Documentation for the EU VAT Manager for WooCommerce plugin.

Documentation for EU/UK VAT Manager for WooCommerce Plugin

Author: WPFactory PluginsVersion: 2.10.3Updated: 2 months ago
Requires WordPress version: 6.1Tested up to WordPress version: 6.5


The Ultimate EU VAT Manager Plugin

With all EU/UK VAT regulations regarding handling VAT in & out of EU/UK, it became more of a full time job for any store owner to modify, change, update, and maintain VAT settings of their sites to keep up to date with EU VAT regulations.

With this plugin, we made adherence to EU VAT settings much easier, with a few clicks, we made all settings you need possible to make your WooCommerce store fully compliant with EU VAT regulations in a matter of a few clicks.

This EU/UK VAT Manager for WooCommerce plugin will allow you to collect VAT numbers, validate them, preserve or keep VAT charges based on VAT validation results, with tons of extra options in between.

Whether you sell in your base country, all EU/UK, or globally, there are certain settings you need to comply with to keep your business adherent to all related regulations, with different settings that you can choose from to verify your store compatibility.

Disclaimer: This plugin offers almost ALL settings you can think of to handle EU VAT, but it’s the shop owner’s responsibility to check & verify with their accountant/lawyer/revenue departments on how the store tax handling should be set up.

Validation Options

1. You can only collect VAT numbers without any validations:

While this might not be the default behavior for all stores, but it might be needed for specific stores to collect VAT numbers while still applying VAT charges.

2. Validate VAT numbers against EU/UK VAT databases:

The plugin utilizes the VIES services (as well as those for UK) to verify if entered VAT numbers are correct & valid, then you can select the needed setting to be applied (preserve/keep VAT)

3. Preserve VAT in store base countries:

EU VAT regulations require stores to preserve VAT for sales inside the store base country (as defined in WooCommerce >> Settings >> General >> Store Address), the plugin allows you to keep VAT for companies that have a VAT number within the store same country.

4. Preserve VAT in selected countries:

Some EU countries have VAT guidelines that require stores to preserve (keep) VAT even if sales are outside the business main country, the plugin will allow you to select what countries (other than base) where VAT charges will still be applied.

5. Check & verify billing country:

If a customer from France used an Italian VAT number, the plugin can verify that and act accordingly based on desired setting, this will provide an extra layer of compliance by making sure VAT numbers are entered by intended organizations only.

6. Verify company name:

The plugin can also verify if the entered VAT number is registered for the exact same company name filled in “Company” field in checkout, and it can even show a customized message if the entered name is different from the registered one.

7. Verify country by IP:

As per EU VAT regulations, there should be a physical evidence that the customer is shopping from & shipping to the country of registered company for that VAT number.

The plugin will allow you to verify IP using GeoIP lookup databases.

8. VAT numbers entries without country codes:

Businesses in many countries are used to enter their VAT numbers without preceding country codes (like 123456789 instead of FR123456789), if that’s the case in countries you sell to, we allow you to treat both numbers the same with a seamless experience for your customers.

9. Apply VAT settings based on user role:

The plugin allows you to specify what user roles to have the settings applied to, and whether to exempt/preserve VAT rates based on any user role set on your store.

10. Progress Messages:

To make the VAT validation process smoother for your customers, you can show different messages right below the VAT field, the plugin allows you to show messages on different cases (valid, invalid, validating, company name mismatch, different shipping & billing countries).

Frontend Interface options

1. Field label settings:

You can customize the field name to the name recognized in your country (like BTW for Belgium), change the placeholder (text inside the field), and also add a description to the field if needed.

2. Field Mandatory:

Here, the sky is your limit on when to make the field optional or required, we offer you settings to match whatever needs you have, the plugin can force the field to be required in:

  • Always
  • In specific countries
  • In all countries except specific countries
  • If customer filled company field

And of course, make it completely optional.

3. Customize message on empty fields:

Even if you have the field set as optional but want to remind customers of it, you can show a custom message to confirm if customers want to checkout on empty VAT fields.

4. Field location:

You can control where the EU VAT field should appear on the checkout section, it also allows you to insert it manually using field_id if you’re building your checkout page using a custom page builder.

5. Show field in specific countries:

By default, EU VAT field will appear in all EU countries, if you want to specifically hide/show it in some countries, you can select what those countries are using this option.

6. Show field based on user role:

This option will allow you to show the field for selected user roles only, while hiding it for all other user roles.

More Features

1. Collect VAT on signup:

With a single click, you can insert the EU VAT field to your WooCommerce signup form, which will also be saved in customer data fields.

2. Belgium Compatibility:

Due to BE different VAT/BTW needs, we introduced several options that allow you to fully comply with BE VAT regulations, like allowing customers to decide if they are business or individual, then handle VAT accordingly.

3. PDF Invoice & Packing Slips:

Being one of the most popular PDF invoicing plugins, EU VAT number will automatically be inserted to PDF invoices generated by PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for WooCommerce plugin

4. Tax Rates:

With a matter of a click, you can insert all official VAT rates for EU countries, the tool is accessible from WordPress Tools >> EU Country VAT Rates

Country VAT Rate
Austria (AT) 20%
Belgium (BE) 21%
Bulgaria (BG) 20%
Cyprus (CY) 19%
Czech Republic (CZ) 21%
Germany (DE) 19%
Denmark (DK) 25%
Estonia (EE) 20%
Spain (ES) 21%
Finland (FI) 24%
France (FR) 20%
United Kingdom (UK) (GB) 20%
Greece (GR) 24%
Hungary (HU) 27%
Croatia (HR) 25%
Ireland (IE) 23%
Italy (IT) 22%
Lithuania (LT) 21%
Luxembourg (LU) 17%
Latvia (LV) 21%
Malta (MT) 18%
Netherlands (NL) 21%
Poland (PL) 23%
Portugal (PT) 23%
Romania (RO) 19%
Sweden (SE) 25%
Slovenia (SI) 22%
Slovakia (SK) 20%

5. EU VAT Report:

EU VAT report can be accessed via “WooCommerce > Reports > Taxes > EU VAT”.

EU VAT for WooCommerce - EU VAT report

And much more!




Q: Is this plugin WPML/Polylang compatible?

A: Yes, our plugin is compatible with multi-language sites, it provides strings to be used in translation.

To translate field label, placeholder, description, all messages options etc. you can use [alg_wc_eu_vat_translate] shortcode by entering it directly in settings, e.g.:

[alg_wc_eu_vat_translate lang="DE,NL" lang_text="EU-Steuernummer" not_lang_text="EU VAT Number"]

or in more complex form:

[alg_wc_eu_vat_translate lang="DE"]EU-Steuernummer[/alg_wc_eu_vat_translate][alg_wc_eu_vat_translate lang="NL"]BTW nummer van de EU[/alg_wc_eu_vat_translate][alg_wc_eu_vat_translate not_lang="DE,NL"]EU VAT Number[/alg_wc_eu_vat_translate]

Q: What level of support comes with this plugin?

A: Check the reviews section and see what’s the one common thing between them all, the outstanding support that we provide to our users

Q: I have a suggestion to improve the plugin, will you be able to develop that?

A: Sure, a lot of features in the plugin were developed by requests from customers, send us at [email protected] and let’s discuss