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Hello  Juliet,

Sorry for the late reply.

To see the Cost and Profit in the Revenue section of the Analytics, please go to WooCommerce > Settings > Cost of Goods > Tools & Reports and enable the two options under the Analytics > Revenue tab. Enabling the two options will add Cost and Profit totals to the column and report charts of the Revenue section.

The Cost and Profit column will show the total cost and profit for a particular date. The total cost will be calculated based on what the cost of the product is and what has been set in the plugin’s settings. For example, in the Payment Gateway section of the plugin, there’s a fixed cost for Direct bank transfer; let’s suppose it’s $25. On January 25, you received two orders for which the client paid through Direct bank transfer. Assume the total price of the order is $200, the cost of the products in the order is $50, and the direct bank transfer fee for each order is $25; The total bank transfer fee for two orders is $50. Then the total cost on January 25th is (total cost of the products + Direct bank transfer cost) = ($50 + $50) = $100. As a result,(total price - total cost) = ($200 - $100) = $100 should be the profit.

The Cost and Profit totals in the report chart will show the total cost and total profit over a certain period of time. In the Date range option, you can change the period of the date range.

If you have any questions, then please let us know.

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