MSRP (RRP) Pricing for WooCommerce

Elevate your pricing strategy with the "MSRP for WooCommerce" plugin. Tailor and display Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) - Recommended Retail Price (RRP) in various locations on your store to enhance customer experience and compliance, increasing conversion rates

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Advanced MSRP Display Control

Maximize pricing strategy flexibility with the plugin’s advanced MSRP management.

Effortlessly set and adjust MSRP for each product, with the option to selectively show or hide these prices under specific conditions, such as when the regular price is not set or if the product is on sale.

This feature ensures that the MSRP is utilized effectively as a marketing tool, enhancing customer perception of value and savings.

Customizable MSRP/RRP Options to Match Your Needs

Personalize how MSRP appears on your site. Customize the name, style, and text of the price to match your brand colors & designs and customize everything from the MSRP's label and font style to its position relative to the standard price.

Whether you choose to display it before, after, or in place of the regular price, this feature offers complete control over how your MSRPs are showcased across single product pages, product archives, and even in the shopping cart.

Easily Admin Management

Simplify MSRP management with user-friendly admin tools for quick and bulk admin tasks of MSRP.

Edit MSRP directly on product pages, or efficiently manage multiple products with bulk and quick edit options.

An additional MSRP column in the admin product list provides a clear overview of your pricing, making it easier to track and adjust MSRPs as needed.

Dynamic MSRP Settings by Location and Currency

Enhance global selling strategies by setting MSRPs based on the customer's country and currency.

Country detection via the visitor's IP address and compatibility with currency switcher plugins allow for dynamic MSRP adjustments, ensuring prices are always relevant and competitive in different markets.

Show Savings and Role-Specific MSRP Values

Further personalize the shopping experience by displaying total savings in the cart, highlighting the value customers get from your store.

Additionally, control MSRP visibility based on user roles, allowing you to target specific customer segments with tailored pricing information.

More incredible features

Take advantage of all the features of this plugin to boost your store in numerous ways.

  • Choose to display MSRP only under certain conditions, like if the MSRP is higher or different than the standard price, giving you flexibility to guide your customers without overwhelming them with information where unneeded
  • Enhance your pricing information by including the amount and percentage of savings when an item is on sale. This can act as a compelling sales trigger.
  • Not limited to product page, the plugin extends functionalities and can show MSRP in archive & cart pages with custom settings for style, placement, and templates
  • Display varying MSRP/RRP figures depending on the visitor's country (detectable by IP) or currency; the plugin generates additional fields to accommodate country and currency preferences.
  • Control price & ranges where MSRP is applied on simple & variable products, show/hide when sale price is active or no MSRP is defined, and more.

Plugin reviews and statistics

5.0 from 7 reviews

Excellent plugin, the developer was quick to respond and easy to work with. Love your work Omar!

3 years ago

Plugin does exactly what it promises and works very smoothly! Plugin support is very fast in response. 10/10!

Vincent Donker
3 years ago

Excellent plugin, developer very responsive with queries and has gone above and beyond to ensure the plugin works with our site.

Thanks Omar for all you hard work!

Joe Batty
4 years ago

We needed an easy way to show RRP and our discounted price so we tried free version of this plugin. Within a couple of days we knew it was exactly what we needed so we purchased the full lifetime support version.

It is very easy to setup and works seamlessly with our WooCommerce site.

We did have a tiny little issue, but it was sorted by Omar in one email and was just a setting we hadn't applied correctly.

All in all, great plugin backed up by fast professional support.

Paul Dougherty
2 years ago

I have been using WP for websites for a long time & WP Factory is a great site to get your WP plugins & from someone having A LOT of experience dealing with companies such as this, let me tell you their support is THE BEST!!!! And I am not exaggerating one bit! I will be using them again & again (& then again after that, LOL!) Thank you WP Factory, you're the best!!!

3 years ago
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