Reply To: DOM structure change

Mathias Jouan


You’re right, that’s indeed a mistake in the info section. The problem is that I can’t find where it comes precisely.

I know it comes from this part in Info > Discount Pricing Table > Template for non-variable products:

[alg_wc_product_wholesale_pricing_data field="price" price_format="%price%" level_num="1" before="<div class='tiered-pricing-container'><h3>Offre dégressive</h3>" after=" par "][alg_wc_product_wholesale_pricing_data field="quantity" level_num="1" after=" <span class='tiered-pricing-discount'>-"][alg_wc_product_wholesale_pricing_data level_num="1" field="discount" after="%</span> <br />"][alg_wc_product_wholesale_pricing_data field="price" price_format="%price%" level_num="2" after=" par "][alg_wc_product_wholesale_pricing_data field="quantity" level_num="2" after=" <span class='tiered-pricing-discount'>-"][alg_wc_product_wholesale_pricing_data level_num="2" field="discount" after="%</span></div>"]

Can you please have a look at this piece of code and let me know what’s wrong in here?

Thank you,