Add Info Blocks Anywhere on WooCommerce

Add any information blocks to your WooCommerce store, from product pages to cart and checkout, display tailored messages, product metadata, or store options using dynamic content and shortcodes.

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Plugin Description

The "Add Info Blocks Anywhere on WooCommerce" plugin allows you to enhance your WooCommerce site by adding customized content or "info blocks" to numerous positions throughout the platform, offering you a straightforward way to enrich your customer's browsing and shopping experience.

You have the freedom to create multiple info blocks, each with distinctive content, positioning, and visibility settings, to tailor the shopping experience to suit your business strategy precisely.

Whether it's spotlighting promotional offers or displaying static reassuring messages like money-back guarantees, the plugin provides an extensive range of positions to place these info blocks, from general settings to specific locations within product tabs. This allows for strategic placement of valuable information where it will have the highest impact.

Plugin Features

Dynamically Show Content Across Your Store

Create & manage custom information blocks/sections within your WooCommerce store, craft and strategically place various types of information – whether promotional messages, special guarantees, or product-related details – across multiple locations in your store.

This feature empowers you to enhance the shopping experience by providing relevant and timely information at key points in the customer journey, such as near product prices, within cart and checkout pages, and on order confirmation screens.

Customizable Text Blocks for Promotions and Information

Easily add static text blocks, like a '30 days money return guarantee', 'Excellent customer service', '24/7 chat support' to product pages or global store areas.

This feature is ideal for highlighting special offers or important information across your store.

Add Info About Product Sales and Metadata

Use the [alg_wc_ib_get_post_meta] shortcode to display product-related metadata like total sales numbers.

This option allows you to offer important info to customers during their purchase journey, enhancing product credibility and transparency.

Flexible Position/Priority Options

Control where the blocks appear by defining the position and priority for each, the plugin offers a wide range of positioning options for info blocks.

Select to show blocks on various positions, from before product prices to cart and checkout pages, ensuring that your messages are seen at the most impactful points in the customer journey.

Utilization of Shortcodes for Extended Functionality

Leverage shortcodes like [alg_wc_ib_get_option] to display site options (like an email) or product meta values (like an image or price), adding a layer of dynamic content to your store’s info blocks.

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