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Hi Dimitris,

This is the math you suggested to calculate the cost:

Now for the taxes. Every product has a tax class, so you can substract the taxes with the following operation: %cost% / (1+ %tax rate%) = cost(excl tax)


tax class: basic – tax rate: 24%

cost(incl tax) from ATUM: 10€

10€/ (1+24%)=8,064 €

The problem is the tax rate is based on the user’s location. Although the product does have a tax class, that class can have multiple rates, each one connected to a different location. How to get the correct rate in that case? The only way would be to get the default rate, or the first one or the one with the highest priority. Let me know if you have some idea or if I couldn’t see something.

Regarding the profit margin, it should be ok after my last release. Can you please make sure that the order has a cost registered? If it doesn’t have a cost, the profit will be 100% anyway.