Custom Info in Cart & Checkout for WooCommerce

Add custom info to WooCommerce cart page, checkout page and/or mini cart.

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Plugin Description

Enhance your WooCommerce store's cart and checkout pages with the Custom Info in Cart & Checkout for WooCommerce plugin. Tailored to provide a seamless shopping experience, this tool allows you to insert custom information at various strategic points on your cart and checkout pages, and even in the mini cart.

Customization has never been this extensive; display essential details like total weight or item count, or even add SKU to product names in the cart using versatile shortcodes like [alg_wc_cart_info] and [alg_wc_cart_product_info].

Plugin Features

Create Custom Info Block in Cart and Checkout Pages

The core functionality of this plugin is to enable creating custom information blocks specifically within the cart and checkout pages.

These info blocks can display a variety of content, including promotional messages, order-specific information, or checkout instructions, enhancing the customer's final stages of the purchasing process.

Show Dynamic Content Display with Shortcodes

Utilize specialized shortcodes like [alg_wc_cart_info] and [alg_wc_cart_product_info] to dynamically display relevant information based on the customer's cart contents or other checkout details.

This feature allows for real-time updates and personalized information (like total items weight, total items count, SKU, product ID, and more) to be shared with the customer as they complete their purchase.

Extensive Customization of Info Blocks

Personalize the appearance and content of information blocks to match the store's branding and the specific needs of the checkout process.

This could include styling options, text customizations, and the decision of where and when these blocks appear during checkout.

Enhanced Checkout Communication

Improve communication and customer guidance during checkout by strategically placing informative blocks.

These can include shipping details, special offers, or reminders about return policies, providing clarity and support to customers during a critical phase of their shopping journey.

Improved Customer Engagement and Conversions

By providing timely and relevant information at the checkout, these blocks can help reduce cart abandonment, address customer queries, and potentially increase conversion rates.

This allow you to make timely decisions & communicate messages at the right step of customer's journey, making them a valuable tool for enhancing the overall effectiveness of the checkout process.

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