How to Add VAT in WooCommerce

How to Add VAT in WooCommerce

The default WooCommerce plugin isn’t suitable to fit EU tax regulations, so if you want to sell to an EU country you want to make sure you’re EU compliant. That’s why you need an EU VAT Manager Plugin for WooCommerce

Luckily, the steps required to set up this plugin are simple and easy. In a few simple steps, you’ll be ready to run your store in the EU without any trouble.

In this guide, I’ll show you step-by-step how to add VAT in WooCommerce.

So Let’s go…

Why Do You Need to Add VAT in WooCommerce?

Adding VAT (Value Added Tax) in WooCommerce is essential for several reasons, primarily for businesses operating within or selling to customers in countries where VAT is a mandatory sales tax on goods and services. Compliance, accuracy, customer transparency, and business growth are among the primary considerations.

The foremost reason for adding VAT in WooCommerce is to comply with local and international tax regulations. VAT rates and rules vary by country and sometimes by type of product or service. For businesses selling in or to VAT-applicable regions, accurately calculating and applying VAT is mandatory to avoid legal and financial penalties. Failure to comply with VAT regulations can result in significant fines and legal complications, making it crucial for businesses to ensure their online stores are set up correctly to handle these taxes.

Proper VAT implementation ensures accurate financial reporting. It affects how sales and taxes are recorded, ensuring that businesses can accurately report their earnings and tax liabilities to tax authorities. This accuracy is vital for maintaining transparent financial records, facilitating easier audits, and making informed business decisions based on correct financial data.

Displaying prices inclusive of VAT or showing VAT calculations at checkout enhances customer trust and transparency. Customers expect pricing clarity when shopping online, and unexpected taxes or fees added at checkout can lead to cart abandonment and a loss of customer trust. By clearly stating VAT charges, businesses improve the shopping experience, potentially increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

For businesses looking to expand their market reach internationally, adding VAT in WooCommerce is a step towards adapting their operations to global standards. Handling VAT correctly allows businesses to sell to customers in different countries without legal hurdles, making it an essential consideration for growth and scalability. Proper VAT handling also prepares businesses for complexities associated with international sales, such as dealing with different VAT rates and rules for digital goods and services versus physical products.

Integrating VAT calculations within WooCommerce streamlines the operational aspect of managing an online store. Automating tax calculations reduces the manual workload on the business, ensuring taxes are consistently applied and updated in response to rate changes or new tax laws. This automation allows business owners to focus more on core business activities rather than the intricacies of tax management.

In summary, adding VAT in WooCommerce is not just about compliance; it’s a fundamental aspect of running a transparent, trustworthy, and scalable online business. Proper VAT management supports legal compliance, accurate financial management, improved customer relations, and facilitates business growth by making international sales more accessible.

How to Add VAT in WooCommerce?

  1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins → Add New
  3. Search for “EU VAT Manager for WooCommerce” by WPFactory
  4. Install & Activate the plugin
  5. Go to WooCommerce → Settings → EU VAT tab
  6. Click on “Enable the Plugin”

And now you have the EU VAT plugin up and running in your store, you can customize the plugin for your needs, it has multiple options and it allows for full control for VAT management in your store so you can use it to fulfill all the needs and requirements of your store.


Adding VAT to your WooCommerce store is a crucial step for your store’s success, luckily it’s not a complicated process.

All you need to do is install the “EU VAT Manager for WooCommerce” by WPFactory, customize the settings for your needs and purposes and it will take care of the rest running smoothly and efficiently in your store and handling VAT management for all your customers.

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