Discount Products Prices in WooCommerce

Enhance your WooCommerce store with the 'All Products Discount for WooCommerce' plugin, a versatile solution for creating and managing diverse discount strategies. Tailored to drive sales and engage various customer segments, this tool simplifies promotional campaigns across your product range.

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Plugin Description

The Discount Products Prices in WooCommerce plugin empowers you to implement sweeping discounts across your online store effortlessly.

Whether you want to offer a store-wide sale or target specific groups of products, this plugin offers a range of customizable features to suit your promotional needs. It provides a flexible and efficient way to manage discounts, making it an essential tool for sales campaigns, seasonal promotions, or any other discount-driven marketing strategies.

Plugin Features

Create Flexible Percentage or Fixed Value Discounts

Implement custom discount strategies to products by creating discounts as either a percentage off the regular price or as fixed amount reductions.

This way you can customize your promotional approach, in some products you can apply a percentage discount on cheaper products for instance, and on the other hand offer a fixed amount for products with high price tags.

Schedule Discounts with Active Date Settings

Strategically plan and automate your sales campaigns with the ability to set active dates for discounts.

A peace of mind feature that allows you to schedule your promotions for specific times, such as holiday seasons or special sales events, ensuring that discounts are applied only during the desired period, and automatically reverted right after.

Apply Discounts by User and User Role

Create exclusive promotional offers for specific user roles or even individual customers.

This feature allows you to reward loyal customers or members with special discounts, personalizing their shopping experience and reinforcing customer loyalty.

More incredible features

Take advantage of all the features of this plugin to boost your store in numerous ways.

  • Gain control over which products are eligible for discounts with the option to include or exclude sale items.
    This feature enables you to prevent double-discounting on items already on sale and focus your discount strategy on driving sales of regularly priced items or further reducing the prices of sale products.
    By selectively applying discounts, you can effectively manage your sales promotions and ensure that discounts are applied precisely as intended.
  • Customize your discount campaigns by including or excluding products based on their categories and tags.

    Giving you the flexibility to target or avoid specific segments of your products, aligning your discounts with your store's marketing and inventory strategies.
  • Got a deal on specific brand or set of products? The plugin allows you to offer discounts on specific products or brands by including them based on custom taxonomies.
  • Efficiently handle various discount groups with different sets of criteria.

    Ideal for complex marketing campaigns, this feature allows for the simultaneous management of multiple discount strategies, each tailored to different products or customer segments.

Plugin reviews and statistics

4.3 from 3 reviews

The best discounting plugin I've found so far, we have used it to:

1. Discount 30% on all products (We have 5000skus) on Black Friday
2. Discount 15% on all products from 3 brands.
3. And soon to discount 15% on all for a specific user role.

And it has worked absolutely stellar with all of this, never had performance issues or any other bug, I'm extremely satisfied with it.

10 months ago
Replied by Tom Anbinder
10 months ago

Thank you!

Nice Plugin!
But It would have been nice to have a function that make the percentage discounts to round of decimals to nearest 1. I am using 2 decimals in my store because some of the payment solutions require it. I am also using code to hide decimals that are .00. But when using this pulgin to create discounts i get the problem that the discounted products showing decimals. So it would be nice to have function that can be enabled in the settings for resolve the issue for me :)

10 months ago
Replied by Tom Anbinder
10 months ago

Hi, Kenneth,

Thank you for the feedback.

Please update the plugin to the latest v1.8.0. Now there is a new "Rounding" select box in each discount group's settings. Please give it a try and let me know what you think.

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