially the settings are so important… for example… you can prevent the ATC button from working until customers selected a specific amount. Thats so valuable and all ohter plugins I tested werent able to do so.

    Its a gamechanger but only one piece of the puzzle.

    Because to me, there is one other key component of a great plugin next to its “out of the box” solutions… and thats support with customozation…

    and what can I say…

    They totally overdeliver in this area as well.

    They have one of the best customization support I ever witnessed period! … never thought this would be the case, especially because of the low price for the plugin.

    But they totally overdeliver not only in terms of brainpower that went into the functions of the plugin that turns it into a full blown “quantity suite” that is second to none out there… but they also commit themselfes and put in a lot of heart, time and effort to make your vision come true.

    Seriously its one of those rare cases where your expectations are crushed by reality in a good way 😃 !

    Its a 120% no-brainer and I’am super grateful that I found this plugin after testing through so many half baked solutions out there!

    Thank you!

  3. Ferran Obiols (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin and support. Thank you very much!

  4. john-7903 (verified owner)

    This plugin helped me get around bespoke requests from my client, I struggled initially but support guided me through my issues and solved a couple of others which were not requested. Thanks Omar.

  5. George Savvidis (verified owner)

    Worth every penny!
    It works flawlessly!
    Global setup to make your life easy, but if you have more complex needs, per category or per product it can be done.
    Support is more than great!
    So 5 stars for the plugin and another 5 stars for the support!

  6. Neil Matthews

    When things are working as expected you cannot judge a plugin developer, but when there is an issue and you contact support, that is when you get to see how good they are, we had a php 8 update issue, we reported this to the team and they coded up a fix for us and passed us an early version to resolve our issue, couldn’t be happier with the support we received.

  7. Siim (verified owner)

    Very good plugin and amazing support!

  8. Kenn N.

    Superior support. Happy customer with a well working product – Great job Omar!
    Hope to see your portfolio expand in the future.
    BR Kenn

  9. Ángel

    For me, it is one of the best plugins for maximum and minimum amounts. Excellent work and support from the developer.

  10. Marcin

    Great functionality, lots of options to configure. Fast and very good author support.

  11. Søren Blaabjerg (verified owner)

    Thank you Omar, for helping with special coding on our website, so we could make the special qty’s for special variations work.

    SUPER – You have been a fantastic help!

    Thank you very much and best of luck to you!

  12. antoine (verified owner)

    Friendly to use plugin, clear and full of useful options.
    Amazing support from the author, who is quick to respond and very helpful.

  13. Co-Brains

    Great and useful plugin!
    The support is very helpful

  14. Tanja

    fantastic, even ideal plugin with a lot of useful functions. I also received helpful support for all my questions, and the developer is veeery kind, competent and makes lots of efforts to fix all problems – thx Omar !

  15. ILIE GABRIEL (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin for quantity customization and all regarding this, probably the best !
    Regarding the support…fast and precise, everything was solved according to requirements ! Thanks again Omar !

  16. Chris

    Plug-in works great.

  17. Iuliana

    Excellent plugin and customer support!! Omar answered very promptly and positively all my requests.

  18. Ben Polland (verified owner)

    Great plugin, solved my problem + the best support i‘ve ever had. Very fast and on point. Thank you very much!

  19. kevin omture

    Great plugin and support. Highly recommended.

  20. Hodaya (verified owner)

    Excellent, easy to set up and use, perfect support!

  21. James (verified owner)

    The support is non existent. I have been asking for help for days as the minimum quantity option does not work, there is also a glitch whereby the increments go up incorrectly. Eg, 2.4999, 2.9999; I have not received any help. Please help and I will edit review.


    All sorted, developer was very helpful. Many thanks.

    • WPWhale

      Hi James,
      Sorry to hear this, actually you just sent us yesterday (afternoon) 2 emails and follow up email today morning, we just responded to your email that login provided isn’t working, so if you still need help please get back to us on that email.

  22. Kees Dobbelstein (verified owner)

    Perfect product quantity plugin. Perfect and fast support by the author. Thanks Omar!

  23. DSGN

    Very fast support and great functionality covering all your needs for quantity.

  24. Ben

    This plugin is truly high quality. If you need to control product quantity, step, unit, etc. – this is the right plugin. Support is excellent, and the plugin is well designed and easy to configure.

  25. Roberto Alpini (verified owner)

    Purchased and installed. Support is very good. We asked clarifications and they replied. Fast and reliable people.

  26. B4Invest

    This plugin is awesome and there is a very good support.

  27. David Chun (verified owner)

    Perfect, just what I was looking for to set up my wholesale store. Omar has been a great help and he has been very responsive regarding my issues and compatibility issues with my cart plugins! Would totally recommend this

  28. Co-brains

    Great plugin that do exactly what I needed (and more) and easy to set up.
    Support is very helpful and fast.
    Highly recomended!

  29. N. MARTÍN (verified owner)

    Excelente soporte, el plugin funciona tal y como necesitábamos. Nos fue muy útil.

  30. Furkan Can Caymaz (verified owner)

    Great Plugin, solved my Problems
    And a Amazong Support. Thanks to Omar for the Help!

    Furkan Can Caymaz

  31. Ellert Stefánsson (verified owner)

    An awesome plugin that works great! Very fast and good customer support and special thanks to Omar for quick response and solution to everything!

  32. Rohit Mulani

    Hands down !
    One of the best plugins in the market 🙏🏻
    And the owner ‘Omar’ replies very fast
    Exceptional service

    Definately recommended

  33. Benny (verified owner)

    Super plugin.

    Fast support in case of problems, really recommended.

    Greetings benny

  34. Agustin (verified owner)

    Excellent! Works like a charm! Superior support from Omar @ WPFactory. I can honestly recommend this plugin.

  35. zach jones (verified owner)

    This plugin was a huge help! It does what others can’t, and the support is excellent. It’s great to be able to specify exact quantities that are not “stepped” easily!

  36. Uta

    Great Plugin and great Support.
    We ran into a few minor issues but Omar resolved them quickly.
    He is easy to reach and replies very fast.
    I can totally recommend this plugin.

  37. edward (verified owner)

    Dear Omar,
    what stands out is your outstanding service and support. You made it all happen and in an extremely efficient way! Thanks so much, look forward to working with you in the future!

  38. Pablo (verified owner)

    Great plugin, but greater the support by Omar. He takes the time to search for a solution and he answers quickly and well explained each question or issue!

  39. Leslie Keating (verified owner)

    Fantastic plugin with plenty of options and features. Even more fantastic customer service from the support team who went above and beyond to help with a theme conflict – thank you!!

  40. Tristan (verified owner)

    Great Plugin, Works exactly as required. Needed support and was provided with more than I was expected. 100% would recommend.

  41. Olga Berning (verified owner)

    The plugin is amazing and it has the best support. Problems are solved in no time and I requested a customization and Omar was able to add it for me quick and for a good price. Thanks a lot!

  42. Steve (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the quality of service I receive from this company. I had an issue with the plugin because of the way that my website was super customized and they helped to make the plugin completely compatible with my site. The response time and care given was awesome and it is not something I always receive from plugin developers.

  43. Maikel

    Great plugin and AWESOME service.

  44. Jean-Luc MEZZAPELLE (verified owner)

    A great module and great support.
    recommended without any hesitation

  45. Sarah Crawford (verified owner)

    Just brilliant. The service from Omar is top notch, polite, and fast. I have a very complex ecommerce set up and he made this trying set up much easier. Nothing but high praise here.

  46. Bogusław Eichstaedt (verified owner)

    Great plugin with even better support. I had problem with my OPEN CART theme and support resolved my issue very quickly. Now everything works perfect!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH OMAR! 🙂

  47. Peter Sedivy (verified owner)

    Best Quantity Plugin Ever. Easy to set up. Works without problems. I recommend

  48. Dominik Brauch (verified owner)

    Very nice plugin and an amazing support. They solved my problems in a couple of hours. Buy the Pro version, it is amazing!

  49. Mike Cruywagen (verified owner)

    Great product and great support!

  50. Royal (verified owner)

    This plugin is awesome! Thank you so much. Those looking for such a plugin cannot find any better than this. You have everything you can look for. And there is a very good support team. I might be exaggerating, but it’s true.

  51. Corbyn James (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin, could not believe I found something that did exactly what I asked for, also easy to use.

    But beyond the plugin the quality of the support, we could even have our own plugin customized for an extremely reasonable fee!

    Would recommend to anyone looking to make their stores better!

  52. Yassine Mili (verified owner)

    Great Support i recommand !

  53. Jérôme B. (verified owner)

    A very good plugin to manage bottles of wine sold by 6. And the support is quick and excellent !

  54. Olga (verified owner)

    It’s a great plugin and it has the best support, thank you Omar!! 🙂

  55. Frankie Lau (verified owner)

    Great Plugin. Very useful and powerful. Support service is very good. I just leave a message in the Support forum and got a reply within a day. Also, my problem is resolved in one interaction. Great

  56. Fadi Sfeir (verified owner)

    Great product, awesome service!

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    Great plugin but above all the best support ever.
    Thanks Omar, it’s like talking to a friend (a friend who solves problems 😉 )

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    Hello, we are super happy with the plugin.
    Especially the support is great and reacts very fast.
    The 5 stars are definitely deserved.

    Greeting Benjamin

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    What to say about the support … Remarkable speed and efficiency!
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    Keep up the fantastic work guys.

  62. Jane

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    Amazing support whenever there’s been a problem – Omar has replied so quickly and been so helpful!

    Can’t recommend this/them enough!!

  63. Alaid (verified owner)

    Product Quantity for WooCommerce is one of the best plugins that I have bought, it is very complete in its functions and each time they add improvements, it also has excellent support that attended me at all times until I resolved the issue I had, I liked it so much that I bought the Unlimited sites version with
    Lifetime updates and support.

    Congratulations on the excellent work done and I hope that further improvements will continue to be added.

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    This plugin has saved my web, Thank you!

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    The Product Quantity for WooCommerce plugin does exactly what we needed. We found a bug and the support team was amazing. They jumped all over it, communicated well, and issued a fix ahead of a time sensitive site launch.


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  80. Kees (verified owner)

    The best customer support for a well developed plugin/extension I have ever encountered. Very fast responses and interactions. Omar is dedicated to solving a problem or extending the plugin to suit your needs. Many thanks! 5 stars for the superb plugin and another 5 stars for the support.

  81. Klemen Kapel (verified owner)

    I would give six stars for support if possible
    Support and solutions are available almost immediately
    You really see the effort they take to solve the problem.
    The plugin is also great, works as it should, and in cases like mine, when some changes are needed you can rely on support

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    Great plugin, even greater support by the author. Took the time to listen, investigate and even integrate a new feature on my request. In 10+ years of WordPress one of the best I dealt with. THX

  85. Daryl Auclair (verified owner)

    The Product Quantity plugin is the best WooCommerce plugin I have found for customizing minimum and maximum quantities as well as setting step increments. I sell fabric by the yard in my woocommerce store, and I have tried EVERY plugin I could find that would allow me to sell decimal quantities through Woocommerce. There are not many options, and the other ones were very complex and did not provide an easy to use interface for my customers. This plugin on the other hand, the customer doesn’t even know its there, it integrates right in with the WooCommerce cart. Tom the developer keeps adding new features all the time, and best of all, he listens to his customers and provides excellent support when you need it. I highly recommend supporting the developer and purchasing the Pro version of this plugin.

  86. Toby (verified owner)

    Best Quantity Plugin Ever. For sure. It solves problems all other Plugins aren´t able to think about. This is worth every penny. And the best on this Plugin is the awsome support. These guys know WordPress / Woocommerce like no one else and help you with every problem occuring on your very own shop including this plugin. They are super fast and super friendly. I would reccomend them to you! Stop Searching. Buy this Plugin in Pro Version!!!

  87. rokas

    Excellent, easy to set up and use, just perfect!

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This plugin is a premium version of free "Min Max Default Quantity for WooCommerce" plugin.

Free VersionPro Version
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Minimum per item quantity - All products
Minimum per item quantity - Per product
Maximum cart total quantity
Maximum per item quantity - All products
Maximum per item quantity - Per product
Quantity step - All products
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Decimal quantities
Force initial quantity on single product page
Cart notices
Stop customer from accessing checkout on wrong quantities
Customizable customer messages
Quantity input style

Plugin has three filters, so you can modify plugin's min quantity, max quantity and quantity step with your own code: alg_wc_pq_get_product_qty_min, alg_wc_pq_get_product_qty_max and alg_wc_pq_get_product_qty_step. All filters has two parameters: filtered value and product ID.

For example, you may want to modify quantities by user role - in this case you will need to add something like this to your (child) theme's functions.php file:

add_filter( 'alg_wc_pq_get_product_qty_min', 'my_product_qty_min_by_user_role', 10, 2 );
function my_product_qty_min_by_user_role( $qty, $product_id ) {
	$current_user = wp_get_current_user();
	return ( in_array( 'administrator', $current_user->roles ) ? 5 : $qty );

If you need to get some product's min/max/step quantities with PHP:

$product_id = $product->get_id();
$default    = 1;
$min_qty    = alg_wc_pq()->core->get_product_qty_min_max( $product_id, $default, 'min' );
$max_qty    = alg_wc_pq()->core->get_product_qty_min_max( $product_id, $default, 'max' );
$qty_step   = alg_wc_pq()->core->get_product_qty_step( $product_id, $default );

Plugin's product quantity data is saved in product meta with these keys:



4.5.5 - 10/03/2023

  • Introduced a new shortcode show separator in quantity info [thousand_sep='yes']
  • Fixed a bug when duplicating a product that belongs to a category disabled by the plugin
  • Fixed a bug showing first allowed quantity (not all) in Add to Cart validation message when fixed quantity is set on category level

4.5.4 - 04/03/2023

  • Enhanced bundle product default quantity on page load (showing 0 for all bundled product by default)

4.5.3 - 17/02/2023

  • Updated quantity-input template
  • Fixed several PHP errors & warning messages
  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 7.4

4.5.2 - 15/01/2023

  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 7.3
  • Fixed an error message ($data_quantity) appearing on variations in category pages

4.5.1 - 25/12/2022

  • Added new option under Quantity Info to use custom hooks for single product pages
  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 7.2

4.5 - 10/12/2022

  • Enhanced quantities on page load for bundled products
  • New feature: You can now allow search in the quantity dropdown

4.4.4 - 18/11/2022

  • PHP compatibility enhancements
  • Several fixes in dropdown quantity feature

4.4.3 - 09/11/2022

  • Fixed Cart & Checkout layout issues caused by incompatibility with newer versions of PHP
  • Fixed a bug for minimum quantities set on category level and not appearing on category page
  • Fixed a bug in dropdown menu that added 1 at the end of the menu
  • Added a new feature to set min/max/step for attributes of variations
  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 7.1 & WordPress 6.1

4.4.2 - 26/10/2022

  • Fixed an error message appearing on PHP 8.0
  • New option on dropdown feature: You can now disable dropdown on cart page only (on/off site-wide, not product specific)

4.4.1 - 15/10/2022

  • More compatibility with PHP 8 & 8.1 (error messages solved)
  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 7.0

4.4 - 20/09/2022

  • Fixed error messages in newer version of PHP
  • Bug fix for +/- in some themes
  • More compatibility with WPC Bundle products
  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 6.9

4.3.5 - 06/09/2022

  • More compatibility with PHP 8.1 and error messages
  • Fixed a bug in price unit in variations

4.3.4 - 28/08/2022

  • Fixed bugs appearing on some stores running on servers with PHP 8 & 8.1

4.3.3 - 24/08/2022

  • Fixed bugs in dropdown labels
  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 6.8

4.3.2 - 26/07/2022

  • Fixed bugs related to newer versions of PHP
  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 6.7

4.3.1 - 04/07/2022

  • New feature: You can now exclude (vs. previously only include) specific role
  • Tax calculation bug fixed for Total Price by Quantity section
  • New feature: Fixed quantities can now be applied by attribute
  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 6.6

4.3 - 05/06/2022

  • Fixed a language message issue in WPML when adding to cart
  • Fixed a bug in variations not being counted in "Allowed Quantities" when defined in category level
  • Verified compatibility with WordPress 6.0

4.2.2 - 15/05/2022

  • Fixed bugs in min/step compatibility with Gutenberg Block plugin
  • Fixed a fatal error (Too few arguments)
  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 6.5

4.2.1 - 05/05/2022

  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 6.4
  • Enhanced compatibility on variations add to cart from shop pages
  • Fixed a bug in add to cart when "Load all variations" is ticked on product pages

4.2 - 02/04/2022

  • Fixed a bug in compatibility with Divi Builder
  • Theme compatibility issue prevented quantity field from appearing
  • Added a new option on what hook to save product meta to (save_post) under Advanced tab
  • New option to specify a fixed quantity for all variations (to be grouped to meet the defined quantities)

4.1 - 19/03/2022

  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 6.3
  • Allowed text messages fields to support HTML (so you can customize/format notification messages)
  • Fixed error messages appearing on servers running PHP 8.1

4.0 - 28/01/2022

  • Verified compatibily with WordPress 5.9 & WooCommerce 6.1
  • Handled Fixed quantity case when adding same item to cart more than once
  • Fixed an error message appearing on cart on some environments
  • More compatibility with WPML by introduing new shortcodes for strings [alg_wc_pq_translate]

3.9.5 - 11/12/2021

  • Incompatibility with Safari browser fixed
  • Handled orders that split same products into multiple items in cart
  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 5.9
  • Bug fixed for dropdown on product & cart on specific themes

3.9.4 - 04/11/2021

  • Fixed error messages appearing on cart on PHP 8
  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 5.8

3.9.3 - 16/10/2021

  • Elementor compatibility fix
  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 5.7 - 06/09/2021

  • Hotfixes applied to 3.9.2 release

3.9.2 - 04/09/2021

  • New option: Reset to Lowest Fixed Quantity on variation change
  • New option: Variable created to calculate the remaining quantity to meet the next step (to be used in template messages)
  • Added more compatibility with Elementor to show quantity & Total price in homepage
  • Allowed quantity section is now compatible with WPML
  • Fixed a bug in "Disable by Category" when new products are added to these categories
  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 5.6

3.9.1 - 14/08/2021

  • Fixed an issue prevented showing product level setting (min, max, step) in free version after the last update 3.9
  • Compatibility issue fixed on cart step for some themes

3.9 - 30/07/2021

  • MAJOR UPDATE: Now you can allow Min/Max/Step quantities on product level in FREE version (was for Pro users only)
  • Allowed showing Price Unit (rather than Total Price Unit) for variations in variable products

3.8.5 - 30/07/2021

  • New Feature: Added an option to step quantity allowing going to remaining stock if not matching next step.
  • Enhanced Price Unit on variable products page for single variation prices
  • Verified compatibility with WordPress 5.8 and WooCommerce 5.5

3.8.4 - 28/06/2021

  • Added an option on page load (product & archive) to force quantity on lowest fixed quantity
  • Fixed an error message on parent_id call
  • Added a Step Quantity option per attribute
  • Category-defined values are now applied on variations of a variable product
  • Renamed category fields for more clarity on functionality

3.8.3 - 16/06/2021

  • Enhanced resetting quantity to min/max on variation change
  • Added compatibility for Total Price by Quantity for dynamic pricing plugin "WooCommerce Tiered Price Table"
  • Fixed a bug in showing Total Price by Quantity on archive pages for Elementor-built pages
  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 5.4

3.8.2 - 29/05/2021

  • Enhanced handling AJAX requests for Total Price by Quantity on archive pages.
  • Enhanced compatibility with multiple themes archive pages.
  • Added compatibility with FiboSearch (Quantity appearing on search results & Total Price by Quantity).
  • Enhanced dropdown behavior on variable products if different fixed quantities are used.
  • Fixed a bug in Disable plugin by category (not applying to Quantity info & Total Price by Quantity).
  • Fixed a bug in Disable plugin by category when new products are added to that category.

3.8.1 - 22/05/2021

  • Allowed a new option to disable/enable bypassing minimum quantity in all products if stock is not available.
  • Verified compatibility with WooCommerce 5.3

3.8 - 03/05/2021

  • Added 2 attributes to Quantity Info tab to show/hide price unit & total price by quantity singular label.
  • Added an option to allow bypassing minimum quantity if stock is lower than minimum.
  • Total Price by Quantity will not appear if %unit% is used in template but not defined.
  • Fixed a bug in Total Price by Quantity when product is out of stock (show pre-selected quantity total price).

3.7.4 - 23/04/2021

  • Added Price Unit shortcode to Quantity Info tab
  • Fixed a bug that prevented showing the featured image
  • Enhanced Price Unit appearing on page load for variable products (when switching between variations)
  • Tested compatibility with WC 5.2

3.7.3 - 20/04/2021

  • Fixed compatibility issue with Cart All in One plugin

3.7.2 - 11/04/2021

  • Enhanced plugin loading speed for variable products
  • Added compatibility with Dynamic Pricing plugin in Total Price by Quantity section
  • Added a side section for Pro version (in free version)
  • Added a side section for another plugin (in Pro version)
  • Moved sections from Pro to free and vice versa

3.7.1 - 24/03/2021

  • Added more compatibility to Woo Discounts plugin in Total Price feature
  • Fixed a bug in Total price by Quantity in Dynamic Pricing
  • Fixed a bug in duplicate product IDs that prevented updating values

3.7 - 13/03/2021

  • Bug fixed: Unit price on archive if set by category
  • Changed dropdown async and allowed options for store admins to change how it loads (async can be set to true or false)
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 5.7 and WooCommerce 5.1

3.6.2 - 28/02/2021

  • Tested compatibility with WC 5.0

3.6.1 - 07/02/2021

  • Fixed a bug in dynamic pricing on archive pages
  • Enhanced decimal handling for admin orders
  • Fixed translation issues for decimal quantities in "Add to Cart" messages
  • Added shortcode %price% in dropdown labels

3.6 - 27/01/2021

  • Tested compatibility with WooCommerce 4.9
  • Fixed Total Price by Quantity bug in archive page
  • Enhanced dropdown functionality for variations in cart
  • Fixed issues in admin permissions to edit orders (overwriting plugin settings)
  • Fixed a notice message appearing on debug mode

3.5.4 - 01/01/2021

  • Fixed an error message in compatibility with Product Configurator plugin

3.5.3 - 18/12/2020

  • Exclude plugin by category feature is added
  • More compatibility with multi-vendor plugins
  • Labels on Total Price by Quantity can be set on attribute
  • Tested compatibility with WooCommerce 4.8 & WordPress 5.6

3.5.2 - 09/12/2020

  • Fixed an issue on archive pages created with shortcodes
  • Compatibility with WC Coming Soon plugin

3.5.1 - 27/11/2020

  • Fixed a bug in Price Unit on archive pages for some themes

3.5 - 27/11/2020

  • Added compatibility with Barn2 custom table plugin
  • Added a feature "Add to All" for exact quantities on variable products (to apply to all variations)
  • Fixed a bug showing quantity info wrong if minimum quantity is defined on category level
  • Added description to every section in the plugin to make it easier to understand

3.4.6 - 16/11/2020

  • Verified compatibility with WC 4.7
  • Fixed a bug in messages appearing when adding decimal quantities to cart

3.4.5 - 27/10/2020

  • Checked compatibility with WC 4.6
  • Allowed showing "Total Price by Quantity" feature based on category
  • Bug fix: Quantities in dropdown (shown by fixed quantities) weren't properly appearing on cart for variable products
  • Enhanced compatibility with a dynamic pricing plugin

3.4.4 - 11/10/2020

  • Bug fix: Excluding dropdown for a category wasn't working on cart
  • New option: Allow showing quantity info based on category
  • Fixed a Price Unit issue for WooCommerce-Variation-Price if Price Unit field is empty

3.4.3 - 02/10/2020

  • Enhancement for Total Price by Quantity feature in archive pages for some themes

3.4.2 - 02/10/2020

  • Bug fixes: Two typos caused conflict in 3.4, fixed

3.4 - 01/10/2020

  • New feature: Show quantity on archive/categories pages for simple products
  • New feature: Total Price by Quantity can be shown now on archive/categories pages
  • New feature: Dropdown is now enabled on archive/categories pages
  • Bug fix: Reset to min/max for variations wasn't working on some themes when changing from a variation to another
  • Tested compatibility with WC 4.5

3.3.1 - 12/09/2020

  • Bug fix: Disable plugin by URL wasn't properly working on variables
  • Code enhancement for Total Price by Quantity feature
  • Added more compatibility for Tiered Pricing plugins that was preventing reading correct values

3.3 - 04/09/2020

  • New feature: Dropdown can be enabled/disabled per category
  • New feature: "Add to All" is now available on variable (parent) product that can be used to apply default values to all variations
  • New feature: Minimum & Maximum quantities can be defined per attribute (either to apply the value to all products with that attribute, or total of products quantities with the attribute)
  • Bug fixed in default quantity for variables
  • Bug fixed that was showing total price by quantity wrong in variable products
  • Tested compatibility with WP 5.5 & WC 4.4

3.2 - 24/08/2020

  • Fixed a bug in WC 4.4 that wasn't showing Variable Product price range on pageload if "Total Price by Quantity" is enabled

3.1 - 25/07/2020

  • Allowed decimal amounts for orders created by admin (manual orders)
  • Added new field on product level to define Price Unit feature
  • Added new button that allows showing Price Unit on category / archive pages
  • Fixed a bug that adds the minimum quantity instead of default while using dropdown in some themes
  • Fixed a bug that hides all variations if one is out of stock in particular themes hooks
  • WPML currency enhancements
  • Tested compatibility with WC 4.3

3.0 - 03/07/2020

  • Introduced new feature that allows disabling / enabling all plugin settings based on WP user role
  • Allowed setting fixed quantities on attributes (values) level
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Price Unit from appearing if global field was empty (and defined only in category level)

2.9 - 17/06/2020

  • Allowed defining decimal values for Default Quantity values
  • Enhanced notification messages on checkout UI
  • New Feature: Allowed defining a unit next to main price (Show $10 per KG instead of regular $10)

2.8 - 04/06/2020

  • Display Price by Quantity: %unit% variable can now be set on global level (all store), category, and product-based
  • Bug: Currency location on Display Price by Quantity feature wasn't reading on variable product if store currency is to the right
  • Enhanced Exclude Plugin by URL to make it 100% compatible with all plugin features to be excluded
  • Changed $_product->id to $_product->get_id() to prevent warning message if product id is accessed directly

2.7 - 13/05/2020

  • Introduced new 3 fields on category level: Min, Max, and Step, where you can apply a value to all products in that category with a single input
  • Dropdown now appears if you define Fixed Quantity on variations without the need to define maximum quantity or max fall back quantity
  • Dropdown on variations appears without also defining max or fixed value on main variable product
  • Allowed thousand separator on dropdown in free version
  • Added two new values on Price Display by Quantity: Before & After Add to Cart button
  • Bug fix: Decimal inputs weren't working if defined as step value in category, now works fine
  • Bug fix: Dropdown wasn't working properly on some themes, fixed using JS

2.6 - 04/05/2020

  • WPML & Polylang compatibility introduced, new short code [alg_wc_pq_translate lang=" "] added to allow proper translation for all plugin messages for users
  • Dropdown quantity will now work if you define fixed (allowed) quantities for product, i.e. without the need to define maximum quantity or max. fall back value
  • Enhanced dropdown to work on extreme quantities (tens of millions)
  • Introduced a thousand separator for large quantities in dropdown (with an option to select separator)
  • Default quantity & Step quantity are now available on category level (all plugin features now are available on category level)

2.5 - 23/04/2020

  • Bug: Dropdown for variations wasn't showing the stock inventory as maximum if it's below defined maximum, fixed
  • Enhancement: Default quantity works on variable products now
  • Bug: Warning message on cart (Invalid argument), fixed

2.4 - 22/04/2020

  • New feature: You can now define Default Quantity for products, and show on product or archive page load
  • New feature: Define min & max quantities for a mix of all variations in a variable product (useful if customers can mix variations)
  • Bug: Decimal was showing extra zeros on some themes, fixed with a JS overwrite
  • Bug: Fix going with quantity below 1 if "Do not force" option is enabled & min is set below 1

2.3 - 16/04/2020

  • Bug: Forcing minimum & maximum weren't appearing on dropdown on archive pages
  • Feature: Introduced %unit% label in Price Display by Quantity (you can define your own measurement to be shown on product level)
  • Feature: Add to cart on product & archive pages are now using AJAX for seamless experience for shoppers

2.2 - 11/04/2020

  • Bug: Variations were passing minimum quantity if stock is below minimum, fixed
  • Enhancement: Prevented activating Pro Version if free version is active to avoid conflicts.
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 5.4

2.1 - 28/03/2020

  • Bug Fixed: PayPal wasn't taking decimal amounts in quantities and rounds to the lower integer, fixed

2.0 - 27/03/2020

= New Feature: Allowed setting minimum / maximum / fixed quantities on category level

1.9.2 - 20/03/2020

  • Enabled "Add to all variations" feature
  • Tested plugin compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0
  • Updated quantity-input.php template to WC 4.0 (dropdown quantity)

1.9.1 - 19/03/2020

  • Removed a feature (apply min/max/step to all variations) that's causing fatal erros with WC 4 (re-adding it in progress)

1.9 - 24/02/2020

  • Feature Update: Added total cart quantity option (allows admin to specify total number of items on cart level)

1.8.4 - 12/02/2020

  • Dev. Fixed a bug in "Price Display by Quantity" in variable products.

1.8.3 - 01/02/2020

  • Dev. Fixed the "Fixed Quantities" feature on variation products.

1.8.2 - 22/12/2019

  • Dev- Added "Display price by quantity" for variable products as well.

1.8.1 - 22/11/2019

  • Fix - Quantity Dropdown - Dropdown Labels - Labels per product - Fixed for variable products in cart.
  • Dev - Quantity Dropdown - "Template" options added ("Before" and "After").
  • Dev - Advanced - "Validate on checkout" option added (defaults to yes).
  • Plugin author changed.

1.8.0 - 13/11/2019

  • Dev - General Options - "Sold individually" (all products at once) option added.
  • Dev - Shortcodes - Additional check for product object to exist added.
  • Dev - Code refactoring.
  • WC tested up to: 3.8.
  • Tested up to: 5.3.

1.7.3 - 17/09/2019

  • Dev - Price Display by Quantity - "Position" option added.
  • Dev - Advanced - "Disable plugin by URL" option added.
  • WC tested up to: 3.7.

1.7.2 - 11/07/2019

  • Dev - General - Cart notices - "Cart notice type" option added.

1.7.1 - 10/07/2019

  • Fix - Price Display by Quantity - JavaScript error fixed.

1.7.0 - 05/07/2019

  • Dev - General - "Add to cart" validation - "Step auto-correct" options added.
  • Dev - General - Variable Products - "Load all variations" option added.
  • Dev - General - Variable Products - "Sum variations" option added.
  • Dev - Quantity Step - "Cart Total Quantity" options added.
  • Fix - Fixed Quantity - Now counting product's quantity already in cart when validating or correcting on "add to cart".
  • Dev - Fixed Quantity - Dropdown compatibility added.
  • Dev - Fixed Quantity - Settings now accept ranges (e.g. [10-500|5]).
  • Dev - Quantity Dropdown - Dropdown label template - "Labels per product" options added.
  • Dev - Price Display by Quantity - Renamed from "Price by Quantity".
  • Dev - Price Display by Quantity - Link to pricing plugin added.
  • Dev - Advanced - "Order Item Meta" section (and "Save quantity in order item meta" options) added.
  • Dev - Advanced - "Hide 'Update cart' button" option added.
  • Dev - "Main variable product" options added to meta box.
  • Dev - Quantity input template updated to the template from WooCommerce v3.6.0.
  • Dev - "General" settings section split into separate sections ("Quantity Dropdown", "Price Display by Quantity", "Quantity Info", "Styling", "Admin", "Advanced").
  • Dev - Admin settings restyled and descriptions updated.
  • Dev - alg_wc_pq_cart_total_quantity filter added for cart total quantity.
  • Dev - Code refactoring (qty-info, scripts, messenger classes added etc.).

1.6.3 - 15/05/2019

  • Dev - Fallback method added for checking if WooCommerce plugin is active (fixes the issue in case if WooCommerce is installed not in the default woocommerce directory).

1.6.2 - 14/05/2019

  • Dev - "Rounding Options" options added.
  • Dev - Quantity Dropdown - "Max value fallback" option added (and dropdown can now also be enabled for variable products).
  • Dev - Advanced Options - Force JS check (periodically) - "Period (ms)" option added.
  • Dev - Price by Quantity - change event added (e.g. fixes the issue with plus/minus quantity buttons in "OceanWP" theme).
  • Dev - Code refactoring (alg-wc-pq-force-step-check.js and alg-wc-pq-force-min-max-check.js files added).
  • Tested up to: 5.2.

1.6.1 - 04/05/2019

  • Fix - Returning default min/max quantity for products with "Sold individually" option enabled.
  • Dev - "Price by Quantity" options added.
  • Dev - Admin Options - "Admin columns" options added.
  • Dev - alg_wc_pq_get_product_qty_step, alg_wc_pq_get_product_qty_min, alg_wc_pq_get_product_qty_max filters added.
  • WC tested up to: 3.6.

1.6.0 - 12/04/2019

  • Fix - Variable products - Reset step on variation change fixed.
  • Dev - "Quantity Info" options added.
  • Dev - "Quantity Dropdown" options added.
  • Dev - General Options - "Force initial quantity on archives" option added.
  • Dev - Code refactoring.
  • Dev - "Exact Quantity" renamed to "Exact (i.e. Fixed) Quantity".
  • Dev - Settings split into sections ("General", "Minimum Quantity", "Maximum Quantity", "Quantity Step", "Fixed Quantity").

1.5.0 - 31/01/2019

  • Fix - Stop customer from reaching the checkout page - "WC_Cart::get_cart_url is deprecated..." message fixed.
  • Dev - "Exact Quantity" section added.
  • Dev - General Options - "On variation change (variable products)" option added.
  • Dev - Code refactoring (alg-wc-pq-variable.js etc.).

1.4.1 - 17/01/2019

  • Fix - Step check - Min quantity default value changed to 0 (was 1).
  • Fix - Admin settings - Per product meta boxes - Step option fixed; checking if max/min sections are enabled.
  • Fix - Force minimum quantity - Description fixed.

1.4.0 - 14/01/2019

  • Dev - "Force JS check" options enabled for decimal quantities.
  • Dev - "Add to cart validation" option added.
  • Dev - "Quantity step message" option added.
  • Dev - "Force cart items minimum quantity" option added.
  • Dev - Force JS check - Quantity step - Now value is changed to nearest correct value (instead of always higher correct value).
  • Dev - Code refactoring.
  • Dev - Admin settings restyled and descriptions updated.

1.3.0 - 28/12/2018

  • Dev - "Decimal quantities" option added.
  • Dev - "Force initial quantity on single product page" option added.
  • Dev - "Quantity input style" option added.
  • Dev - Minor admin settings restyling.
  • Dev - Code refactoring.

1.2.1 - 23/10/2018

  • Dev - Min/max "Per item quantity" (for all products) moved to free version.
  • Dev - Admin settings descriptions updated.

1.2.0 - 18/10/2018

  • Fix - Cart min/max quantities fixed.
  • Dev - Advanced Options - "Force JS check" options added.
  • Dev - Raw input is now allowed in all "Message" admin options.
  • Dev - Code refactoring.
  • Dev - Minor admin settings restyling.
  • Dev - Plugin URI updated.

1.1.0 - 09/11/2017

  • Fix - Core - Checking if max/min section is enabled, when calculating product's max/min quantity.
  • Fix - Admin settings - Per product meta boxes - Checking if max/min section is enabled (not only "Per item quantity on per product basis" checkbox).
  • Fix - Core - Maximum order quantity - Upper limit bug fixed (when get_max_purchase_quantity() equals -1).
  • Dev - Core - Minimum order quantity - Upper limit (get_max_purchase_quantity()) added.
  • Dev - "Quantity Step" section added.

1.0.0 - 08/11/2017

  • Initial Release.