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Can I get a discount by reviewing your plugins?


We appreciate user reviews, and to express our gratitude, we offer a 50% reimbursement of the purchased price for any reviews, blog posts, tutorials, or YouTube videos featuring our plugins on your website—with no cap on the number of reviews you can submit (and the amount you can reimburse).

To qualify for the 50% refund, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

For Articles and Blogs:

  1. Minimum word count: 700 words.
  2. SEO-friendly article with at least one dofollow link pointing to a page on wpfactory.com (e.g., the plugin sales page or setup tutorial).
  3. Feature one or more WPFactory plugins in the post, discussing aspects such as your decision-making process, advantages for your website, setup process, comparisons with other plugins, and more.
  4. The article must remain on your page permanently.

For Videos on YouTube:

  1. Video description must include one or more links to wpfactory.com plugins.
  2. The video must remain on YouTube permanently.

Extra Bonus:

Join our affiliate program, and you’ll receive a 30% commission on any sales resulting from your article, in addition to the 50% refund!

How to Claim:

To receive your 50% partial reimbursement, send an email with a link to [email protected] as soon as the article is published. If everything checks out, we’ll refund 50% to the original payment method you used to purchase the plugin. We value your contributions and look forward to your reviews!