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    Atum plugin saves the item cost price including taxes, so when you import cost prices to COG you cannot have the right net profit . Maybe an option that import the cost price from atum without the tax will solve this.

    Either way you have wrong results and the plugin is not useful.

    Also i saw that the profit margin in orders list is not working , every order has 100% profit margin .


    Plugin Support

    Hi Dimitris,

    I hope you are well today.

    It seems that you have asked the same question on the forum. We replied to you there.

    Please have a look.

    Kind regards,

    Plugin Support

    Hi Dimitris,

    This is the math you suggested to calculate the cost:

    Now for the taxes. Every product has a tax class, so you can substract the taxes with the following operation: %cost% / (1+ %tax rate%) = cost(excl tax)


    tax class: basic – tax rate: 24%

    cost(incl tax) from ATUM: 10€

    10€/ (1+24%)=8,064 €

    The problem is the tax rate is based on the user’s location. Although the product does have a tax class, that class can have multiple rates, each one connected to a different location. How to get the correct rate in that case? The only way would be to get the default rate, or the first one or the one with the highest priority. Let me know if you have some idea or if I couldn’t see something.

    Regarding the profit margin, it should be ok after my last release. Can you please make sure that the order has a cost registered? If it doesn’t have a cost, the profit will be 100% anyway.


    Hello again,
    you are right for the multiple rates in every tax class. In Greece we have mainly 2 tax classes and 1 tax rate in every class, so highest priority tax rate in every tax class will do the job, as you said. It’s critical to substract taxes because every calculation is wrong as shipping taxes are add up to the profit, if you use method Get price including tax…

    Regarding the profit margin, my orders have cost calculated right and the profit/profit percent also right, but profit margin remain 100%

    order – cost – profit – profit percent- profit margin
    39,60 € – 31,87 € – 7,73 € – 24.24% – 100.00%

    i have checked this option:
    “Adds order taxes like VAT to the order profit.
    Will probably make more sense if Products > Get price method option is including tax.”

    and this

    Get price method

    Get price including tax

    because after importing from atum the prices have tax included.

    Maybe this causing the profit margin issue?

    Plugin Support


    I sent you a modified version (2.8.7-dev) of the plugin via WeTransfer with a new option I created for you:
    – Compatibility > ATUM > Taxes > Subtract taxes from ATUM cost while using the “Import” or “Cost sync” options

    Please, update the plugin and check if it helps.

    Also, try to update the order again or use our recalculate tool to see if the profit margin will be fixed.

    Plugin Support


    I’m adding your answer here so it’s easier to follow later.

    I installed the version, but the import tool dont substract the taxes…( I only have one tax rate with high priority 1 in every tax class)

    So the cost price is the same at atum and at cost field (cog) after the import…and i had checked the new option to substract the taxes…

    Regarding the profit margin , now is working at the orders…with this version.

    Can you please make sure that the products you’re trying to import don’t have the tax status option set as none? If they have, the subtract option won’t work.

    Anyway, if it doesn’t work, would it be possible create/share an admin account to your server (WP and preferably FTP), so I could log in and check what’s going on? If that’s the case, you can send an email to [email protected].

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