How Do I Add VAT to WooCommerce Checkout

How Do I Add VAT to WooCommerce Checkout?

If you’re running your business in the EU you surely want to be compliant with VAT rules to avoid any legal troubles or hefty fines.

It’s a process that a simple plugin could accomplish that could save you from running into trouble with EU regulations.

In this article, I’ll show you step-by-step how to add VAT fields to WooCommerce checkout so you can validate VAT numbers and be compliant with EU regulations.

Before we show you how to add VAT numbers let’s first explain why you should so you’re 100% convinced of the importance of this step.

Why You Need to Add VAT Fields in Your Checkout Page?

Adding VAT to the checkout field in your store has multiple benefits:

1. Compliance with EU Regulations:

The first benefit is compliance with EU tax regulations helping you avoid any penalties or fines if you’re selling to EU customers in your store.

2. Establishing Trust with Customers:

Being transparent regarding VAT would help build trust with your customers which could definitely help improve sales and conversion rates.

3. Streamlined International Sales:

Selling in multiple EU countries with varying VAT rates could be a complex task if you’re not using a plugin to automate the process, using a plugin could streamline international sales and help with keeping up with different rates of different countries.

These are just a few of the simple reasons why you may want to add VAT fields to your checkout page, it would improve your sales in EU countries, help you avoid any fines or penalties, and stay compliant with different EU regulations.

How to Add VAT to WooCommerce Checkout in a Few Simple Steps?


  • Step 2: Activate the Plugin
  • Step 3: Adjust Plugin Settings to Set your needs

With these 3 and simple steps a VAT field will show up in the checkout page so the customer can enter their VAT number and the plugin will validate and apply the rates accordingly.


All you need to add VAT to WooCommerce checkout is to install the EU VAT Manager for WooCommerce plugin by WPFactory the plugin will handle all the required details and give you total control of when and where to ask for VAT and all the other options you might be looking for.

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