Top 11 Wishlist Plugins for WooCommerce

Top 11 Plugins to Add Wishlist to Your WooCommerce

You know that moment when you’re surfing the web and just checking items on an e-commerce store but not ready to buy just yet? That’s where a wishlist comes in handy.

A wishlist allows the customer to save the products they like so they can buy them later, that could increase your store’s profitability as you can send reminders to your customers about the items waiting for them to buy or when there’s a discount available on these items.

Wishlist for WooCommerce

In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 11 plugins to add wishlist functionality to your WooCommerce store so you can meet your customer’s expectations and increase your store’s profitability.

But before we start…

How to Know This Plugin Is for You?

We’re going to recommend a set of different plugins with similar, often very similar, features. How to know which one to move forward with?

You need to know that the name of the feature is one thing, and the implementation of the feature is another. The quality of the code written, the compatibility of the code with different WordPress components, and the impact of the plugins on the overall performance of your WordPress site, all of these are factors to take into consideration.

So how to know which plugin to pick?

  1. Read reviews from plugin users themselves
  2. Read online reviews on different plugins
  3. Test the plugins on a demo site
  4. Use the free version before you commit to the paid one

Now, into the plugins.

Let’s go …

1. Wishlist for WooCommerce by WPFactory

WPFactory offers an easy-to-use, flexible solution in their Wishlist Plugin, with a 4.9 out of 5-star review rating WooCommerce store owners are loving this plugin with just the free version and are ready to upgrade for paid features.

Wishlist for WooCommerce

It works based on a freemium model, as you can install it from the plugin’s store activate it, and start using its multiple features for free.

It has a lot of amazing features that you can use absolutely for free, I would summarize it in 3 words: simplicity, control, flexibility.

Using this plugin is not rocket science AT ALL! It’s simple in its usage in the creation process with just a click of a button you can control where to show the desired page to show wishlist items, and/or show it under the user’s “My Account” page.

It’s flexible as in customization you can customize wishlist icons (default & when product is added) that appear on the product page and customize button style: Color, hover, text color, font size, and even CSS margins & alignment.

Wishlist style

And it’s user-friendly as it allows customers to share their wishlist on Facebook & Twitter (expanding to more networks soon).

Along with many other features that you can find on the plugin’s page.


Here are a few of WPFactory’s FREE Features:

  • Select the desired page to show wishlist items
  • Auto-remove items when purchased
  • Auto-remove items when added to the cart
  • Customize wishlist icons (default & when the product is added) that appear on the product page
  • Customize button style: Color, hover, text color, font size, even CSS margins and alignment
  • Customize the “Remove from wishlist” icon & style
  • Allow customers to share their wishlist to Facebook & Twitter (expanding to more networks soon)
  • Show popup notification when items are added to/removed from the wishlist
  • Easily allow non-logged-in users to utilize this feature and add items to their wishlist
  • View the items your customers have saved in their wishlist
  • Has a Multi-Wishlist Feature so your customers can have more than one wishlist

2. TI WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

2nd on our list comes TI’s Wishlist Plugin, a very nice wishlist plugin that works also based on a freemium model, you get some features for free then you’ll need to pay for the rest if you want to use it.

TI WooCommerce Wishlist

This plugin has only 4.7 out of 5-star reviews on yet it’s a really good plugin that offers great functionality that can be used to implement the wishlist functionality in your store.

It provides insights into which products are being added inside the wishlist and it allows the user to select the Wishlist page or set it under the WooCommerce My Account section.

But it doesn’t provide the flexibility and customization options you would find in WPFactory’s Wishlist Plugin as we’ve mentioned.

3. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH is another great alternative to WPFactory if for some reason you don’t find it appealing. With only a 4 out of 5-star rating, I believe it’s a modest alternative that you would probably find what you’re looking for using it.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

So what does YITH offer in its plugin?

As you probably have guessed YITH also runs on a freemium model, but most of the powerful versions that YITH offers are included in the paid version so you would probably have to upgrade to use all the powerful features.

You can select a page for your wishlist in the basic feature, customize columns that will be displayed in the wishlist table, along with very few features and that’s probably it.

All the other great features, including analytics, are behind the walls and you will have to pay to get those features, that’s probably why they have a low rating.

4. WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce

With a star rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars (25 reviews) WPC Smart Wishlist Plugin is climbing its way to the top.

WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce

It provides basic functionality in addition to some really good advanced functionality for free and it has very good paid features.

Sample of Basic Functionality:

  • Choose a page as the wishlist page
  • Enable/disable the wishlist sharing button
  • Edit the text for the wishlist button

And these indeed are really good options to have for free, especially the sharing option.

It’s a promising plugin that might have a chance to compete for the top positions one day, so you might want to give it a try.

5. WooCommerce Wishlists

Another great plugin to use is WooCommerce Wishlists which offer some great functionality for WooCommerce store owners.


It has great options and offers great functionality the only downside to it is that it doesn’t offer a free version to use, all of the features it offers are paid.

Here’s a glance at what it offers if you want to check it out:

  • Guest visitors can create their own Wishlists to be stored for a maximum of 30 days or until they clear their cookies.
  • Registered customers can create Wishlists and store them indefinitely.
  • An unlimited number of Wishlists can be created. Whether it is one list for a special occasion, or a few personal lists and a few shared lists — the possibilities are endless.
  • Full privacy control over lists. Customers can assign their Wishlists as public (anyone can search and find their list), shared (only someone with the unique URL can view), or private (only they can view it).
  • Social media sharing of wishlists on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Email with a custom email message.

6. WPMozo Wishlist for WooCommerce

woocommerce wishlist featured image

  • Multiple Wishlist Creation: Allow customers to create multiple wishlists for different occasions or needs.
  • Customizable Wishlist Buttons: Personalize the look and feel of wishlist buttons to match your store’s design.
  • Positioning options: Position wishlist buttons where they make the most impact, be it on product pages or elsewhere.
  • Restrict wishlist: Limit the wishlist option to Logged-in users only.

Take advantage of WPMozo Wishlist for WooCommerce to boost the customer experience on your WooCommerce store. This plugin comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee which is enough to explore its functionalities.

7. Premmerce Wishlist for WooCommerce

Premmerce is another promising wishlist plugin, with only a 3.7 out of 5 stars rating it’s not getting much traction from customers, yet I truly believe it deserves a chance.

Premmerce Wishlist for WooCommerce

It works based on a freemium model and it offers some of its features for free and other features as paid.

Here are the major features of the plugin:

  • Creating your own wishlists
  • The possibility to share a wishlist using the URL
  • The possibility to review customers’ wishlists in the dashboard
  • Displaying a widget with wishlists

8. My Wish List for WooCommerce

My Wish List is a paid plugin with no free versions, it also offers some good functionality, even though other plugins may provide it for free, and the price isn’t high compared to other paid plugins, and the features it offers are good overall and what you would expect from a decent wishlist plugin.


Here’s a glance of its features:

  • Registered users can view their list in the Wish List tab on the My Account page.
  • Users can add products to a Wish List without logging in.
  • Add / Remove items from the Wish List using Ajax.
  • For admins, a dashboard widget displays a list of the most added products.
  • In the admin screen, you can sort products by most added and least added.

9. MC WooCommerce Wishlist

MC WooCommerce Wishlist is truly an impressive plugin that has a lot of features compared to many plugins listed here in this article.

WooCommerce Wishlist (High customization, fast setup,Free Elementor Wishlist, most features)

It offers a lot of these features for free as it works based on a freemium model.

Here are some of the features it offers for free:

  • Wishlist Buttons and Wishlist Page for Woocommerce
  • The wishlist counter is similar to the WooCommerce mini cart.
  • Elementor widget for the Wishlist page, Add to Wishlist Button, and the counter/mini Wishlist.
  • WordPress widget for the counter.
  • Support for Woocommerce Variable products and integration with most add-ons.
  • Share the wishlist on social media, via a link, or export it as a PDF.
  • Easily change all words without translator plugins.
  • Quick Wizard for fast configuration.

10. Sparks for WooCommerce

Even though Sparks is not mainly about wishlists, it’s about conversions, sparks have a module dedicated to websites.


It would work great if you’re the type that prefers to buy things in packages instead of buying one thing at a time as you need.

It offers a great package for conversion optimization, which includes a wishlist module so you can remind your customers of the products they’ve wishlisted.

11. Addonify WooCommerce Wishlist

Addonify WooCommerce Wishlist is a great plugin for adding Wishlist to your WooCommerce store. This plugin is simple and lightweight, offering multiple design features and customization options for buttons, labels, and icons.

Addonify – WooCommerce Wishlist

Customers can add products to their wishlist using this plugin and save them for later purchase. They can add products from the product catalog and product single page. Also, customers can add products to the cart directly from the wishlist. Integrating this plugin into your WooCommerce store improves customer experience and increases conversion rates.

Here are the major features of the plugin:

  • Adds ‘Add to wishlist’ button in the product catalog and product single.
  • Displays pop-up notifications for items added into and removed from the wishlist.
  • Customization options.
  • Device responsive.
  • Shortcodes for displaying the wishlist anywhere on the page.
  • Allows logged-in or guest users to add items to their wishlist.
  • Immediately remove the items from the wishlist once added to the cart. 
  • Wishlist sidebar for easy and quick access to the wishlist. 
  • Supports custom CSS.

Price: This plugin is completely free to download and use.

12. WishSuite

A beginner and easy-to-use plugin that anyone can use built by HasTheme, is one of the simplest plugins you can use for your WooCommerce Store if you’re a beginner.

WishSuite – Wishlist for WooCommerce

The simplicity of the plugin along with its intuitive design makes it one of the best plugins for beginners, however, it doesn’t have as many advanced features as a pro would like.

Here’s a glance of its features:

  • Select the Wishlist Page
  • Add custom Name for Wishlist Page.
  • Remove the products from the Wishlist after adding them to the cart.
  • Show the Wishlist Table on any page of your website.
  • Set the Position of the “wishlist” button on the product page and catalog (after/before the Cart button/Price etc.)


Wishlists are a great tool for customers and store owners. It helps customers remember the products they want to buy and even share them with their friends on social media or email, and it helps store owners increase customer loyalty and store profitability.

Remember to research the plugin a lot before you commit to a paid version, read reviews of real users, use it on a demo site, and test with the free version before making any commitments.

And enjoy building wishlists.


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