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Payment Gateways by Shipping for WooCommerce

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Payment Gateways by Shipping for WooCommerce Pro plugin lets you set “enable for shipping methods” for WooCommerce payment gateways.



With Payment Gateways by Shipping for WooCommerce Pro plugin you can enable your payment gateways for certain shipping methods only.


Settings are located in “WooCommerce > Settings > Payment Gateways by Shipping”.

Payment Gateways by Shipping for WooCommerce - Admin Settings

Use shipping instances
Enable this if you want to use shipping methods instances (with shipping zones) instead of shipping methods. Save changes after enabling this option.
Default: no
Payment gateway X
If payment gateway is only available for certain shipping methods, set it up here. Leave blank to enable for all shipping methods. Possible values: Flat rate; Free shipping; Local pickup.
Default: None


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3 thoughts on "Payment Gateways by Shipping for WooCommerce"

  1. Hi,
    I have 3 different Flatrate shipping. I the free version I see only the standard Flat rate. If I buy the pro can I set to all different flatrate different payment methods?

  2. Hello,
    through your plugin I have set payment options for shipping zones. But at the same time I use the plugin “Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping” (from JEM Plugins) through which I have set up delivery methods for some zones. And for these zones, your plugin does not show me the payment options on frontend.

    Can you help me, please?

    1. If anyone else has a similar question – this was fixed in plugin v1.2.1.

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1.2.1 - 26/05/2020

  • Dev - Use shipping instances - "WooCommerce Advanced Shipping" plugin compatibility added.
  • WC tested up to: 4.1.
  • Tested up to: 5.4.

1.2.0 - 19/03/2020

  • Dev - Admin settings - Descriptions updated.
  • Dev - Code refactoring.
  • Tested up to: 5.3.
  • WC tested up to: 4.0.

1.1.0 - 27/07/2019

  • Dev - "PayPal" and "Check payments" payment gateways moved to free version.
  • Dev - alg_wc_pgbsm_shipping_methods_settings_options filter added.
  • Dev - Code refactoring.
  • Dev - Admin settings - Descriptions updated; "Your settings have been reset" notice added.
  • Plugin URI updated.
  • WC tested up to: 3.6.
  • Tested up to: 5.2.

1.0.0 - 25/04/2018

  • Initial Release.

Free vs Pro

This plugin is a premium version of free "Payment Gateways by Shipping for WooCommerce" plugin.

Free VersionPro Version
Supported Payment GatewaysStandard WooCommerce gateways only: Direct bank transfer, Check payments, Cash on delivery and PayPalAll, including custom/non-standard gateways

Prices & Licenses

Single siteUnlimited sites
1 year[buy] $29.99 $19.99 / year[buy] $79.99 $49.99 / year
Lifetime[buy] $49.99 $29.99[buy] $149.99 $79.99

Installation and Updates

  • Buy the plugin 🙂
  • Download plugin's zip to your computer (you will receive an email with download link, or you can always download the plugin from your account).
  • Go to "Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin" and browse for downloaded zip file.
  • If plugin is successfully installed - you should see it added to the Plugins list.
  • To keep WPFactory items up to date, please install WPFactory Helper plugin and enter your site key.


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