Sale Flash Customizer for WooCommerce

Gain full control over the sale flash messages in your WooCommerce store, allowing you to customize display options and enhance visibility of sale information, such as discounts and pricing on your product pages.

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Plugin Description

Take your WooCommerce store's sale notifications to the next level with the Sale Flash Customizer for WooCommerce plugin.

This plugin gives you the flexibility to display detailed sale information directly on the product, going beyond the standard "Sale!" notification. Showcase the exact discount amount or percentage to entice potential buyers and encourage them to make a purchase.

To personalize the sale flash, adjust the plugin options to display the preferred details, you can choose to highlight the amount saved or represent it as a percentage, offering a clearer picture of the deal to your customers.

Plugin Features

Change Default Sale Flash Messages

Transform your global sales flash with this feature by replacing the default 'Sale!' text with detailed discount messages.

For instance, set a store-wide message like "20% Off This Week!" or "Save on Your Favorites!" to capture customer attention and convey specific sale details more effectively.

Customize Sales Messages on Product, Category, and Tag

Customize sales messages at a more granular level for individual products, specific categories, or tags.

This allows for tailored messaging, such as "Special Offer on Electronics!" for a category or "Limited Time Discount!" for a particular product line, which can enhance the relevance of sales promotions.

Control Sales Flash Messages Visibility

Display or conceal sales messages across your store, including specific sections like product archives or single product pages.

Giving you a flexibility to showcase sales messages where they're most effective and aligning with your theme.

Enhanced Sales Message Using Shortcodes

Leverage a variety of shortcodes to dynamically display sale information. For example, use [alg_wc_sfc_discount_percent] to show the percentage discount, or [alg_wc_sfc_sale_price] to display the sale price next to products.

These shortcodes offer a way to convey precise and compelling sales information directly to customers.

WPML and Polylang Compatibility

Ensure your sales messages are accessible to a global audience with WPML and Polylang compatibility.

Use the [alg_wc_sfc_translate] shortcode to translate your sales messages, catering to a diverse customer base in their preferred languages.

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