Back Button Widget for WordPress

Simplify navigation on your WordPress site with the 'Back Button Widget' plugin. This user-friendly tool introduces a versatile "Back" button, enabling visitors to effortlessly return to their previous page, thereby enhancing the overall browsing experience.

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Plugin Features

A lightweight addition to your WordPress toolkit, designed to enhance user navigation with a simple yet powerful functionality — a "Back" button that can be added to various locations on your site.

This plugin stands as a convenient tool to streamline your site navigation, facilitating a user-friendly experience as visitors can easily retrace their steps.

With the ease of styling options at your disposal, choose to present it as a simple text or a styled button, adapting to the aesthetics of your site seamlessly.

Find this user-friendly widget in your admin dashboard under “Appearance > Widgets” after enabling the plugin.

Easy "Back" Button Addition in Multiple Locations

Effortlessly add a "Back" button in various parts of your site, whether through a widget, the [alg_back_button] shortcode, or directly in your PHP code with the echo alg_back_button('Back'); function.

This plugin offers the flexibility to place the button in the most suitable locations on your site, enhancing navigation and user convenience.

Customizable Button Styles

Adapt the "Back" button's appearance to fit your site's design. Style it as a simple text link or a more noticeable button.

This customization feature allows the button to seamlessly integrate with your website's theme, maintaining design consistency while offering functional value.

Advanced Placement Options

Add the "Back" button or link as a floating element or within navigation menus.

The floating button option ensures the "Back" button is always accessible, regardless of where the user is on the page, while integration into navigation menus offers a more structured and intuitive navigation solution.

Multilingual Support with WPML Compatibility

Broaden your website's accessibility with the plugin’s WPML compatibility, enabling the translation of the "Back" button for a multilingual audience.

Utilize the [alg_back_button_translate] shortcode to seamlessly integrate the button's translation into different language versions of your site.

This feature ensures that the "Back" button is not only a navigation aid but also a part of your site’s inclusive and global-friendly approach, catering to a diverse user base.

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