Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce

Take control of your WooCommerce store by setting personalized purchase limits for your customers. Whether for a lifetime or within a selected date range, you can define maximum product quantities per your needs.

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Dynamic Product Limit Options

Ensure a fair distribution of your WooCommerce items by setting versatile product limits.

Whether you want to set a cap on product quantities, order numbers, product prices (inclusive or exclusive of taxes), weights, or volumes, the choice is yours.

This feature not only facilitates equitable product distribution but also aids in effective inventory management, ensuring all your customers get their desired products.

Role-Based Product Limitations

Enhance user-specific shopping experiences by setting distinctive product limits based on user roles.

Whether it's giving premium members an edge with higher limits or regulating newer users, this feature provides you the flexibility to tailor product availability.

An ideal tool for fostering loyalty, incentivizing role upgrades, and maintaining stock balance.

Restrict Max Products Per Day or Any Timeframe

Empower your business decisions with time-centric product limitations.

Set maximum product acquisition thresholds based on varied timeframes – be it for a lifetime, monthly, yearly, or within custom date ranges like the last 30 or 365 days.

This level of granularity lets you adapt to seasonal demand surges or specific promotional periods, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied customers.

Comprehensive User Interaction Management

Keep your users informed and in control. Display pertinent data like the remaining product allowance, maximum limits, and more on diverse site areas such as the cart, checkout, individual product pages, and the "My Account" section.

Make use of the plugin multiple shortcodes to show various & useful information for your customers anywhere on your site.

Paired with custom messages and checkout blocking for over-limits, you ensure a transparent and hassle-free user journey.

Advanced Product Visibility Controls

Personalize the shopping landscape for each user with advanced product visibility settings. Choose to hide products that have hit their purchase limits for individual users, ensuring they only see what's available to them.

Additionally, you can identify or even block guest users by their IP addresses, ensuring only authenticated users have access to your inventory.

This guarantees a clutter-free browsing experience, leading to quicker purchasing decisions and higher conversion rates.

More incredible features

Take advantage of all the features of this plugin to boost your store in numerous ways.

  • Hides products with exceeded limits for the current user from the shop catalog and search results
  • Manage guest user accessibility by identifying them by IP or blocking their purchases.
  • Offer a multilingual shopping experience with WPML and PolyLang support, appealing to a global audience.
  • Dedicated section to unleash your math creativity to limit purchase based on your own formulas using user ID, role, product, term, payment method and more
  • Tailor and personalize messages displayed on product, cart, and checkout pages to enhance user experience.

Plugin reviews and statistics

4.9 from 21 reviews

I tested the free plugin, and I got an error, but the support has been fantastic! The offered me a patch that solved my problem. And they delivered a Pro version the day after with the patch included. Great works!

Jean-Francois Tellier
2 years ago
Replied by WPFactory Plugins
2 years ago

Thanks :)

We've been using this plugin for more than two years now and it is doing a great job! And thumbs up for the really fast support crew!

Philipp R.
2 years ago
Replied by WPFactory Plugins
2 years ago


This plugin does exactly what we need it to do. Support from Moshtafizur has been fantastic - helpful, detailed and friendly. Awesome.

Elaine Paxson
2 years ago
Replied by WPFactory Plugins
2 years ago

Thanks Elaine :)

Great plugin, superb support!
Excellent plugin and does exactly what I need it to do.
The support has been phenomenal. They not only promptly fixed a couple of bugs I identified, but extended their product twice to include my feature requests. Will buy from them again and again!

Julian Stysis
2 years ago
Replied by WPFactory Plugins
2 years ago

Thanks Julian :)

great and nice , 10/10
trust me guys, this the best plugin and best support that you all searching for.

i been tried for AxxxP , Wxxxx , Mxxxx plugin , none of these better than wpfactory.

2 years ago
Replied by WPFactory Plugins
2 years ago

Thanks :)

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