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Hi Jaed,

Thanks for getting back to me, and sorry for the slow reply.

New user info shortcode

Thanks for explaining the parameters — the shortcode works, as demonstrated here. However, currently the custom ‘/welcome’ page I redirect the user to does not get the
alg_wc_ev_activate_account_message query string with the user ID. (I added it manually to check the shortcode works). Please help me fix this.

Verification email resend form shortcode

I customised the submit button text thanks to your instructions. I even automatically populated the form input field if the new user email is present.

Query: Resend form vs Resend button

The resend email form is great and I’ll soon put it on my login page, but I don’t think it should be necessary on my ‘/welcome’ page. I should not have to automatically populate the email field and submit a resend form.

Question: Can’t I just have a resend button for the same resend link that appears on my ‘/login’ page when you try to log in with an email awaiting verification? Try to log in with [email protected] and you’ll see the resend message appear at the top of the page.

If I can’t have a resend button, I can hide the email input field and effectively I’ll have what I want. Nevertheless, I thought I should point this out as a matter of user experience.

Query: Error messages

I’d like to implement the following error messages to provide user feedback. A form without error messages is a bad user experience.

  1. “No registration found under this email.”
  2. “This email has already been verified. Please log in.”

It would be good if the resend form could have a numeric status code as a custom HTML data attribute (i.e. data-status-code) so that in JavaScript I could conditionally show other content if desired (e.g. a button to the registration page in the event of error message 1, or a ‘Go to login’ button for error message 2). I imagine some sort of event listener could be written to check the status code if an initially hidden field for error messages were shown in the event of an issue.

Question: How can we implement these error messages?

Please add this as a feature request if it is not already in the works. Now this functionality exists in the plugin, I expect it wouldn’t be difficult to add them.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many thanks,