External Products Currency, URLs & New Tab for WooCommerce Pro

Control currency, multiple URLs, and new tabs for external (affiliate) products in your WooCommerce store. Gain full control over how external products are displayed and interacted with, allowing you to cater to a global audience and enhance user experience.

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Flexible Currency Settings for External Products

Customize the currency display for your external products.

Whether your store's default currency is Euros (EUR) or any other, this feature enables you to display prices for external products in a different currency, like United States Dollars (USD), on an all-products or per-product basis.

You can also personalize the currency symbol for these external products, aligning them with international market standards

New Tab Options for External Products Links

Open external products link in new tab, keeping your store's page open in the background.

This feature can be set globally for all external products or customized for individual products, providing flexibility in how users interact with external links.

By enabling links to open in new tabs, you ensure that customers remain on your site, enhancing user engagement and retention while facilitating easy exploration of external product offerings.

Multiple External Product URLs for Enhanced Shopping Options

You can associate several URLs with a single product, customers can compare prices, view products from different vendors, or choose the deal that suits them best, all from a convenient dropdown menu on your product page.

This capability is especially beneficial for affiliate marketers and store owners who wish to provide a range of purchasing options, thereby enhancing the customer's shopping experience and potentially increasing affiliate revenue.

Per-Product Customization for Enhanced Flexibility

Tailor the external product experience on a per-product basis, offering unparalleled flexibility.

This includes setting different currencies and deciding if the external links should open in a new tab for each product, allowing for a highly customized approach to each external product listing.

Show Dropdown for Multiple URLs

Enhance the usability of your product pages with a dropdown template for "Multiple URLs."

This user-friendly interface lets customers easily select their preferred external link, streamlining their shopping experience and providing a clear, concise way to explore different purchasing options.

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