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Are there any promo codes or coupons available?

While we don’t frequently run promotions, as we believe in the value of our offerings and commitment to our customers, there are several ways to optimize your pricing and get the best value:

  1. Upgrade Your License: Consider upgrading your license based on the number of sites you manage, ensuring that you get the most suitable plan for your needs.
  2. Bundle Products: Explore our bundle products, which offer a significant discount. For example, choose a bundle containing four plugins of your choice for almost a 40% discount compared to purchasing each plugin individually.
  3. All Access License: Unlock our ultimate discount by opting for the All Access license, providing you access to all 65 plugins for just $30 a month.
  4. Write a Review: Share your thoughts on one of our plugins by writing a review or publishing an article on your site. We appreciate your feedback and, as a token of gratitude, we will refund you 50% of the amount you paid for the plugin.

While major promotions may occur during events like Black Friday and the New Year, these alternative options provide year-round opportunities for cost savings and maximizing the value of our plugins.