EU VAT Manager for WooCommerce

Streamline your WooCommerce store’s EU/UK VAT compliance effortlessly. This EU/UK VAT plugin automates VAT settings, validation (VIES), and how to apply taxes, ensuring a seamless and compliant customer experience.

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Realtime & Accurate EU & UK VAT Validation

Simplify and automate the management of EU/UK VAT validation in your WooCommerce store.

With just a few clicks, it allows for the collection and validation of VAT numbers, automatically adjusting VAT charges based on the results.

Whether you're selling locally within the EU/UK or globally, the plugin provides the necessary tools to ensure your store remains compliant with all relevant VAT regulations, significantly reducing the administrative burden and complexity typically associated with VAT management.

Advanced VAT Validation Checks

This plugin not only validates VAT numbers against EU/UK databases but also includes additional compliance checks.

You can utilize plugin settings to verify matching between the VAT number's country and the customer's billing country, cross-references company names, and even checks IP addresses for additional validation.

This way, you can guarantee & ensure full compliance with EU & UK VAT regulations, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Customizable & Intuitive Frontend Interface Options

Tailor the VAT field based on regional lingo, determine its necessity, and choose its location on the checkout page. Provide tailored messages for varying VAT scenarios, enhancing user clarity during checkout.

Beyond customizing the VAT field label, this feature allows setting the field as optional or mandatory under specific conditions.

For example, make the VAT field mandatory for B2B transactions in certain countries, optional all the times, required all the times, or optional if a customer fills in the company field.

This level of customization enhances the checkout process's adaptability to different customer scenarios & locations.

Show VAT Field & Apply Settings by User Roles

Whether preserving VAT for specific countries or applying VAT settings based on user roles, the plugin provides ultimate set of configuration options to ensure your store is aligned with evolving EU/UK VAT guidelines.

Checkout Block-based Compatible

With the recent updates to WooCommerce block-based checkout page, our plugin is now compatible with it, to ensure a seamless integration without the need to use classic editor or workarounds.

Verify Countries VAT Compliance by GeoIP Tracking

Leverage GeoIP technology & its integration with WooCommerce to ensure VAT compliance.

The plugin uses GeoIP lookup to verify that the customer's physical location matches the company's country registered for the VAT number, aligning with EU VAT requirements for physical evidence of the customer's location.

More incredible features

Take advantage of all the features of this plugin to boost your store in numerous ways.

  • Allow businesses to enter VAT numbers without preceding country codes, catering to varying global practices and ensuring a frictionless checkout.
  • Whether required, optional, required in some countries, or only if customer filled company field, the plugin allows all these options
  • Show your customers what's happening and offer real-time feedback to users with messages indicating the status of their VAT validation, promoting transparency.
  • Unique tools tailored to Belgium's specific VAT/BTW requirements, facilitating differentiated handling for businesses and individuals.
  • Ensure EU VAT numbers are automatically incorporated into PDF invoices, offering compatibility with the widely-used PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin.
  • Integrate the VAT field into the WooCommerce signup form, capturing essential details from the onset.

Plugin reviews and statistics

4.9 from 42 reviews

I got great support, solved my problem! You can trust this company!

Fredrik Robin
1 year ago

Great plugin.
we had a small problem. and after contact we received the solution very fast.
it works 100% now


niek rijt
1 year ago

Plugin works great. Support is amazing, you don't get this level of dedication from plugin developers often. They listened to my problem, took hands-on approach and solved it specifically for my case.

2 years ago

The plugin works great, and does everything I need for selling to other countries in Europe! Support is great and they help develop new features to make the plugin even more compliant with the laws.

Vincent Bus
2 years ago

Best EU VAT plugin for woocommerce. Great support, always a quick response. Thanks Omar, for adding support for wholesale suite premium.

Arvid Koning
2 years ago
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This plugin is a premium version of free EU VAT Manager for WooCommerce plugin.

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Collect & validate EU & UK VAT numbers
Deduct or keep VAT for valid numbers
Block-based Checkout Compatible
Control field visibility
Show specific payment method ONLY on valid VAT
Show validation progress messages
Select VAT field to be optional or required
Select VAT field to be required in some countries
Show/hide VAT field by country
Show/hide VAT field by user role
Match customer country IP with VAT country
Match customer company with VAT registered company
Integration with PDF invoicing plugins
Premium & expedite support
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