Documentation for Payment Methods by Product & Country for WooCommerce Plugin

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For your business to succeed, you have to use a payment gateway that will meet your needs. Some payment gateways are better than others in terms of fees, customer adaptability and security.

Some stores want to limit the sale of specific products or categories because their profit margins are so low, therefore they use a payment gateway that has reasonable transaction fees.

Conditional payment methods can be used to restrict which payment gateways appear for specific products. This can be useful when you want to hide certain gateways for particular product lines.

A very common & popular case is PayPal, for a lot of stores, PayPal takes a huge portion of their profit on competitive products, and/or costs an arm and a leg when you’re selling expensive products, in such cases, stores prefer gateways that offer better rates, like local/national gateways or even wire transfers.

Let’s say you have 3 products in 3 different categories: A, B, and C.

You want to prohibit category B products from PayPal checkout, as simple as adding that category to the “Excluded” field of PayPal section in the plugin settings.

Want to make category C only available using Stripe? Exclude it from other gateway options and you’re set.

This way, you left category A untouched, which will have all gateways available.

Easy-to-use Interface

To restrict or allow categories/tags/products for specific payment gateways, go to WooCommerce >> Settings >> Payment Gateways per Products and under the desired tab, specify what needs to be allowed/prohibited in gateways following the example above.

Support Gateways

As simple as: ALL of them, any WooCommerce gateway that is installed and enabled on your site will be supported by the plugin.

You can use conditional logic to control which product categories/tags/products appear on each gateway.

Useful Cases for the Plugin

  1. Expensive products: This plugin is great for forcing your customers to buy expensive products only if through wire transfer for example.
  2. Cheap products: If you sell an item for $5 or $10, do you really want to deal with a wire transfer or cash on delivery? The plugin can restrict gateways based on products of your choice.
  3. Subscription products: Products that are sold on a recurring basis (monthly, quarterly, or annually) should be handled in checkout using a gateway that supports this, in such cases you should restrict users to checkout using PayPal for example.
  4. Products with very low margins: Standard products that are available almost everywhere don’t offer store owners huge margins due to competition and market price, in these cases, you might think of limiting what gateways customers are allowed to pay with for these products, gateways that have very low fares to keep you kind of good margins.

Restrict Payment Gateway by Country

In our newest feature added to the plugin in its Pro version, we allowed stores to control what payment methods appear for each country.

A very common use case for this feature is a store that needs to restrict payment methods by country, by either hiding specific gateways (like Cash on Delivery), or showing local gateways that shouldn’t be available for customers from other countries.

Country-Based payment methods feature works as a conditional method to restrict what methods appear for each country. By default, all countries will have all gateways enabled, to restrict a gateway for a specific country, you will have to enter that country & gateway in the specified tab in the plugin.

Where this feature can be useful:

  1. When you want to increase sales where cross-border transactions are expensive for specific payment methods.
  2. A country that has local payment methods which are more adaptable than standard methods.
  3. A country that is known for not adapting standard methods, and you want to hide these methods to make checkout more convenient.

If this sounds familiar, then we’ve created this plugin for you, it does exactly what you need by allowing you to control what payment gateways to show (or hide) when selected product, product category, product tags, or even countries are selected.

Free vs Pro Version

With the free version, you will be able to accomplish almost whatever you need, but here are 2 (or actually 3) things that might make you consider upgrading to the Pro version:

  1. Show/hide payment methods on product level (not a category or tag, but product by product), you can even use it on variation level!
  2. Fallback payment selection: When two contradicting rules are in cart (mixed products from different rules), this might result in showing no methods at all in cart, this option will allow you to select a fallback gateway in such cases.
  3. Build a Country-based conditional logic to show/hide specific gateways by customer country.
  4. You don’t need #1 or #2, but you’re just enjoying the free version and want to support us 🙂