Min Max Default Quantity for WooCommerce

Define a min max, step and default quantity for products, show a dropdown, quantities on archive/categories pages, use decimal quantities, and much more on WooCommerce stores.

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Minimum & Maximum Product Quantity Control

Optimize your store's bulk purchasing with tailored min/max controls. Ideal for wholesale or businesses with specific packaging/niches necessities, this feature allows store owners to enforce purchase quantities, helping manage inventory effectively.

Whether selling products in specific packages or limiting purchases, this control ensures a seamless buying experience.

You can restrict minimum & maximum quantity for all cart items, category, attribute, or specific products. Tailor controls to match demands, special promotions, or availability

Control Quantity Intervals with Incremental Quantity Steps

Achieve precise order management by selling products in fixed increments.

Whether it's for optimized packaging, shipping, or production purposes, this feature ensures customers purchase in designated quantities like quantities of 5, 10, 15.

Define step/interval quantity by product, category, or cart level to exactly match your desired needs.

Replace Quantity Input Field With a Dropdown

Seamlessly transform the standard quantity field into a more user-friendly dropdown, elevating the product quantity selection experience.

With its own search option, the dropdown determines the dropdown’s highest value using the Maximum quantity, the highest allowed quantity, or a fallback value.

With integrated thousand separators, choose between a comma, dot, or any preferred separator for clarity. Moreover, represent quantities with unit indicators like “10 KG” or “20 Litre”, offering the flexibility to toggle between singular and plural units.

Use Default Quantity & Enforce Custom Fixed Values

Guide your customers towards intended purchase quantities like 1, 3, 5, and 10 but not anything else

Instead of the default quantity of 1, display non-traditional default quantities for bulk products or set specific fixed quantities for promotional items without forcing a minimum.

A dynamic feature for a smoother shopping process that aligns with your sales strategy, managing inventory more effectively, and providing a consistent shopping experience.

Transparent Quantity Guidelines on Product Page

Empower your customers with a clear quantity info they need to know, select to show minimum, maximum, and step values directly on the product page.

By showcasing unit details next to product prices, customers instantly grasp the measure or count they're committing to, fostering informed purchases and diminishing chances of post-purchase remorse.

Furthermore, the immediate visibility of quantity details enhances their product comparison capabilities, enabling them to gauge products based on size, volume, or count.

More incredible features

Take advantage of all the features of this plugin to boost your store in numerous ways.

  • Selling flour? Fruits & veggies? Liquids? Tiles & Textiles? The plugin allows you to sell decimal quantities of steps you want, configurable in min/step/max quantities the way you need it
  • You can decide what quantities to show on page load, whether it's minimum, default, or maximum, the one you selected will appear on archive/category & product pages
  • Sell in random quantities like 5, 8, 15, and 50 without any constraints using Fixed Quantities feature
  • Don't keep the price "frozen" at single quantity, show interactive total price based on quantity selected so customers are aware of what's being added to cart
  • Make your quantities nicer by adding a unit next to quantity, sell a product in KG and another in meter without a problem
  • Let customers know what they can buy instead of guessing, you can list min/max/step quantities on product page to make this clearer for customers

Plugin reviews and statistics

5.0 from 89 reviews

This plugin helped me get around bespoke requests from my client, I struggled initially but support guided me through my issues and solved a couple of others which were not requested. Thanks Omar.

2 years ago

Worth every penny!
It works flawlessly!
Global setup to make your life easy, but if you have more complex needs, per category or per product it can be done.
Support is more than great!
So 5 stars for the plugin and another 5 stars for the support!

George Savvidis
2 years ago

Superior support. Happy customer with a well working product - Great job Omar!
Hope to see your portfolio expand in the future.
BR Kenn

Kenn N.
2 years ago

For me, it is one of the best plugins for maximum and minimum amounts. Excellent work and support from the developer.

2 years ago

Great functionality, lots of options to configure. Fast and very good author support.

2 years ago
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Define Default quantity on product & category level
Define Fixed (allowed & disallowed) on all products at once
Define Fixed (allowed & disallowed) quantities by product, category, and tag attribute
Replace quantity input with a dropdown
Customize dropdown labels by product
Hide/show quantity by category
Show total price based on quantity
Customize total price labels, messages, and location
Customize labels by product, category, and tags
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Define price unit by product
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