Add User Products for WooCommerce

Empower your WooCommerce community with 'Add User Products for WooCommerce', enabling users to easily submit and manage products from the frontend, fostering a dynamic and collaborative online store experience.

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Plugin Description

The Add User Products for WooCommerce Pro plugin is designed to facilitate an interactive and engaged user community by enabling users to add/upload new products directly from the frontend of your WooCommerce store.

On the frontend, users are greeted with a straightforward process for adding new products, where you can easily integrate a product upload form on the frontend from any page.

Plugin Features

Allow Users to Upload Products From Store Frontend

Enable users to add products directly from the frontend of your WooCommerce store using the [wc_user_products_add_new] shortcode.

This feature simplifies the process of product submission, allowing users to contribute new items through a user-friendly form, enhancing community interaction and product variety on your site​​.

Customize Field Options for Product Submission

While the Title field is always visible, you have the ability to allow users to upload more product details in different fields:

Short Description
Regular Price
Sale Price
Product URL (for "External/Affiliate" product type only)
Custom fields

Show Messages for Product Uploads

Enhance user experience with customizable confirmation messages for successful product submissions and edits.

This feature allows administrators to set tailored messages that appear when a user successfully adds or updates a product, providing clear and personalized feedback.

More incredible features

Take advantage of all the features of this plugin to boost your store in numerous ways.

  • Specify which fields in the product submission form are optional and which are required, with the exception of the title field, which is always mandatory.

    This feature grants administrators the flexibility to tailor the product submission process according to the store's specific needs and products content guidelines.
  • Control general aspects of the product submission process, such as the number of decimal places in prices, visibility of the form to certain user roles, product type (simple or external/affiliate), and default product status (draft, pending review, etc.).

    These options provide flexibility in managing how new products are added and also who can add them​​.
  • Incorporate custom taxonomies for product submissions, allowing users to categorize their products more specifically.

    This feature is essential for stores with diverse product ranges, enabling more precise classification and easier navigation for customers​​.
  • Implement custom fields in the product submission form for extra information that might be specific to your store's requirements.

    These fields can be enabled or required as needed, providing additional flexibility in the type of information collected from users during product submission​​.
  • Expand the functionality of the user’s 'My Account' page by integrating a 'Products' tab, allowing users to easily view and manage their submitted products directly from their account dashboard.

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