Dynamic Pricing & Bulk Quantity Discounts

Unlock the power of adaptive pricing strategies with this Dynamic Pricing & Quantity Discounts plugin for WooCommerce. Create and manage advanced dynamic pricing and discount rules for WooCommerce, encouraging bulk purchases and driving your sales to new heights.

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Dynamic Pricing Structures for Enhanced Sales

Dive into a world of pricing possibilities tailored to your business needs.

With our dynamic pricing tool, set unique prices based on product quantities, categories, tags, or even the overall cart content.

Whether you're focusing on individual items or overall cart quantities, create and implement versatile pricing strategies. Encourage bulk purchases and witness a surge in your sales and customer satisfaction.

Strategic Wholesale Offers with Conditions

Gain absolute control over your pricing environment. Initiate wholesale or dynamic discounts only when predefined conditions are met.

For instance, offer a wholesale discount exclusively when no other cart discounts have been applied.

By strategically dictating when discounts kick in, you maintain a balanced approach to pricing, ensuring optimal profitability.

Real-time Discount Visualization

Supercharge your sales by keeping your customers in the loop.

As customers shop, display real-time messages showcasing the exact discounts they're unlocking with their bulk purchases.

Whether it's a wholesale deal or a category-based discount, this feature ensures every customer grasps the full value of their savings, driving them to make bigger purchases.

Enhanced Shopping Experience with Real-time Pricing Updates

Redefine the way customers interact with your product listings. As they adjust product quantities, dynamically showcase the total price based on their selections.

Furthermore, replace the default quantity input with an intuitive dropdown menu, guiding customers towards optimal quantity choices.

This not only simplifies the shopping process but also provides immediate visual feedback on potential savings, encouraging larger orders.

Advanced Pricing Dynamics

Make use of the full potential of pricing variations with sophisticated rules and criteria.

Offer discounts as a percentage, fixed amounts, or set per-product prices. Cater to different user roles by assigning them specific wholesale pricing options.

Plus, with our seamless WooCommerce integration, setting up these rules is a breeze, ensuring your pricing strategies always align with your business objectives.

More incredible features

Take advantage of all the features of this plugin to boost your store in numerous ways.

  • Why limit discounts to single products that your customers might not need bulk of it? Apply dynamic pricing rules to the entire cart and reward customers who shop more. The more they buy, the more they save!
  • Activate wholesale/dynamic discounts only when certain conditions are met—like when no other discounts are in the cart. Keep full control of your pricing strategy to maximize profit.
  • Take your discount game to the next level. Set up advanced dynamic pricing rules that respond to how your customers shop. From cart contents to user roles, customize how and when discounts apply, effortlessly.
  • Whenever your customers change quantity on a product, the plugin can show total price based on quantity selected, instead or next to default price.
  • Instead of default quantity input, guide your customers to select from a dropdown the quantity they desire for an easier experience.

Plugin reviews and statistics

5.0 from 14 reviews
Amazing plugin and support

This plugin is just amazing!

I use it with clients who manage wholesalers, and need to give different prices to them. It works like a charm for that.

Support has been amazing also, solving promptly couple of minor issues I had.

Highly recommended.

Carlos Divas
8 months ago
Replied by Omar
8 months ago

Thanks a lot Carlos, glad to hear that!

Always available if you need any help.

How to make it work for grouped products so the price changes when the quantity changes for grouped products?

2 years ago

My favorite volume discounts plugin, and I've tried most on the market. Love that I can build out the discounts right from the product edit page. Also, Tom has been super responsive on tweaks and improvements.

2 years ago
Replied by Tom Anbinder
2 years ago

Thank you, Scott!

Works well! Being able to us negative % is what drew me to this plugin. My theme was having issues with some of the display options but Tom with support had helpful and quick responses.

Karla Jordan
2 years ago
Replied by Tom Anbinder
2 years ago

Thank you, Karla!

I bought the Pro Plugin and couldn't configure it as I wanted (my issue). Tom (developer) helped with all inquires and configured it, even went above and beyond to add extra features to perfectly adjust as per my needs. Truly incredible.

Highly recommend any of his plugins

Thank you Tom!

3 years ago
Replied by Tom Anbinder
3 years ago

Thank you, Binyam!

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Custom dynamic pricing strategies
Discount by percentage, fixed amount, or direct price
Set dynamic prices to all products or by product
Apply discounts by cart total or product quantity
Prevent mutliple discounts (for tiered prices products)
Apply discounts by user role
Show tiered prices table (using shortcode)
Show saving by products in cart
Display total price by selected quantity
WCFM & WPML compatible
Admin tools
Apply discounts by category or tag
Variation-level tiered/dynamic prices
Add tiered price table to product & shop
Replace standard price to show discount
Change quantity input & +/- field to a dropdown
Apply dynamic pricing based on category/tag combined quantities
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Can I set pricing rules for all products, or do I have to set them for each product separately?

Can I apply discounts based on the total cart quantity or individual product quantity?

Does the plugin let me apply wholesale discounts only if no other discounts are applied to the cart?

How can I set discounts for products – as a percentage, fixed amount, or specific price?

Can I offer different prices based on user roles?

How can I display price tables on my website using this plugin?

Does the plugin allow for real-time price updates when customers change the product quantity on the single product page?

Can I apply discounts based on product categories or tags?

Is it possible to display discount pricing information in the cart?

Is the plugin WPML compatible to support multi-currency for international customers?

Is the plugin compatible with WCFM Marketplace for multi-vendors?

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