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Hi Tom
Thank you for your help so far, I hope it is the last round of questions for this project.
As you can see on this page
the products title, when they are longer than one line doesn’t show well. It looks like its two lines on top of each other.
Also, and may be it is the same problem, the description does not keep the design of the description of the product page, meaning, I separete the text to lines as I want it to show but it wouldn’t keep the line brakes and would show it as continuous text.
When a product is out of stock, the button text remain the same, and when clicking on it, instead of being directed to checkout, (I want to skip the cart page) the product page is opened and there it’s written that it is out of stock. I rathe have indication on the product list itself that it is out of stock.
In the plugin setting there is a message on product end, is it suppose to show somewhere when it is out of stock, or did I miss something?
It doesn’t show anywhere.
Thank you for you patience