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Tom Anbinder
Plugin Support

Hi Olaf,

Yes, that is possible. Basically, there are at least two possible solutions:

1. You can use not_slug attribute, i.e.:

x[if_product_category slug="bags"]*1.10[/if_product_category][if_product_category slug="men"]*1.50[/if_product_category][if_product_category not_slug="bags,men"]*1.33[/if_product_category]

2. You could recalculate coefficients, i.e.:

x*1.33[if_product_category slug="bags"]*0.827068[/if_product_category][if_product_category slug="men"]*1.127820[/if_product_category]

That is – first we are always multiplying by 1.33 and then in case of “bags” we are additionally multiplying by 0.827068 (as 1.10 / 1.33 = 0.827068) and so on… Hope you get the idea.

You could also write it in another form:

x*1.33[if_product_category slug="bags"]*1.10/1.33[/if_product_category][if_product_category slug="men"]*1.50/1.33[/if_product_category]

Please note that I didn’t test it, but I believe that both solutions should work fine, so please let me know if something is not working as expected.

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