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Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) for WooCommerce

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Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) for WooCommerce plugin lets you create open price (i.e. “name your price” or “pay your price”) products in WooCommerce. That is – lets your WooCommerce store customers enter price for the product manually.

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Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) for WooCommerce plugin lets you create open price (i.e. “name your price” or “pay your price”) products in WooCommerce. That is – lets your WooCommerce store customers enter the price for the product manually.

For each product you can set:

  • Default (i.e. Suggested) price
  • Minimum price
  • Maximum price

In general settings you can also:

  • Customize frontend template
  • Set price input field position
  • Enable/disable open price input on shop and category pages
  • Set input style and pattern
  • Enable/disable quantity selector
  • Set price step on frontend
  • Enable/disable step ticker
  • Optionally show the original price (for reference)
  • Customize user messages

This plugin is an extended version of free Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) for WooCommerce plugin with no limitation on how many open pricing products you can add.

Frontend Example

Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) for WooCommerce - Frontend Screenshot

Product Open Pricing Options

Plugin settings are located in “WooCommerce > Settings > Product Open Pricing”.

Enable plugin
Enables/disables “Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price)” plugin.
Default: yes

Single Product Page Options

Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) for WooCommerce - Single Product Page Options

Frontend template
Replaced placeholders: %input_id%, %open_price_input%, %currency_symbol%, %minimum_price%, %max_price%.
Input field position
Possible values: Before add to cart button; Before add to cart quantity; After add to cart quantity; After add to cart button.
Default: Before add to cart button
Input field position: Position priority
Change this if you want to move the field inside the Position.
Default: 9999
Hide price
Hides original price on single product page.
Default: yes
Disable quantity selector
Default: yes

Shop/Category Page Options

Options regarding WooCommerce loop, like shop or category pages.

Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) for WooCommerce - Shop Category Page Options

Display on loop
Displays the open pricing input field on loop.
Default: no
Frontend loop template
Overwrites the “Frontend template” option if input field displayed on loop. Replaced placeholders: %input_id%, %open_price_input%, %currency_symbol%, %minimum_price%, %max_price%.
Input field loop position
Possible values: Before item; After item.
Default: After item
Input field loop position: Position priority
Change this if you want to move the field inside the Position.
Default: 9
Hide price
Hides original price on loop.
Default: yes

Frontend Options

Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) for WooCommerce - Frontend Options

Input style
Default: width:75px;text-align:center;
Input pattern
For backslash use %backslash%, e.g.: %backslash%d*.
Default: None
Enable step ticker
Enables up/down ticker buttons for the input field.
Default: yes
Price step
Default: 0.01
Force number of decimals
Default: no
Force number of decimals: Number of decimals
Default: 2

Message Options

Confirmation/Error messages, displayed after customer try to purchase.

Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) for WooCommerce - Message Options

Message on empty price
Default: Price is required!
Message on price too low
Default: Price is too low!
Message on price too high
Default: Price is too high!

Admin Options

Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) for WooCommerce - Admin Options

Adds “Open Pricing” column to the admin products list.
Default: no

Advanced Options

Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) for WooCommerce - Advanced Options

Fix mini cart
Fixes open pricing item price in mini cart.
Default: no

Per Product Options

To enable open pricing for some product, as well as set the default, min and max prices, you need to open product’s admin edit page, and locate “Product Open Pricing” meta box there:

Product Open Pricing Name Your Price for WooCommerce - Admin Settings - Per product

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Price input field and currency symbol are outputted on different lines. How to place them on the same line?
A. You need to set the display propety for the price input field to inline, by adding this to your custom CSS (e.g. to “Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS”):

input.alg_open_price { display: inline !important; }

Alternatively, you can use Input style option in plugin’s “Frontend Options” settings section and set it to e.g.:

width: 75px; text-align: center; display: inline;

Q. How can I style open pricing label?
A. You can customize the Frontend template in plugin’s settings, so you can either add style directly to the template:

<label for="%input_id%" style="color:green">Name Your Price</label> %open_price_input% %currency_symbol%

or add some class to the label:

<label for="%input_id%" class="my_open_price_label">Name Your Price</label> %open_price_input% %currency_symbol%

and then style it with custom CSS:

label.my_open_price_label { color: green !important; }


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108 thoughts on "Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) for WooCommerce"

  1. Hi, I’ve been using this product for a few years now. I am also using a “reorder” button on our website order forms, however, when customers “reorder” an old order that has an item that can have a variable price, it just adds an item worth $0 to the cart, and doesn’t allow editing. Can this be fixed?

  2. Hi, I have been using your Product Open Pricing for a while for flexible donations, but more and more (about every few days for months already) I am getting notifications of failed orders that are suspicious. Usually the names and addresses are very vague, and most of the time the amount is set to just 1 USD. In the failed payment info on our back end it says card is declined. IP addresses of the orders are always different. Is it possible that people (hackers/scammers) are trying to get into our website and payment systems through making false orders? Do you know how we can prevent these strange orders?

  3. HI,

    Is there an update planned for Woocommerce 4? I can not update Woocommerce as the plugin has not been tested yet.


  4. I love your plugin which i just bought it, but have a little problem:
    i.e. Minimum Product Price in the backend is: $40 and Price Step is $5. with the Enable Step Ticker. When Customer jacks up price 35, 40, 45 (in $5 increments) than its ok.
    Otherwise if someone puts the price in odd numbers i.e. 36, 37, 38, 39 – the CURSOR starts CIRCLING over and over for 10 minutes on top of the “ADD TO CART” button. And the customer runs away.


    B.J. Bhasin

  5. Regarding the question earlier about changing the “Read more” button. I tried to change it using the ‘…add_to_cart_text’ function but it appears that the “Read more” is defined in another function. Could you offer a suggestion for which function to add_filter to please?
    my code that doesn’t work:
    function custom_woocommerce_product_add_to_cart_text() {
    global $product;
    if (!$product->get_price()) {
    /*can print debug text here which is displayed, but return doesn’t work*/
    return __( ‘Pay Now’, ‘woocommerce’ );
    else {
    return __( ‘Add to my cart’, ‘woocommerce’ );

    1. I’m not the developer of the plugin, but if you are ok with editing the plugin code, you can change the text in includes/class-alg-wc-product-open-pricing-core.php file on line 440.

  6. Hi, I have two variations per product, one variation is a once-off buy product and the other variation is a subscription buy product. Is it possible to set the min values differently for each of them?


    1. Hi, is there any feedback on my previous question?


  7. I have an issue with Product Open Pricing where the right hand side of the decimal cannot be changed, if you use the up / down arrows it will change but not by entering numbers directly

  8. Hey!

    I am wondering if there is an easy way to store all the “Name your price” Suggestions even when they are not above the minimum? I would like to gather information about demand and optimal pricing regarding my products and wondering if this plugin could help!

    Thanks in advance for the prompt reply! πŸ™‚

  9. Hello,

    I just bought the “Name your price” plugin, is it possible to add “Buy it Now” button and call the regular/sale price of WooCommerce price (not from “Name your price” plugin)?


    1. This isn’t what I expected

  10. Hi Tom,

    Just installed Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) for WooCommerce plugin(Free Version) and I translated the plugin to deutsch as well. But for Input box a validation tooltip is enabled which I am not able to locate neither in PO file nor in code.
    There is one bug as well that you can even enter 0 & negative value as well If min & maximum value is empty, I believe currency input cannot be negative. I have version 1.3.2. The string is as follows: Value must be greater than “set amount”

    1. Hi, I’m facing issues concerning:
      WooCommerce > Product Open Pricing > Message Options

      Message on empty price
      TEST RESULT: The configured message is displayed correctly

      Message on price too low
      TEST RESULT: The configured message is NOT displayed and nothing happens. The product also doesn’t rightly get added to the cart because of Min price ($) set for the product. However, a tooltip is visible on mouse hover that says “Value must be greater or equal to “. This reveals the configured Min price ($) to the end user.

      Message on price too high
      TEST RESULT: The configured message is NOT displayed and nothing happens. The product also doesn’t rightly get added to the cart because of Max price ($) set for the product. However, a tooltip is visible on mouse hover that says “Value must be less than or equal to “. This reveals the configured Max price ($) to the end user.

      My questions are:
      Why are the configured messages not getting displayed when the end-user enters values outside the Min-Max range?
      Is there a way to disable the mouse hover tooltips?


  11. I’d like to know whether it is possible to add an editable price field within the cart, for products sold individually?
    A customer may want to adjust their offer during checkout, but it seems they’d have to delete the product in the cart, return to the product page, then re-add the item… mostly, for user convenience, but i’d like reduce the chance of loosing that sale.

    Unrelated, but my IT says the inline style on the price field violates their CSP/security policy? Can that be removed or made optional?

    thanks in advance!

  12. Hello,
    I am using the pro version, but everytime I add something to the cart it reverts back to the default price during checkout. We are starting a campaign tomorrow where this is the main feature and I need it to be running smoothly. I see that other people have had the same problem, but no one ever mentions what the fix is. It would be helpful to all of us, and I am sure it would save time if fixes are posted so you don’t have to answer the same question multiple times πŸ™‚

    Can you tell me what I can do to fix the issue? Thanks!

    1. Hi,

      Maybe I could log in to your server and check what’s going on? If that’s possible – my private email is [email protected]. Also, FTP access would help.

    2. Hi Tom, just sent you an email. Thanks for the help!

    3. In case if anyone else has a similar question – as we’ve figured out in emails – this is a compatibility issue with “VarkTech Pricing Deals for WooCommerce” plugin. As soon as we’ve disabled it, open pricing started to work normally.

  13. Hello Tom,

    Can you further explain the explain this?

    Input field position: Position priority
    Change this if you want to move the field inside the Position.
    Default: 999

    I don’t understand what it is describing and I don’t see it changing anything when I change the values,

    1. Hi Roch,

      Sorry for a late reply. This could generally depend on your theme, but, for example, please try setting priority in “Shop/Category Page Options” section to 9 and then to 11 with “After item” position. With 9 field will be displayed before the “add to cart” button and with 11 it will be displayed after “add to cart” button (i.e. in both cases it’s “after item”, but different position relative to “add to cart” button). Hope you get the idea.

    2. Hi Tom,

      Nope, even trying what you suggest results in no change in position. FWIW, it seems to me as if it would be easier to understand if you just stuck with “before” and “after” choices. 9 or 11 or any other number are not intuitive and, as I report, are having no effect.

      Thanks for the help. I have things in the position I desire, so this is not an issue for me, just some feedback.

    3. Hi Roch,

      Hmm… That’s strange… Are you sure you are changing the priority in “Shop/Category Page Options” section (and not in “Single Product Page Options” section)? I.e. changes should be visible on shop/category pages. If that’s not helping – could you please let me know which theme do you have installed?

      As for sticking with “before” and “after” – you are probably correct, but the idea was to give as much flexibility as possible. As mentioned, this could depend on the theme, so some themes may have priorities set to e.g. 19 and 21 instead of 9 and 11.

  14. Hello,

    Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) for WooCommerce.

    How do you position the Open price widget. At the moment its butted against the ADD TO CART. I want to position it above the add to cart button?

    1. Hi Nick,

      Sorry for the late reply. Actually, position (i.e. hook) we are using to output open pricing input field is woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_button, so it’s outputted before the “Add to cart” button. If you are seeing it on same level as button, please try wrapping it in <div> tag. I.e. please try setting Frontend template option in “WooCommerce > Settings > Product Open Pricing > Single Product Page Options” to:

      <div><label for="%input_id%">Name Your Price</label> %open_price_input% %currency_symbol%</div>

      If that won’t help, please try adding display:block; style (you can also do that by assigning some class to div and then styling it with custom CSS), i.e.:

      <div style="display:block;"><label for="%input_id%">Name Your Price</label> %open_price_input% %currency_symbol%</div>

      You may also want to add some margin at the bottom:

      <div style="display:block;margin-bottom:10px;"><label for="%input_id%">Name Your Price</label> %open_price_input% %currency_symbol%</div>

      Hope that helps.

    2. P.S. Not directly related to the question, but in plugin version 1.3.1, we’ve added new field position options, which give more flexibility for positioning the input field on a single product and/or category pages.

  15. Hi Pablo – At the moment we use variable products – CD’s and audio downloads on our site. I want to apply open pricing to downloads only, but keep CD’s at a fixed price. See here: https://www.skandavale.org/hospice-shop/lord-vishnu-bhajans/
    Please can you tell me how to do this? Thanks.

    1. Hi Elliot,

      Not sure if I understood your question correctly, but you can enable/disable open pricing for each product individually (there is “Product Open Pricing” meta box on each product’s admin edit page). Or do you mean you want to enable/disable open pricing in bulk (e.g. by some product category or tag)? If that’s the case – unfortunately applying it in bulk is not possible at the moment, but I could probably add it in next plugin version.

    2. Update: I’ve just re-read your question and I think I got it wrong the first time. So what you probably need is enabling/disabling open pricing only for some variations of variable product, correct? Unfortunately that’s not possible at the moment – I will have to re-check the code to see if this can be easily added.

  16. Can this premium version will allow enabling open pricing for only multiple products or more than four,five products at a time. setting open pricing on without restrictions.

    1. Hi,

      Sorry for a late reply. Yes, premium version has no restrictions on number of “open pricing” products – you can add as many as you need.

      Hope that helps.

  17. Hi, i have purchased your plugin and i would ask if it is working with wpml
    Changing language it seems not working thanks in advance for your help

  18. Hello

    It will be working with WooCommerce Subscriptions or YITH WooCommerce Subscription ?

    1. I would need that feature too!

    2. I don’t see a response to this yet…
      Is Product Open Pricing compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions?

  19. Thanks, we already did it with an almost same way as you did but we use a form with action is the url of the cart endpoint and the price passed as a field for the post action and it works fine.

    1. Glad to hear it πŸ™‚

  20. Hi,

    We want to submit a form with post method to our website page and then pass the id of the product as well as the the value of the price and then add it automatically to the cart and then redirect the customer to the checkout and process the payment.

    Please, let us know how we can do that for this plugin.


    1. Hi,

      I created a gist for you showing how you can add a product to cart programmatically with the price you want. Please check if it helps:

  21. Hi… can i have the documentation of the plugin. How to use it?

    1. Hi,

      The documentation is on the description tab.
      But the plugin is very simple. All you have to do is go to the product page on admin side and enable it on Product Open Pricing Metabox

  22. Thank you Pablo,
    I will keep waiting for a formula for multiple products as mentioned above.
    Nice update, I like it.
    Would you tell what is price step means, I mean how I can use it ?

    1. Anytime πŸ™‚
      Sure, It’s the interval which users can increase or decrease a value. If it’s 2 and users click on the up or down arrow it will change from a 2 basis. Please look at this link:

  23. Hello Pablo,
    I hope you’re doing fine, I hope you found a way for the above.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Ahmad,

      Regarding the min price I’m afraid we won’t change this for now, as users are used to it the way it is and we think it has been working just fine, but we will keep an eye on it.

      Besides that, I’m glad to say I just updated the plugin to version (1.1.8) and I ended up creating two new options:
      – Hide price
      – Hide loop price

      In your case you can simply disable them and the prices will be displayed again
      I think it will suit you just fine πŸ™‚

      Please tell me what you think about it.
      See you

  24. Hello Pablo,
    I will be waiting for your your next development.
    secondly, as i mentioned above if I set 3$ per/item the customer will not be able to pay less than that, but if he wants to buy 02 items, then I should not keep the min price 3$ , it has to be 06$.
    In another word the formula should be as follows:
    If min price is 3$ then customer will pay 3$ or more for one item.
    If the customer wants to buy more 02 items then min price 3$ should be changed 06$ accordingly , 03 items 09$ and so on.
    what do you think?

  25. I really appreciate your assistance to explain to me what is each field doing and how I can use them price step,minimum price..etc as I noticed for example when i put minimum price as 3$ and price step 5& this will allow the customer 3$ which is minimum price.. so please explain to me how it works in addition to aforementioned above.
    Thank you

    1. Anytime πŸ™‚

      Regarding your first question:
      “how I can make the customer see the original price the one that is visible before I enabled the plugin ?”
      It’s not possible for now. But I think I can develop it for you for the next version πŸ™‚

      The min price is set individually. If the min price is 3$ and the customer buys 2 items he will have to spend at least 6$

  26. Ok Pablo , issue resolved , it should be enabled as mentioned.Thank you!

    But still don’t understand what is price step and how is differ from minimum rest.
    how I can make the customer see the original price the one that is visible before I enabled the plugin ?
    I mean I want the customer to see the original price under product, if they bargaining, simply they can put their price.
    One more thing, the quantity should be linked to minimum price and to be changed accordingly..
    for example: if one item price is 9$ and then i will allow the customer to put 5$ minimum, if he put 4 will not accepted.
    now if he wants to buy 2 items the price should be 18$ and then the minimum in this case should be 10$ not 5$ otherwise if he can buy 5 items or (even unlimited items) with only 5$ !! Doesn’t make sense!

  27. ok , I think i know how to create new user..should i give you contributor role to resolve this issue ?

  28. Hello Pablo,
    product open pricing is not there! how I can make visible ?
    or how I can create a user using your email ?

  29. Sorry, Pablo I didn’t get you, would you send a screenshot please ?
    Under products tab, there is all products/attributes/tags/add new /categories

  30. I spent more than 03 hours, I used different ways to install it, reinstall but still can’t see anything in the website !
    WordPress 4.9.8
    WooCommerce version: 3.4.5
    Please Pablo, assist as soon as possible

    1. Maybe the metabox is hidden.
      On admin product page, please click on screen options on the top of the screen and make sure the Product Open Pricing is there and enabled.

      If it’s not, please create a WordPress user for me using the email [email protected]

  31. Hello
    I just bought your plugin Name your price, I have followed the instructions by uploading the whole zip file from add plugin , and the message came that the plugin is uploaded and activated successfully, but when I visited my website I did not find anything there ?.
    what should I do? what is missing ?
    my URL http://www.peekaboomall.com

    1. Hello,

      You just have to visit any product page on admin and there will be a Product Open Pricing Metabox where you can enable it for each product you want

  32. Do the products I create with your plugin continue to work if I don’t renew the plugin each year?

    And I assume it works with a grouped parent product?

    1. Hello,
      Yes, they will.

      It works with grouped products but it’s not fully compatible yet. Let’s suppose the following example:

      Grouped Product Collection
      – Product A (50$)
      – Product B (40$)
      – Product C (30$)

      Customers will be able to set just one price for the main product and it goes to all products.
      If customers set 20$ for example, all products will be added to cart with this value.

    2. Wow – fast response!

      So, if I set up Products A, B, & C as name your price,

      If I select for example, Product A & enter $10 and B & enter $20, what is going to wind up in the cart?

    3. πŸ™‚

      If products A, B and C make part of a grouped product you will not be able to enter prices separately for each one if you are on the grouped product page.

  33. Hi there – plug-in has worked great, thank you. However, all of a sudden (no changes made to the site), we are getting this error;
    Warning: Missing argument 3 for Alg_WC_Product_Open_Pricing_Core::add_attribute_on_add_to_cart_button() in /home/akashawk/public_html/wp-content/plugins/product-open-pricing-name-your-price-for-woocommerce/includes/class-alg-wc-product-open-pricing-core.php on line 115

    Can you please help?


    1. Hi, thanks for letting me know.
      I just updated the plugin with the fix. Can you please give it a try and tell me if it’s working well for you?

    2. Thanks for the quick response – yes this update fixed the issue!

    3. Great!
      Take a look at the new loop option and tell me what you think πŸ˜‰

      See you

  34. I believe we are talking the same thing… I don’t quite know the technical terminology. But if the main shop page is the loop page then yes. Im not using individual product pages. Anyways, I look forward to that update, would help me a lot!

    1. Hello Adam,

      There is a good surprise for you.
      I just updated the plugin to version 1.1.5 and now you can display the input field on the shop pages too πŸ˜‰

      Please try it and tell me the results.
      See you

  35. Hi, Is there a way to have the dollar value box and the add to cart and not have the “read more” button appear to have it go into the product page? I am having users contribute donations and I just need is a line of text and all I need is the value box and the add to cart button next to it, no need for a product page. Is this possible?

    1. Hello,

      You mean if there is a way of adding the input field in the loop page, right?
      Unfortunately there isn’t for now, but I’m going to add this soon. I’ll let you know when it’s ready. Thanks for the suggestion

  36. Bought this and put in a amount lower than regular but in the cart, shows regular price still.

    1. Hello,

      Hum, can I take a look at your site?

  37. I bought and installed the full version but when I enable it on a product and then updated the page, it automatically goes back to being disabled.

    I deleted and re-installed. Now it won’t ‘activate’.


    1. Nevermind it seems to be woking fine now. Thanks.

    2. Glad to hear!
      Thanks for letting me know

  38. Hello, is there a possibility to display the min and max price values to the user on a product page? It is very useful for my customers to see this. Something like:

    Name your price ($ 30 β€” no limit).

    while each product has different limits.


    1. Hello,

      On frontend template option you can use:
      %minimum_price% and %max_price%

      Please give it a try and tell me if it suits you πŸ˜‰

    2. Hello,
      I must be doing something wrong because it does not work for me. In my eshop product page I see text “%minimum_price%” instead of the value. Can you write me an example of the Frontend template which works well?

      I need users to see something like:

      Name your price (min. 5 $).

      Where the text “5 $” is the minimum price value (different on each product page).


    3. Hello,

      I’m not sure of one detail. You have to use %minimum_price% inside the frontend template option on plugin’s settings page. You are using it there?

    4. Hello,
      yes, I am trying to put the string to the field Frontend Template on the plugun settings page. Here is the picture of what I am doing and what i get:


      In the top part of the picture there is a plugin settings section.
      In the middle part there is a product settings section.
      In the bottom part there is what i get on my eshop product page as a result.

      And my wish is to get the result I mentioned one post above:

      Name your price (min. 5 $).

      Where the text β€œ5 $” is the minimum price value (different on each product page).

      If it is possible, can you please write me exactly what to put into the plugin frontend fields to get this?

      Thanks a lot!

    5. Hum,

      That shouldn’t be happening.
      Are you using the free or premium version? What is the version number?

    6. I use latest premium (paid) version.
      And I use Czech version of WordPress if it matters.

    7. Hi Wlashack,
      Can you please create a WordPress user for me using the email [email protected]?

      Maybe if I’m able to access the dashboard I can try to understand why it’s happening

    8. Thanks a lot Pablo, problem SOLVED.

      There was no problem with the plugun, I only had an outdated version of it.

  39. Happy to pay but I’m curious what the diff between the free and pro versions are, if any. Thanks.

    1. Hi Sean,
      Free version is limited to only one open pricing product enabled at a time

  40. hi can i it in shop page not just on product page?

    1. can I put the name your price on catalog page/shop page*

    2. Hi Yehiel,
      Sorry for the delay.

      Unfortunately it’s not possible for now πŸ™

  41. I’m considering buying your plugin.

    Does the pro version have support for variable products ie. different min/max/default prices for each variable?

    Also, is it possible to include a ‘slider bar’ as opposed to an input box for customers to choose a price?


    1. Hello,

      Unfortunately it doesn’t for now, but we are considering adding this feature.
      Can you please elaborate your idea regarding the slider bar? Do you have any reference?

      See you

    2. I don’t have an example but the concept is simple. Its a horizontal bar with a movable point that the customer can slide left or right. On the left side, the minimum price is displayed. On the right side the maximum price is displayed. A box underneath displays the exact value of the point in the scale that is selected.

  42. Hey! I love this plugin and it helps a lot. Right now I’m working on allowing my customers to add a donation to charity at the checkout page and thought the easiest way would be to just incorporate a pay what you want product and allow people to set their own amount.

    I was wondering if, perhaps, you could help me figure out how to programatically add a pay-what-you-want product to the cart using a function?

    WC()->cart->add_to_cart( $product_id );

    but I don’t know how to set the cost field? I’m sure I’ll need quite a bit more but any help you can give will be great, thanks!

    1. Hello,

      Sorry for the long delay.
      To add a product with custom price programmatically you would have to do something like this:

      // Sets product price
      add_action( ‘woocommerce_before_calculate_totals’, function($cart_obj){
      if ( is_admin() && ! defined( ‘DOING_AJAX’ ) ) {

      foreach ( $cart_obj->get_cart() as $key => $value ) {
      if ( $value[‘product_id’] == 6356 ) {
      $value[‘data’]->set_price( 99 );
      }, 10, 1 );

      // Adds product to cart
      add_action( ‘wp’, function () {
      if ( is_admin() && ! defined( ‘DOING_AJAX’ ) ) {

      $product_id = 6356;

      foreach ( WC()->cart->get_cart() as $key => $val ) {
      $_product = $val[‘data’];
      if ( $product_id == $_product->get_id() ) {
      return true;

      WC()->cart->add_to_cart( $product_id );
      } );

  43. Hi… nice plugin and i’d like to purchase this plugin.
    is it possible to place the price field on Cart page instead of Single page?


    1. Hi,
      Sorry for the delay.

      Thanks πŸ™‚
      Unfortunately that’s not possible for now.
      But that’s a good idea. We will add this on our to-do list

  44. Dear,

    I am glad to use this plugin. It is useful. However, I met some problem about CSS. Is there any method to make “fronted label”, “price input field” and “add to cart button” into three lines? They are too close to each other.

    Look forward to your positive reply.

    Best regards,

    1. Hello,

      Sorry for the delay.
      I’m glad you are enjoying it πŸ™‚

      Can you please follow these 2 steps?

      1 – Please change your frontend template to this:
      %frontend_label% %open_price_input% %currency_symbol%

      2 – On Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS, please put this
      display: block;
      margin-bottom: 15px;
      margin-top: 6px;

      Let me know if it suits you πŸ˜‰

  45. Hello, I’ve tired the free ver, it works well only when I go to the cart page, the item with “name your price” shows the original price, not the reset price.
    But the total amount is all correct. I believe it’s a bug that shouldn’t in the free ver.
    Is there anyway that can fix it? Thank you! πŸ™‚

    1. Same problem here. I see no response to either of your questions on the plugin page and here.

    2. Hi,
      Sorry for the delay,

      Is this still happening for you?
      I’ve made some tests and it’s working fine here.

      If it’s still happening, can you please send me your site URL?

    3. Hi,
      Sorry for the delay,

      Is this still happening for you?
      I’ve made some tests and it’s working fine here.

      If it’s still happening, can you please send me your site URL?

    4. Hello, thanks for the reply. I found out this bug was caused by another plugin and I got someone to help me to fix it.
      Still thanks!

    5. Anytime πŸ˜‰

  46. does this plug-in eliminate the ability to choose a quantity of the item?

    1. Hi,

      Yes, quantity is disabled for open pricing products. However this is easily fixable. Please give me 1-2 days to release new version, where this will be optional. If you are in a hurry, you can temporary comment single line in “/includes/class-alg-wc-product-open-pricing-core.php” file in plugin’s folder. Just comment/remove line 29 there:

      add_filter( 'woocommerce_is_sold_individually', array( $this, 'hide_quantity_input_field' ), PHP_INT_MAX, 2 );

      Unfortunately I didn’t have time to test it, but this should be enough to re-enable the quantity field.

      Will get back to you as soon as new version is released.

      Best regards,

    2. Can the premium version will allow enabling open pricing for only multiple products or more than four,five products at a time. setting open pricing on without restrictions.

    3. Can this premium version will allow enabling open pricing for only multiple products or more than four,five products at a time. setting open pricing on without restrictions.

    4. Hi,

      As promised, we’ve added the requested option to the plugin. Please update to v1.1.1. Now in plugin’s settings (in “WooCommerce > Settings > Product Open Pricing”) we’ve added new “Disable quantity selector” checkbox, which will disable/enable the quantity input.

      Please let me know if it’s not working as expected.

      Best regards,

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1.4.7 - 2020-09-17

  • UPDATE: bump tested versions

1.4.6 - 2020-08-25

  • FIX: PHP notice.
  • UPDATE: display our settings in WC status report.
  • UPDATE: updated .pot file for translations.
  • UPDATE: updated updater.

1.4.5 - 2020-06-12

  • FIX: PHP notice.

1.4.4 - 2020-02-23

  • UPDATE: bump tested versions

1.4.3 - 2019-12-18

  • FIX: issue where min_price=0 ignored.

1.4.2 - 2019-11-15

  • FIX: if "force number of decimals" is checked in the settings, a user can't change the price field on a mobile device.

1.4.1 - 2019-11-15

  • UPDATE: bump tested versions

1.4.0 - 2019-09-11

  • NEW: implement software licensing system; allows for one-click updates of the Premium version
  • FIX: removed "min" and "max" attributes from price input field. (This was causing browser-based validation messages to appear before our own validation messages. If for some reason you want to reverse this change, use the filter 'wpw_product_open_pricing_input_custom_attributes'.)
  • UPDATE: updated .pot file for translations

1.3.2 - 2019-03-19

  • Dev - Plugin author data updated.

1.3.1 - 2019-02-22

  • Dev - Single Product Page Options - "Input field position" options added.
  • Dev - Shop/Category Page Options - "Input field loop position" options added.
  • Dev - Frontend Options - "Force number of decimals" option added.

1.3.0 - 2019-02-08

  • Dev - Advanced - "Fix mini cart" option added.
  • Dev - Admin - "Add Open Pricing column" option added.
  • Dev - Messages - Default values for "Message on price too low" and "Message on price too high" changed.
  • Dev - "Raw" input is now allowed in all corresponding settings.
  • Dev - Major code refactoring and clean up.
  • Dev - Admin settings restyled.

1.2.5 - 2019-01-29

  • Dev - "Input style" option added.
  • Dev - "Input pattern" option added.
  • Dev - Admin settings restyled and descriptions updated.
  • Dev - Plugin URI updated.

1.2.4 - 2019-01-17

  • Fix - "Enable step ticker" option fixed.

1.2.3 - 2018-10-21

  • Add warning on description about free version restriction which allows open pricing for only one product at a time.

1.2.2 - 2018-10-09

  • Fix compatibility with Currency Switcher on getting value from request.
  • Add option to display original price on both loop and single product page.

1.2.1 - 2018-08-18

  • Fix input sanitizing.

1.2.0 - 2018-08-17

  • Fix woocommerce_loop_add_to_cart_link filter with correct args quantity.

1.1.9 - 2018-08-16

  • Add option to include open input field on loop.
  • Add option to overwrite frontend template option if input field is displayed on loop.
  • Improve open price input sanitizing.
  • Add compatibility with ajax add to cart if loop option is enabled.
  • Remove Frontend Label option.
  • Fix min/max prices when using currency switcher.
  • Rearrange message options on admin.

1.1.8 - 2018-08-06

  • Improve compatibility with Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin converting min and max value.

1.1.7 - 2018-08-06

  • Change the way to override product prices, replacing 'get_cart_item_open_price_from_session()' by 'override_product_price()' and replacing 'woocommerce_get_cart_item_from_session' filter by 'woocommerce_before_calculate_totals'.
  • Fix compatibility with Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin.

1.1.6 - 2018-07-26

  • Add compatibility with Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin.
  • Add 'aopwc_frontend_input_filter' filter to setup where the frontend field is going to be displayed. Default is 'woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_button'.

1.1.5 - 2018-06-21

  • Add option to remove up/down ticker buttons from the input field.

1.1.4 - 2018-06-18

  • Add %minimum_price% and %max_price% to frontend template.
  • Add span to %currency_symbol% template.
  • Update "WC tested up to".

1.1.3 - 2018-05-07

  • Add min and max attributes for price input.

1.1.2 - 2018-04-10

  • Dev - "Price step" step decreased to 0.000000001.
  • Dev - Admin settings descriptions updated.
  • Dev - Plugin settings array stored as main class property.

1.1.1 - 2018-01-02

  • Dev - "Disable Quantity Selector" option added.
  • Dev - Admin settings restyled.
  • Dev - "WC tested up to" added to plugin header.

1.1.0 - 2017-07-25

  • Dev - WooCommerce v3 compatibility - Getting product ID and status with functions (instead of accessing properties directly).
  • Dev - WooCommerce v3 compatibility - woocommerce_get_price replaced with woocommerce_product_get_price.
  • Dev - Autoloading plugin options.
  • Dev - Link updated from http://coder.fm to https://wpcodefactory.com.
  • Dev - Plugin header ("Text Domain" etc.) updated.
  • Dev - POT file added.
  • Dev - Code cleanup.

1.0.0 - 2017-02-01

  • Initial Release.

Free version

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