Best External Products Currency, URLs & New Tab for WooCommerce Pro Plugins

Best 5 External Products Manager for WooCommerce – Pro Plugins

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, where every click counts and every user experience detail matters, lies an absolute game-changer – the External Products Currency, URLs & New Tab for WooCommerce Pro plugins. In order to redefine the way online businesses thrive, this innovative solution is more than just an addition to your toolkit; it is a driving force for exponential growth.

Best External Products Currency, URLs & New Tab for WooCommerce Pro Plugins

With these plugins, you can effortlessly showcase a diverse range of products from various platforms, enriching your customers’ choices and keeping them engaged. Moreover, currency conversion allows international shoppers to view prices in their preferred currency with a click of a button, expanding your global reach.

Create a customized browsing experience by customizing how new tabs open for external products. These plugins offer unparalleled flexibility, ensuring each click leads to conversion, whether they send them straight to the product page or optimize for enhanced user engagement.

Whenever you are ready to unleash the full potential of your WooCommerce store, these plugins are your secret weapon. Here we compiled the list of top plugins for external product currency, URLs, and a new tab for WooCommerce.

1.   External Products Currency, URLs & New Tab for WooCommerce Pro by WPFactory

Advanced External Products for WooCommerce

Our top-notch External Products Currency, URLs & New Tab for WooCommerce Pro plugin by WPFactory provide comprehensive control over how external (affiliate) products are displayed and interacted with on your WooCommerce store. This plugin enables you to manage currency, URLs, and new tab settings for external products, enhancing the user experience and catering to a global audience.

With this plugin, you can set different currencies for external products, allowing you to display prices in a currency that aligns with the target audience of the external product. This customization ensures that customers can view prices in a familiar format, making the shopping process more transparent and convenient.

Overall, the External Products Currency, URLs & New Tab for WooCommerce Pro plugin enhances the management and presentation of external products, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for your customers.

Multi-Currency Support

It integrates with currency conversion APIs or services to automatically convert product prices into various currencies based on the user’s selection. It fetches real-time exchange rates to display accurate prices in different currencies.

Customers can choose their preferred currency from a dropdown or selection menu. The system then dynamically adjusts all displayed prices throughout the site to match the chosen currency, providing a localized shopping experience.

It often includes a currency switcher tool visible on the website, allowing users to switch between currencies conveniently.

Customizable External Product URLs

Customizable URLs for external products offer several advantages. In addition to contributing to SEO optimization, they allow you to create user-friendly, keyword-rich URLs.

This feature helps improve search engine visibility and makes the links more appealing and shareable across different platforms.

New Tab Option for External Product Links

It allows website administrators to configure links to open external product pages in a new browser tab or window. This prevents users from leaving the current site entirely, providing a seamless browsing experience. Users can explore external products without losing their place on the original website.

By keeping the original site open in a separate tab, this feature encourages users to continue browsing the primary site, potentially leading to increased engagement and reduced bounce rates.

Automatic Currency Conversion

Integration with currency conversion services ensures that prices are automatically updated based on live exchange rates. This eliminates the need for manual price adjustments and maintains accurate and up-to-date pricing across various currencies.

Regardless of the user’s location or preferred currency, the prices displayed are consistent and reflect the current exchange rates, providing a standardized shopping experience.

Enhanced SEO

It allows for the creation of custom, descriptive URLs for external products, including relevant keywords and product details. Such URLs are more likely to be indexed by search engines and are more appealing to users, potentially improving organic search rankings.

With descriptive URLs, search engines will be able to better understand and index the content, enhancing visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Compatibility with WooCommerce Versions

Ensuring compatibility with various versions of WooCommerce is crucial for maintaining functionality and keeping the plugin up-to-date.

It ensures that the external product management system integrates seamlessly with different versions of WooCommerce, providing a consistent and reliable experience for users.

User Experience Enhancement

By allowing users to explore external products within the same site, it reduces the need for multiple redirections, streamlining the user journey and enhancing convenience.

Offering currency conversion options without redirecting users to external sites improves user experience by providing a seamless and localized shopping experience without disrupting the browsing flow.

Flexible Configuration Options

Offering customizable settings to control how external products are displayed and linked within WooCommerce gives store owners the flexibility to tailor their product presentation.

This feature allows for adjustments in appearance and functionality, empowering store owners to align the display with their branding and user preferences.

2.   Improved External Products Pro by WPOvernight

Improved External Products Pro by WPOvernight

Improved External Products Pro is a WordPress plugin that enhances the functionality of external products in WooCommerce. It provides several advanced features, including the ability to open external products in a new tab, customize link actions, and enable variable external products. With these features, you can better control how external products are displayed and interacted with on your WooCommerce store.

  • It prevents users from leaving your site when they click on an external product link. You can enable this option globally, per category, or per product.
  • You can choose whether to link product images and buttons to the external product URL or to the product page on your own site.
  • Variable products with external variations are possible with this program. This is useful for selling products that have different options or attributes.
  • Customize how external products function on category pages, including linking the product image and button to external or internal locations.
  • Get priority customer support from WP Overnight, ensuring that you get quick and helpful assistance when you need it.

3.   Affiliate For WooCommerce by StoreApps

Affiliate For WooCommerce by StoreApps

Next is Affiliate For WooCommerce – a powerful affiliate marketing plugin that enables you to effortlessly establish and manage a comprehensive affiliate program for your WooCommerce store. It empowers you to recruit, track, and reward affiliates who promote your products and services, driving traffic and sales to your online business.

  • Integrate your affiliate program with WooCommerce coupons, allowing affiliates to generate unique coupon codes for their referrals.
  • Depending on your affiliates’ preferences, you can use PayPal, bank transfers, or check payments to pay them.
  • Navigate through the plugin’s interface with ease, accessing all the necessary features and managing your affiliate program effectively.
  • Provide a seamless registration process for affiliates, enabling them to easily sign up, manage their accounts, and track their earnings.
  • Track affiliate performance, sales, and commissions in real-time, gaining valuable insights into your affiliate program’s effectiveness.

4.   Product Vendors by WooCommerce

Product Vendors by WooCommerce

We have one more plugin that we think you should check out – Product Vendors by WooCommerce – a WordPress plugin that enables you to create a multi-vendor marketplace on any WooCommerce-powered website that uses the WordPress platform. You can use this plugin to allow multiple vendors to sell their products on your website and manage their own inventory, shipping, and payment processes.

  • You can control who can sell on your site by requiring vendors to register and be approved before they can start listing products.
  • In addition to tracking shipping and issuing refunds, vendors can view and manage their orders.
  • With multiple vendors, you can offer a wider variety of products to your customers. The more shopping options you provide, the more likely shoppers are to return to your site.
  • With a multi-vendor marketplace, you don’t have to manage inventory, shipping, or customer support for all of the products that are sold on your site. This can save you time and money.
  • By allowing multiple vendors to sell on your site, you can increase your product selection and reach a wider audience, which can lead to more sales and revenue.

5.   Product Import Export Plugin For WooCommerce by Webtoffee

Product Import Export Plugin For WooCommerce by Webtoffee

The last option we recommend is the Product Import Export Plugin For WooCommerce by WebToffee since it allows you to manage your product data within your WooCommerce store seamlessly. Whether you are looking to import products from a CSV file, migrate products from another store, or simply export your product data for backup purposes, this plugin has you covered.

  • Easily import or export products in CSV, XML, TSV, or Excel formats, ensuring compatibility with various data sources.
  • Import and export all types of WooCommerce products, including simple, variable, grouped, affiliate, subscription, and custom products.
  • Make bulk updates to product data, such as prices, descriptions, and categories, during the import process.
  • Automatically generate product descriptions when no existing descriptions are available using ChatGPT API.
  • Utilize advanced options for fine-grained control over the import/export process.

Final Words

Best External Products Currency, URLs & New Tab for WooCommerce Pro” is like a super helper for online shops that use WooCommerce. It’s a special tool that makes it easier to handle products from other websites. What if you want to show something in your store that is sold somewhere else? This tool helps make sure the prices match up right for your customers, even if they use different currencies. It also makes the web addresses look nicer and lets you control how new tabs open when someone clicks on a product.


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