Documentation for the Add Info Blocks Anywhere on WooCommerce plugin.

Info Blocks for WooCommerce

Author: WPFactory PluginsVersion: 1.4.3Updated: 2 months ago
Requires WordPress version: 4.4Tested up to WordPress version: 6.3



Info Blocks for WooCommerce plugin lets you add any custom content (i.e. “info blocks”) to numerous positions in WooCommerce.

How It Works?

  1. You create new info block via “WooCommerce > Info Blocks > Add New” from your admin dashboard.
  2. For this newly created block you must set: title (visible to admin only), content and position.
  3. Also optionally you can set visibility options (i.e. show info block for selected posts (e.g. products) only).
  4. You can create as many different info blocks as you need. Each block will have its own content, position, visibility etc.

For example, if you would like to add some message to single product pages, right before the product meta (i.e. before the product SKU, category etc.), you would need to create new info block, set its content to e.g. <strong>30 days money return guarantee!</strong> and set position to Single product: Inside single product summary with position priority set to 39:

Info Blocks for WooCommerce - Info Block Back End

After you “publish” the block, this information will be added to all your products at front end:

Info Blocks for WooCommerce - Info Block Front End

As you can see from the example above, you can use HTML in your block’s content. Additionally you can use shortcodes to retrieve site’s or post’s (e.g. product’s) specific information. E.g.:

Product's total sales: [alg_wc_ib_get_post_meta key="total_sales"]
Admin email: [alg_wc_ib_get_option option="admin_email"]

If you need to add custom meta to your products, you can use standard WordPress Custom Fields functionality.

Finally – if you would like to show (or hide) the block on specific posts (i.e. products) only, you can fill in the “Visibility” meta box. For example, if you set “Visible (required) post IDs” option to 1234,1456, then current block will be shown only for products with 1234 and 1456 IDs and will be hidden from single product pages for all other products.


Below you can see all available info block positions. For each position – existing/known WooCommerce hooks and priorities are listed (this is not a final list, as your theme or other plugins may add their own hooks). So, for example, if you would need to output some info block on “Inside single product summary” right after product title, you would need to choose Inside single product summary position and set priority to 6.

Single product

Position Existing/known WC hooks and priorities
Before single product
Output all notices 10
Before single product summary
Show product sale flash 10
Show product images 20
Inside single product summary
Title 5
Rating 10
Price 10
Excerpt 20
Add to cart 30
Meta 40
Sharing 50
After single product summary
Output product data tabs 10
Upsell display 15
Output related products 20
After single product
Before add to cart form
Before add to cart button
After add to cart button
After add to cart form
Product meta start
Product meta end

Product archives

Position Existing/known WC hooks and priorities
Before product
Product link open 10
Before product title
Show product loop sale flash 10
Product thumbnail 10
Inside product title
Product title 10
After product title
Rating 5
Price 10
After product
Product link close 5
Add to cart 10


Position Existing/known WC hooks and priorities
Before cart
Output all notices 10
Before cart table
Before cart contents
Cart contents
Cart coupon
Cart actions
After cart contents
After cart table
Cart collaterals
Cross sell display 10
Cart totals 10
After cart
Before cart totals
Cart totals: Before shipping
Cart totals: After shipping
Cart totals: Before order total
Cart totals: After order total
Proceed to checkout
Button proceed to checkout 20
After cart totals
Before shipping calculator
After shipping calculator
If cart is empty
Output all notices 5
WC empty cart message 10

Mini cart

Position Existing/known WC hooks and priorities
Before mini cart
Before buttons
After mini cart


Position Existing/known WC hooks and priorities
Before checkout form
Checkout login form 10
Checkout coupon form 10
Output all notices 10
Before customer details
After customer details
Before order review
Order review
Order review 10
Checkout payment 20
After order review
After checkout form
Before checkout shipping form
After checkout shipping form
Before order notes
After order notes
Before checkout billing form
After checkout billing form
Before checkout registration form
After checkout registration form
Review order before cart contents
Review order after cart contents
Review order before shipping
Review order after shipping
Review order before order total
Review order after order total
Order Received (Thank You) page
Order details table 10