Discussion & Support Tab for WooCommerce Products

Creates a discussions tab for WooCommerce products.

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Plugin Features

Create a Dedicated Support/Discussion Tab

Transform your product pages into hubs of customer interaction by adding a customizable discussion or support tab.

This added tab allows customers to ask questions, share feedback, and engage with each other, creating a dynamic and supportive community around each product.

Enhance the shopping experience by providing a platform for direct customer-to-brand and peer-to-peer interactions.

Personalized Discussion Tab Settings

Customize the appearance and functionality of your discussions tab.

Adjust link styles, tab position, and label texts to fit your website’s design and user interface and tailor the discussions environment to seamlessly integrate with your store's aesthetic, to ensure a consistent and branded customer experience.

Show Dynamic Content with Shortcodes

Enrich discussion comments with the versatility of shortcodes.

Enable customers and admins to embed rich content such as videos, image galleries, or any other media supported by shortcodes, making the discussions more engaging and informative.

Social Media Integration for User-Friendly Interaction

Streamline the commenting process by integrating with social networks like Facebook.

This feature allows customers to quickly fill in their details and even use their social media profile pictures, simplifying the interaction process and encouraging more users to participate in discussions.

Efficient Discussion Management and Notification

Make your admin work easier to control the new tabs, where you can manage discussions effectively with options to convert standard WooCommerce reviews into discussion comments and vice versa.

You can also implement filters for easy comment moderation in the admin area.

Advanced Email Notification System

Enhance user engagement with an email notification system, where you can keep participants informed about new replies to their comments, so whenever a customer or a product author receives a response to their comment in the discussion tab, they are automatically notified via email.

This timely communication keeps the conversation lively and encourages continuous interaction, significantly boosting engagement on your product pages.

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