Bulk Coupon Code Generator for WooCommerce

Author: WPFactory PluginsVersion: 1.3.1Updated: 6 months ago
Requires WordPress version: 4.4Tested up to WordPress version: 6.2




With Coupon Code Generator for WooCommerce Pro plugin you can enable automatic coupon code generation in WooCommerce.


Settings are located in “WooCommerce > Settings > Coupon Code Generator”.

Order Coupon Options

This will generate coupon automatically for the selected order status updates. Coupon code will be automatically attached to the selected customer’s emails.

Coupon Code Generator for WooCommerce - Order Coupon Options

Order coupon
Enables/Disables “Order coupon” section.
Default: no
Order status
Select order status(es) on which coupon code should be created. If you select multiple statuses, coupon will be created only once, on whichever status change occurs first. Possible values: Pending payment; Processing; On hold; Completed; Cancelled; Refunded; Failed; Other custom statuses.
Default: Completed
Coupon code template
Available placeholders:

  • %order_id%
  • %order_number%
  • %order_billing_first_name%
  • %order_billing_first_last%
  • %order_billing_email%
  • %order_customer_id%

Default: %order_billing_email%-%order_id%
Coupon type
Possible values: Percentage discount; Fixed cart discount.
Default: Percentage discount
Coupon amount
Default: 10
Allowed emails
Set coupon’s “Allowed emails” option to order’s billing email.
Default: yes
Minimum spend
Default: None
Maximum spend
Default: None
Possible values: Order on-hold; Processing order; Completed order; Refunded order; Customer invoice / Order details; Customer note; Reset password; New account; Other custom customer emails.
Default: Completed order
Email template
Available placeholders: %coupon_code%.

<p>Here is a coupon for your next purchase: <code>%coupon_code%</code></p>

Automatic Coupon Code Options

This will generate coupon code automatically when adding new coupon in “Marketing > Coupons > Add coupon”.

Coupon Code Generator for WooCommerce - General Options

Automatic coupon code
Enables/Disables “Automatic coupon code” section.
Default: no
Placeholders: %code%, %user_id%, %date_YY%, %date_MM%, %date_DD%.
Default: %code%
Algorithm for the %code% placeholder.
Default: Hash: crc32 (length 8)

Coupon code can be generated with one of selected algorithms:

  • Hash: crc32 (length 8)
  • Hash: md5 (length 32)
  • Hash: sha1 (length 40)
  • Random letters and numbers (length 32)
  • Random letters (length 32)
  • Random numbers (length 32)
Length for the %code% placeholder. Value will be ignored if set above the maximum length for selected algorithm. Set to zero to use full length for selected algorithm.
Default: 0

Coupon Code Generator for WooCommerce - Add new coupon