How to Require At Least One Product from A Certain Category to Be Bought in WooCommerce

Imagine you’re running an e-commerce store that sells a wide range of products, including groceries, electronics, and clothing, but you’re currently running a promotional campaign to boost the sales of health-related products, you would want a method to require users to buy at least one item from the health-related category. So you start searching the internet for a solution.

Then the internet introduces you to the “Order Minimum/Maximum Amount for WooCommerce” plugin, where you can control the amounts and quantities bought in your store without the hassle of hand-coding every feature by a developer.

In this article, we’ll explain in detail how to require at least one product from a certain category to be bought in WooCommerce.

So let’s go…

How to Require At Least One Product from A Certain Category to Be Bought in WooCommerce

  • Login to Your WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Go to Plugins → Add New

Plugins add news

order minimum maximum

  • Install & Activate the Plugin
  • Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Order Min/Max Amount Tab

Order Min Max Amount

  • In the plugin’s settings, under the General section, set the Amount limits to Minimum and Amount types to Quantity.
  • Then please go to the Cart Total section, enable the Products in Cart Total option, and set the Product Categories > Require to Your category. Then the plugin will calculate the cart total by selected category only.


The “Order Minimum/Maximum Amount for WooCommerce” by WPFactory is a very powerful plugin that has lots of features and capabilities, it can allow you to control quantities sold in your store by category and by shipping zone and it’s one of the best plugins you can find in the market, so install the free version and give it a try.

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