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Marketplace for WooCommerce – Multicurrency Addon

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Creates a Multi-Currency option for Marketplace for WooCommerce plugin.

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Multicurrency Addon is an extension for Marketplace for WooCommerce plugin. It allows to setup different currencies for your vendors.

Using this plugin, commissions can be automatically created taking vendors currency into consideration. It also allows to create commissions based on order currency or shop currency.

Plugin settings are located in “WooCommerce > Settings > Marketplace > Multi-Currency”.

Rounding Options

Marketplace for WooCommerce - Multicurrency Addon - Settings - Rounding Options

Possible values: No rounding; Round; Round up; Round down.
Default: No rounding
Rounding precision
Set precision here if rounding is enabled and set to “round”.
Default: 2

Currencies Options

Setups currencies. Note: The first currency probably should be set to current (original) shop currency with an exchange rate of 1.

Marketplace for WooCommerce - Multicurrency Addon - Settings - Currencies Options

Total currencies
Default: 1
Currency X
Default: Shop currency
Exchange rate X
Default: 1

Automatic Exchange Rates Options

Automatically sets the exchange rates daily.

Marketplace for WooCommerce - Multicurrency Addon - Settings - Automatic Exchange Rates Options

Enables automatic exchange rates.
Default: no
Exchange rate server
Default: European Central Bank (ECB)

Commissions Options

Money that needs to be transferred to vendors after a sale is made.

Marketplace for WooCommerce - Multicurrency Addon - Settings - Commissions Options

Currency used to create automatic commissions. Possible values: Vendor currency; Shop currency; Order currency.
Default: Vendor currency


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1.1.2 – 25/07/2021

  • Tested up to: 5.8.
  • WC tested up to: 5.5.

1.1.1 – 19/03/2020

  • Fix – Admin settings saving fixed.
  • WC tested up to: 4.0.

1.1.0 – 04/03/2020

  • Dev – Code refactoring and clean up.
  • Dev – Composer removed.
  • Domain path changed from languages to langs.
  • Tested up to: 5.3.
  • WC tested up to: 3.9.

1.0.8 – 03/07/2019

  • Tested up to: 5.2.
  • WC tested up to: 3.6.

1.0.7 – 06/08/2018

  • Add Automatic Exchange Rate option

1.0.6 – 16/04/2018

  • Fix bug where commissions currencies are miscalculated
  • Add WC requires at least
  • Add WC tested up to

1.0.5 – 22/12/2017

  • Update currency screen option

1.0.4 – 08/12/2017

  • Add currency switch screen option on commissions list page on admin
  • Calculates commissions total based on multicurrency

1.0.3 – 09/11/2017

  • Fix exchange rate
  • Fix commission fixed value

1.0.2 – 19/10/2017

  • Allow vendor fields to be edited on frontend plugin
  • Add translation files
  • Improve currency value precision

1.0.1 – 30/08/2017

  • Improve description

1.0.0 – 20/07/2017

Initial release

Installation and Updates

  • Buy the plugin 🙂
  • Download plugin’s zip to your computer (you will receive an email with download link, or you can always download the plugin from your account).
  • Go to “Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin” and browse for downloaded zip file.
  • If plugin is successfully installed – you should see it added to the Plugins list.
  • To keep WPFactory items up to date, please install WPFactory Helper plugin and enter your site key.


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