Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce

Elevate your WooCommerce store's flexibility by setting tailored minimum and maximum order thresholds. Whether based on sum, quantity, weight, or volume, customize limits by user role, specific user, product category, shipping method, payment gateway, or even by currency. Ensure every transaction aligns with your business strategy.

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Dynamic Order Limits Customization

Achieve unparalleled control over your WooCommerce store's orders. This feature enables setting restrictions based on order sums, quantities, weights, volumes, and even specific product dimensions such as length, width, and height.

You can further limit orders based on the number of different products, product categories, and tags in an order.

In short, you can restrict orders by anything you can think of!

Fine-Tuned Calculation for Order Limits Checks

Achieve precise order checks by customizing the factors included in the calculation.

Gain the advantage of adaptability in calculating your total order sums. You decide the inclusions and exclusions, be it taxes, shipping fees, discounts, or other unique charges.

This precision ensures that your restrictions align perfectly with your business model.

Optimized Restrictions for Payment, Shipping, and Memberships

Design limitless min/max constraints tailored to specific shipping options, payment methods, and exclusive member categories.

This doesn't only fine-tune your business workflows but also enhances customer experience by aligning with their individual shopping preferences.

Streamline your business operations while catering to the specific transactional patterns and preferences of your clients.

Conditional Exceptions to Min/Max Checks

Maintain optimal flexibility in your store with the ability to bypass order checks under certain conditions.

This feature allows you to skip minimum or maximum amount checks if specific coupons are applied, or if selected products are in the cart.

Furthermore, you can include or exclude products when calculating the cart total for order checks, ensuring dynamic adaptability to real-time shopping scenarios.

Dynamic User Communication in Shopping & Checkout

Enhance your customers' shopping experience by providing them with clear and customizable messages during the checkout process.

Depending on whether their order amount is too low or too high, you can inform and guide them accordingly.

It not only keeps customers informed but also ensures they meet your specified order criteria.

More incredible features

Take advantage of all the features of this plugin to boost your store in numerous ways.

  • Don't want to strict purchase limits but apply extra fees when reached? Warn users with custom messages and apply fees instead.
  • Force a minimum and maximum sum & quantity for any user role, or go extreme and define these values for any particular customer.
  • In product page, cart, mini-cart, and checkout, you can show customized messages based on conditions met.
  • Allow or disallow plugin settings if defined coupons are used, you can also customize total amount based on currency.
  • Full & seamless compatibility with Product Bundles, WooCommerce Subscriptions, Currency Switcher, MemberPress and SUMO Memberships

Plugin reviews and statistics

4.8 from 22 reviews

Very useful and multifunctional plugin min/max order sum, and very friendly support! I am very happy to have this plugin!

3 months ago
Replied by pablo-pacheco
3 months ago

Thanks ;)

Plugin is great, but I have a problem. Can't change the minimum amount for ordering. I have the free version. Please help, why is not working?

10 months ago

the plugin is very well made, it has many options even in the free version. I needed support and it solved my problem in just a few seconds. I am very satisfied

Maurizio Coda
11 months ago

Wow such a fantastic plugin! The ability to set minimum order value saved us completely

1 year ago
Replied by WPFactory Plugins
1 year ago

Thanks ;)

The plugin is great and support is very responsive. Bugs acknowledged and fixed. Product enhancement requests fulfilled lighting fast. Simply amazing!

Julian Stysis
2 years ago
Replied by WPFactory Plugins
2 years ago

Thanks :)

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Specify to restrict by minimum or maximum values
Require users to be logged in to display restrictions
Warn & apply fees on limits (allow exceeding limit with fee)
Customize messages on product, cart, mini-cart, & checkout
Restrict orders by user role
Restrict orders by user
Restrict orders by product, category, or tag
Restrict orders by shipping method, instance, or zone
Restrict orders by payment gateways
Restrict orders per membership (3rd party plugins)
Restrict by currency, coupons, products in cart, and cart total
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