Unlimited Sites Licenses are Back with Amazing Deal

Unlimited Sites Licenses are Back with Amazing Deal

If you’re a developer, agency, or an online business owner running multiple sites we’ve got great news for you, unlimited site licenses are back so you can save money while building great online businesses for your clients or your stores.

Instead of having to buy a plugin for each of your sites, which would be a costly option, you can now buy unlimited site licenses for the essential plugins that you will need for each of your sites. Which would be a great saving for your budget.

Details of the Deal

Unlimited Sites

Single Plugin: Single Site License

If you’re planning to buy a single plugin with a single site license that would cost you $50 annually.

If you have multiple sites, let’s say for example 4 websites, buying 4 licenses for the same plugin would cost you $200 annually.

Single Plugin: Unlimited Sites License

Instead of paying $200 annually for the same plugin for multiple sites, you could save lots of money with the unlimited sites license that we offer at WPFactory.

With just $100 annually you could use the same plugin for an unlimited amount of sites that you run or own.

That would be a 50% saving in the case of 4 websites, and the amount saved would increase as the number of sites increased.

4 Plugins Bundle: Single Site License

Now what if you want to buy multiple plugins for your site?

Instead of paying $50 annually for each plugin at a total cost of $200, you could only pay $100 and enjoy the 4 plugins of your choice, that means you only paid for two plugins and the other two are free.

4 Plugins Bundle: Unlimited Sites License

Paying an extra $50, for a total cost of $150 annually, you could enjoy the same 4 plugins bundle for an unlimited number of sites.

This is a huge cost-saving deal that would benefit you a lot if you are building, running, or owning multiple sites.

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